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while on my lunchbreak...

More hi-res Equus pictures, in colour & b/w, are located here.  (thanks tinderblastfor the link)

Pictures from SN 2.14 "Born Under a Bad Sign".   This scene looks amazing.  Squee!

I'm getting quite bored with Prison Break.  I turn it on but I'm not really paying attention.  Is it just me?

Last night's Heroes was kinda boring, too.  Like no one didn't guess who "The Boss" was.  They've been pimping Taki's appearance for so long.  I also don't understand the hoopla over the "de-gaying" of Zach.  That is, I don't see the "de-gaying" part.  IIRC, the only time Zach's sexuality was mentioned was when other students would make fun of him, especially when he & Claire became friends.  Now, after the mindwipe, he & Claire are just starting their friendship again.  Zach's become the loner/outsider/nerd again.  His sexuality hasn't been mentioned since but then, why would it? The fact that he is (or not) gay is so not the point of the friendship or his character anyway.  Have I completely missed something here?

Anyone watched the SAG awards?  Seems like the Lead Actor/Actress is pretty much a given at this point.  Dr. House won out over Jack Bauer.  Oh well.  At least it was't McDreamy this time.  Megan Mullaly was nominated?  Huh?  Who allowed Ellen Pompeo - who looked godawful - to speak on behalf of the show upon winning Best Cast in a Drama?  That was one of the most horrible acceptance speeches ever.  Especially compared to Chandra Wilson's speech, which was one of the best.  "I would like to thank those 10 people over there and the other one in rehab."  LOL

My Amazon order should be arriving today.  I'm looking forward to spending the night watching Dante's Cove (hey! It's Lindsay from QAF US!  But that's S2).  I also ordered the Collector's Edition of Brokeback Mountain.  Looking at the specs, it appears there's not that much difference from the original DVD release -- just a couple more featurettes and ooooo postcards.  No commentary track either.  :(
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brokeback ctu

bauersgirl sent me this awesome video a few days ago.  I'm not ashamed to admit that I got a little sniffly after watching it.

http://www.youtube.com/v/lkLm3Dtc9zY  (eta:  the embedding isn't working, so a link for now til I figure out what's wrong)

This video reminded me of something I wrote way back in Jan06 (?) in an e-mail and bauersgirl, with her awesome organizational skills, was able to find it.

TONY:  What are you doing here, Jack?
JACK:  Well, I thought that with Michelle dead... that meant... um....
TONY:  I'm sorry, Jack.  But I got a department to run and nerve gas to find... 
JACK:  Truth is... sometimes I miss you so much, I can hardly stand it.
TONY:  If we can't fix it, Jack. We just gotta stand it.
JACK:  *silence*  This is a bitch of an unsatisfactory situation.  And why are we always in LA, huh?  We oughta go to Wyoming!
TONY:  Have you been to Wyoming, Jack?  Huh?  I know what they got in Wyoming for boys like you.  All those things that I don't know, will get you killed if I come to know them.
JACK:  Well know this.  We coulda had a good life together but you didn't want it.  So what we got now is CTU!  Everything's built on that.  Count the few times we've been together in the last 4 years then tell me you'll kill me for needing something that I don't hardly ever get.  You're too much for me, Tony Almeda.  You son of a whoreson bitch.  I wish I knew how to quit you. 
TONY:  Jack, I swear...

ahahahahahah!!!  I crack myself up.  :)

While I was watching the video, my 13-year old cousin was at the other end of the room playing Nintendo.  He heard the music, looked up and said, "are you watching Brokeback Mountain"?  I was highly amused he recognized the movie score.

24 starts this weekend, w00t!!

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brokeback collector's edition

I knew this was going to happen when the movie was released last year with minimal special features.  

Brokeback Mountain
Collector's Edition
Release Date: 01/23/2007

Winner of three Academy Awards', including Best Director, the movie that became a cultural phenomenon is now available in a remarkable 2-Disc Collector's Edition. Relive the sweeping epic that explores the lives of two young men (Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal), a ranch hand and a rodeo cowboy, who meet in the summer of 1963 and unexpectedly forge a lifelong connection. With all-new bonus features, never-before-seen footage and highly collectible postcards, this definitive set magnifies the emotion, drama and power of one of cinema's most groundbreaking films.

2 discs!! w00t!  I have never purchased more than one version of a movie before but there's always a first time, right?  I'm hoping for a Jake/Heath commentary track.  I think it's a long shot but *crosses fingers*

Another Jake tidbit:  according to I Heart Jake, he's been added to the cast of Rendition, joining Peter Sarsgaard and Reese Witherspoon.  I don't even know what the movie is about but I'll be watching it!

In other DVD news, looks like Canadian Idol is being released on 3 DVDs -- seasons 1 & 2 combined and seasons 3 & 4 separately.  Whether or not I purchase will depend on what's being included.  Hmm, I wonder if bootleg versions will appear?
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Pimping the The MTV Movie Awards.  Why you ask?  Simple.  Cause the Brokeback Mountain obsession will not die! 

Jake Gyllenhaal is nominated in the Best Performance category and Jake & Heath are nominated in the Best Kiss category (the reunion kiss).  Wouldn't it be amazing if Jake & Heath re-enacted the kiss a la Rachel & Ryan?  *sigh*  One can only dream.

