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lazy lazy weekend

For this weekend, I would've stepped outside for a grand total of 2 times.  Go me.  The first time was to have my annual review at work and I hated every single minute of the 78 it took.  The 2nd will be in about 2 hours when I head off to the TH concert.

Other than doing much needed house cleaning & laundry, the weekend was spent reading, wasting time on the computer and watching my Buffy and Angel DVDs.

Oh Buffy.  I started with S1 but wasn't feeling the love so I skipped ahead to S3 and watched a smattering of eps.  I actually teared up when Buffy gets the Class Protector Award in "The Prom" and then Angel leaving... *sniff*  Vamp!Willow will always be awesome.  Anya.  Faith.  The Mayor.  Wesley Wyndam-Pryce   S3, you rocked.

Watched the first half of S1 Angel.  How did I forget about the brilliant Spike commentary from the roof?  Wesley, the rogue demon hunter was an absolute hoot.  Christian Kane!!  And Doyle  *sniff*  RIP, Glenn Quinn.

Yup, pretty much a couch potato, that was me.  And to complete my lazy weekend, a time-killing meme!  Nicked from faninohio& ramsesthegreate

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