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belated mega post of... stuff

Wow, has it been almost 3 weeks since I've posted?

~ Work has been super busy due to stupid files that just won't go away and the fact that my manager is going on vacation for 2 weeks. Upside? File of Doom is now completed and did I mention my manager is gone for 2 weeks? :D I think I may actually leave work before 7!

~ Still immersed in the Klaine fandom. This is the first time I've actually followed a tour on-line cause Chris changes up the Klaine skit in every show. The ones in London have been hilarious -- he brought costumes, Kurt&Blaine are the American Will&Kate and he even made commemorative plates!! Can not wait to see what he comes up with in Dublin. Wonder if the fact Darren is half Irish will come into play? Also, Darren has started joining in the Safety Dance number and watching him do the choreography is adorable LOL

Oh and bauersgirl, looks like we were extremely lucky to have seen the last performance of "Friday" -- they haven't played since.

~ Speaking of Glee -- the news of Darren and Harry being bumped up to regulars have been released (YAY!!) but unfortunately, Chord has not :( Harry about time, Darren was obvious but I'm quite bummed about Chord. They finally gave Sam a decent storyline, they teased us with the Samcedes hookup and now what? Chord was a guest star last year but he was in almost every episode and Harry has been a guest star since S1 so I'm hoping just because the show didn't upgrade him to regular status it won't change too much. But from Chord's tweets and other stuff, it sounds like Sam is basically gone? If that's true, I will miss Trouty Mouth and his awesome abs.

~ Mini!Warbler continues to be absolutely adorable

I can't get over how adorable he is!! And the end, when he gets all shy saying "hi Darren, I'm your biggest fan" *clutches heart* Poor parents though, they must be so sick of hearing "Teenage Dream" LOL HE NEEDS TO MEET DARREN LIKE NOW. I think some fans are trying to get him on Ellen cause you know she'll make it happen.

The way he pops up behind the chair!

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~ Hope my fellow Canadians are enjoying their long weekend. I didn't do much on Canada Day but I did watch Will & Kate who were in Ottawa (why they no visit Toronto?) for the celebrations. When their trip itinerary was released a while back, I did contemplate going to Ottawa to see them... for about 2 seconds before the thought of that huge crowd brought me back to reality. I actually can't wait to see W&K visit Yellowknife, that's pretty cool of them going up north like that.

Love Kate's maple-inspired fascinator!

Also wishing an awesome 4th of July to all my American friends :D

~ And to end this super mega long post, I had forgotten how pretty Harrison Ford was until this gif reminded me.

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nkotbsb mash-up



My inner teenager has died and gone to heaven (let's ignore the fact that during BSB's height, I was in my twenties).
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back together again

Another boyband post so you may scroll by if you wish :)

I heard about this a while back, then forgot about it and I happened to see it mentioned while surfing the web -- the reunion of Robbie Williams & Gary Barlow!! ♥ Quick history lesson: Robbie & Gary were part of the hugely popular British boyband Take That. Robbie left the group in 1995 and became a HUGE solo star (never broke in North America except for the songs, Millenium and Angel which was horribly covered by Jessica Simpson). I didn't follow the "feud" between Robbie and Gary but basically, not so kind words were said by both parties. Cut to 15 years later, not only did Robbie & Gary do a duet but Robbie is slated to re-join Take That *cue squeeeeeing*

The video for their song, Shame, has embedding disabled (booooo) but you can view it here. Watching it for the first time, I'm thinking this has got to be the slashiest video of all time. Of course, I later discover that the video is a light hearted parody of Brokeback Mountain. Oh boys ♥♥

This is their performance at the benefit concert for Help for Heroes:

OK, I'm done now :)
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* It's bad enough that Glee is doing a Britney episode but she's actually going to be on the show too?! The silver lining is that this ep will be focusing on Brittany -- maybe she'll even get a last name!

* Kurt Browning accidently sets his house on fire. His wife now has ammunition to last for a lifetime. "Oh you don't want to do this thing with me? Remember when YOU SET OUR HOUSE ON FIRE MORON?!?!!!"

* The amount of fic the Sherlock fandom is generating is insane and has basically swallowed up my f-list but I have discovered something that makes me sad: I can not read Sherlock/John slash fic. You know I love the slash and I definitely see the chemistry between the two. It's the whole Sherlock having sex thing. I just can't picture it. But not everything is lost! I've noticed certain fic labelled as "squint" as in: can be read as gen or, if you squint, slash. Now, if I only someone would do rec lists cause I don't want to waste time reading crappy fic.

* Rumour has it that NKOTB & BSB are planning to tour together. OMG I AM SO THERE

* Finished reading Mysterious Skin today. Wonderful book but hard to read in some places. Will definitely be watching the movie soon.

* I'm close to being offered a FT position at another real estate company (I need to pass HR still). Location is better -- it's on the subway line which knocks the commute down by half. I'll be starting at the same salary as I am now but if I pass the 6-month probation period, it'll bump up $5k. The only problem is that I'm not 100% sure I want it.

* bauersgirl, forget Salt cuz I just d/l'd it, we need to see Scott Pilgrim!

