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david usher is made of WIN

S3 of Dante's Cove premiered last Friday and there's nary a torrent in sight. I'm ashamed to admit that I miss this cheestastic show and, from the reviews I have read, it's not getting any better. But that's OK. I just want to see Reichan's bum and giggle at his "acting" and mourn Charlie David's beautiful long brown hair and pay little attention to a non-sensical plot and google the pretty boys.  Is that too much to ask?

For my fellow BM peeps, have you been reading the forum lately? Both Jason and Adam have dropped hints mentioned that Adam jr is back in the studio. This is making me more happy than it should. I actually ended up PM'g with Lucas a little bit but it was all about travelling -- me going over there, him wanting to visit North America. The conversation just kinda stopped cause there wasn't really that much else to say.

The latest SPN episode had me LMAO. Kudos to both boys but especially Jared for making his ginormous self appear like a 7 year old who lost his shoe down to the sewer.  Bela totally reminded me of Gwen on Angel and that's cool. For now. 

odds n ends

Today was a special kind of torture. A full day professional development course titled, Assessing Risk: Understanding the New Audit Risk Requirements (zzzzzzzzzz) and then proceeded to sit in bloody traffic for almost 2 hours on the way home. And I was driving into the city which, I would think, be the opposite direction of rush hour direction. First, it was a stalled car in the middle of the highway. Then, it was construction. And to top it off, not only was there a baseball game tonight but also a concert! ARGH!! *releases residual road rage* Wow, major alliteration there.


In continuation of yesterday's post re: filming on Yonge Street, I was able to take a few pictures before the police ushered all the pedesterians off the street. I saw no actors, just crew setting up the set area. 

I remember last year, we ran into another film set that transformed Toronto into London.  IIRC, it was a Samuel L Jackson movie.


I received my Tyler Lewis (Top4 on CI4) CD today!!  *bounces*  I am such a Canadian Idol dork.


For my fellow BM gals -- I received a PM from Lucas today.  Did any of you get one?  He just introduced himself (as if I didn't know who he was!) and he asked about the weather, of all things!  LOL  I was quite surprised and it kinda made my day.  =)


I was just accepted into a certain LJ movie comm and the first movie I downloaded was Jacquou le Croquant starring the ever-so-yummy Gaspard Ulliel.  It will have wait til the weekend before I can watch it.

So many things to download, too little time.

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