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1) The fact that Jared Padalecki and Zac Levi are tweeting each other makes me ridiculously happy!! I had no idea they even knew each other!

2) Had to include Brent's tweet cause it brings back memories, doesn't it bauersgirl? How long did we wait for a cab in Orlando? At least a hour, right? And we weren't waiting for a random cab to hail, we called for one and it still took forever!

3) GO CANUCKS GO!! (not really watching the finals but gotta cheer for the Canadian team -- the Stanley Cup needs to return to its home soil!)
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matt smith in sally lockhart movies

I've uploaded the 2 Sally Lockhart movies -- The Ruby in the Smoke & The Shadow in the North -- starring Billie Piper and Matt Smith for those interested.  Mediafire, each file has been split into 8 parts; rejoin using HJ Split.

MF folder here -- hxxp://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=3f61dd3160e950ec91b20cc0d07ba4d2b4beb5779f5e653c

Feel free to share the link.  If there's any problems, let me know.

And to completely switch gears, I just searched "Sally Lockhart" on IMDb and noticed that Brent Corrigan came up as a result (due to his real last name being "Lockhart").  So, out of curiousity I looked at his page and omg he was in Milk!  As Telephone Tree #3 but dude.  Brent Corrigan was in a Golden Globe nominated film.  O_o   And then I looked at the cast credits for Milk and there's Lucas Grabeel (of HSM)!  And how come no one told me that Diego Luna is in it too?
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the mail made me smile today

This won't mean anything except to claireyfairy1 and cerisaye  (I would filter but I'm too lazy to figure that out)

I sent some help along the way to Brent/Sean after you guys posted about his situation.  Nothing much, just some leftover cash I had from my last trip to the US.  I included my e-mail only because I was sending cash and I wanted to make sure he got it but I never heard from him.  So I figured the worst -- he never got it, it was stolen, I wrote the address wrong, whatev.

I come home from work today to find an envelope. 

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