* I have run out of things to say...
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odds and ends

Hi everyone. Long time no talk :) Hope everyone had a nice Canada Day/Independence Day if you celebrate it. We're experiencing a heat wave -- it's hot and humid and muggy and generally blah -- which will last all week. Joy.

Had a 4-day weekend (Canada Day was a Thurs, took Friday off) which flew by but was productive. Spent Canada Day studying for the Canadian Securities Exam (cuz I do everything last minute). Friday -- wrote the exam (I finished 20 mins early, don't know if that's a good or bad thing); met with a headhunter; went in for an oil change (only 3 months overdue, not bad); attended my cousin's wedding dinner (10 courses, so much food could barely move).

Saturday. Watched the Germany/Argentina game (wow, ARG just imploded there) and went to see Cyndi Lauper at Pride. For a 57 y.o., the girl is still rocking & belting. Spent the first hour doing material from her latest CD which is all blues/jazz and the crowd was getting restless. But the 7-minute rendition of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun made it all worth it! Also performed Time After Time and closed with True Colours. Sunday, braved the heat for the Pride parade. No pictures this time as we didn't have the best view and the sun was glaring right into the lens. Heat wave + Pride = many shirtless guys & water guns so good times were had =)

Saw Toy Story 3. Pixar pretty much pwns all, don't they? I fully expected to cry but I didn't which was surprising. Excellent movie. Will definitely buy the Toy Story 3-pack when released.

Is anyone sick & tired of the 3D trend? Every single preview before TS3 touted being in 3D. RealD -- what is that? I will save my money and stick with good ol' 2D, thank you very much.

R told me about this video taken during the G20 protests that has gone viral (1.2m+ hits):

NO STEALING! Hope that kid learned his lesson (but I doubt it). The guy has been tracked down and turns out he's a banker (and has a belt in martial arts).

A few weeks back, the Backstreet Boys joined NKOTB on stage. That's like boyband nirvana right there for someone like me LOL! Damn, I wish I was there! Even more, I wish I could find decent footage!

Turning the AC back on and going to bed now. Me sleepy.
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i'm scared of my december credit card bill

* For some reason, I have been bitten by the Christmas shopping fever this year and purchased some nice shit, if I do say so myself, for my brothers. I got the whole family tickets to Jersey Boys (the era & music is right up my dad's alley). This weekend, will be entering the scary world of Tiffany's for SIL's gift (and maybe a little something something for me). And to top it all off, I went on Amazon.ca this afternoon and they had a one day sale of the Gilmore Girls complete series boxset for $110 and the next thing I know, I'm buying it! Yeah, so not looking forward to the cc bill.

* Nico wins SYTYCD Canada. No surprise there. He definitely deserved it. He wasn't the best technical dancer (his ballroom was lacking) but he had the charisma, the looks, the abs and was so very humble. All very important ;) I have tickets for the tour in February and I'm really looking forward to it.

* LJ has increased the numbers of icons! I have 195 spaces now, woot!! Now I'm on the hunt for icons.

* For the Avatar fans -- looks like the movie has been cast. I can't decide whether to laugh or cry over the casting of Zuko. Seriously, M Night Shyalaman?

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a concert, a musical & a movie

Last night, mom & I went to see RyanDan.

(L - Ryan, R - Dan)

The boys sounded great, their harmony is amazing & I really enjoyed the show. My mom, who's never heard of them, also really liked it. However, I have discovered how much LJ & fandom has ruined me. 

When RyanDan sing, especially if they're harmonizing, one of the boys usually watches the other for cues and such (I find it's mainly Dan watching Ryan). They've talked about this interviews. What kind of songs do they sing? Mainly love songs of course. Do you see where my mind is heading? Bad fandom for corrupting me :D


Most of you know that my not-so-secret guilty pleasure are boybands. New Kids were my first and I still enjoy Backstreet Boys & Westlife. Take That, a UK boyband in the '90s, I liked but didn't really get into cause by the time I discovered them, they were just months away from disbanding. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that there is currently a musical, Never Forget, featuring the music of Take That. And it's pretty good! It also made me nostalgic. I knew they reunited -- I have their new CD -- so off to YouTube I go and ended up spending hours watching the concert footage of both tours and the behind-the-scenes documentaries.

This is "Could It Be Magic" from their reunion tour. I love this cause (a) it has the Robbie Williams -- who did not re-join with the group -- intro; (b) the boys got wet and (c) it just looks like fun.


All the boys grew up nice.  I never thought Howard or Jason were good-looking but now?  Especially Jason.

You can probably blame these guys for all the reunions that are happening.  Take That reunited back in 2005, I think, and since then we've had the reunions of Boyzone, Spice Girls and New Kids.


Finally watched Atonement.  Good movie, not the ending I was expecting but still good, if not heartbreaking.  I kept reading about The Green Dress, which was indeed lovely but I think would've looked better on someone with a bit more curves.  And there was James McAvoy.  YUM.  I'm now currently d/l'g Becoming Jane and plan to watch Penelope tonight.  Excited to see Wanted but watching him speak with an American accent takes some getting used to.