Click the link and vote vote vote!  You don't have to vote for BBM if you love me you will and they actually encourage multiple voting!! 

Because I'm bored at work...

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here, there, nowhere

I found this link in one of the BBM communities.  So cute!  BBM Bunnies


I am addicted to what is known in the LJ BBM slash fanfiction community (long enough?) as Teh Crackfic.  The story is called Human Interest and is written by madlori.  It even has it's own LJ community now -- humaninterest .  I'm printing out all 200+ pages.  She's already started the sequel, Two Crows Joy. *squee*  The stories are AU where Jack & Ennis are living together on a ranch in Vermont.  She is best known, though, in the HP fandom for her H/Hr fanfic.  I'm definitely going to read it someday even though H/Hr is not my favourite pairing.  </stops pimpage>


24 ended on such a sad note.  :(


I really enjoy the show, Grey's Anatomy, but holy crap,  the posters over at the TWoP thread are downers.  For once, I'll be staying away from reading the episode's threads.


I finally finished reading The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay (Michael Chabon).  Took me months.  Not my type of novel at all.  In contrast, I just zipped through A Home at the End of the World (Michael Cunningham).  I decided to finally read it after I watched the movie.  I really liked Colin Farrell in this movie.  In fact, this may have been the only film of Colin's I've seen.  He did a good job portraying Bobby's sweetness and lost-boy-ness.  If memory serves, this is the movie that caused "an uproar" and a re-edit cause Colin's, um, manhood, was clearly visible in a completely non-sexual scene (he walks across the room naked).  

I'm thinking about reading my Gordon Korman collection next.  I need some hilarity in my literature right about now.


Prison Break returns next week!  Yippee!!


Purchased the Goblet of Fire DVD.  Wow, Dan Radcliffe sure is excited about the prospect of doing his first kissing scene in the next movie. LOL.


bauersgirl I have not forgotten about the picspam.  Hopefully this weekend.  Was planning on doing it yesterday but ended up spending the day preparing the family's tax returns instead.  Ugh.


*waves hello to any of the GUs who I met up with Friday night that are lurking here*


Work is so tiring.  I am not a morning person.  I wish we had our own version of March Break/Reading Week.  Definitely need something to beat the winter blahs.  Why do I only get 2 weeks' worth of vacation?  I need more!


Good night, y'all.
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much love

Happy New Year everyone!

First, let me squee over the new Kalan message.


It's amazing how something so simple can just brighten up my day. I know there's speculation about whether or not Kalan actually writes these letters himself or whatever but honestly?  Don't really care. I'm sure he, at the bare minimum, has put his stamp of approval on them as he doesn't appear to be the type to let his name be attached to something without checking it out first. And that's enough for me. I'm easy like that.

The rest of this post is all about certain fandoms/obsessions and is a picspam (my first!) of sorts plus some other goodies. Showing off my newly acquired skill of using LJ cuts... :)

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Saved the biggest (and longest) for last: Collapse )
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odds & ends

Random things I wanted to get down before I forget...

tinderblast  or thysanotus , would you have a mp3 of Deeper from UAL?  It's the one song I'm missing.  Thanks so much.  :)

Finally, here are my pictures: Collapse )

Couldn't get a decent picture of Ryan as either his hat or a fan was in the way.  Didn't try to get a picture Gary.

For all you Gilmore Girls fans -- was the absence of Lane's father ever explained on the show?  I'm curious.

Christmas Day was, as usual, a quiet day for us.  As per our tradition, we watched a movie that afternoon.  I saw The Producers.  As much as I enjoyed the play, the transfer from stage to screen was not done well.  All the criticisms it received (ie Broderick and Lane are still playing to the back of the theatre) is true.  Overall though, it's a fun movie.  Will Ferrell & Uma Thurman were great.  And I couldn't get that one musical line, "Springtime for Hitler and Germany" (can't remember the rest of the words to the song), out of my head for hours.

While I was waiting for my parents' movie to finish (they watched Munich), I snuck into another theatre and watched the last 15 minutes of Brokeback Mountain.  And I started tearing up again.  I'm hopeless.

Boxing Day was crazy.  As usual, I was at the shopping mall by 9:30.  By noon, I was starting to go crazy with the increasing crowd. Went to a Japanese buffet for lunch with bauersgirl (salmon sushi is goooood, you loooooove it).

An early happy birthday to kissedbythegods in case I'm not on-line that day.

Oh squee!!  They're re-airing the pilot to Supernatural!!  I'm off to watch!


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pretty mountains

Lots of pretty mountains in Brokeback Mountain. :)  I'm not going to talk about the movie in too much detail cause I don't want to spoil it for others. 

The movie was playing in 3 out of the 4 theatres and the shows were selling out.

The person sitting behind me started crying near the end.  While walking out the theatre, saw quite a few women wiping away tears.  

The movie stuck very close to the story, in fact, the movie actually expanded on certain things.  Some of the dialogue was lifted straight out of the story.

Jake is hot.  Jake with a moustache, not so much.  Heath made me cry. 

The movie is the classic story of impossible love between 2 soulmates.  Except this time, the 2 souls are male.

ETA: Link to my photobucket for concert pictures (p/w: firefly). lady_caitie, I've uploaded pictures from the Rob Thomas concert.