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jake: with boo

the good and the ugly

First, the good. Jim Parsons? Good. Jim Parsons on Sesame Street? A.DOR.A.BLE.


The bad. There are rumours going around that Jakey poo is dating, ugh, I don't even want to say it, Taylor Swift.


I'm sorry but I just can not stand her. I have no ear for voices but upon hearing her sing live on SNL, even I cringed. I don't find her pretty at all either.

JAKE PLEASE STEP AWAY FROM SWIFT. There are so many actresses out there for you! Look, Carey Mulligan is single now, date her!
tv: sheldon will blow your mind

too cute

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In other news, I e-mailed my future boss this morning about my start date (just to clarify some stuff) which was supposed to be this Friday. He replied saying that there was an error, my start date is actually the Monday as the office is closed this Thursday & Friday. So yay for an extra day vacation! Although now I'm wondering why the office is closed. The Jewish high holidays are over, right?
tv: big bang cast

big bang theory

Just found this adorable video of Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons & Kaley Cuoco doing their TV Guide photoshoot. Parsons is cute as always but I find Galecki 100x hotter as himself vs Leonard. Is it the absence of the glasses? I think he does his hair differently?

Be warned, there are some spoilery bits in the video.

I also read that Cuoco broke her leg during a horseback riding accident so she'll be missing a few episodes.

It appears Jim Parsons is one of those everyone-knows-but-no-one-talks-about-it gay actors like Matt Bomer. I had no idea til like 2 days ago! And the rumour is going around that he proposed to his partner, Todd Spiewak (a diector), the night he won his Emmy. How sweet!

I've been re-watching BBT episodes on and off and the flashback one kills me dead every time. "Don't make me turn the flag upside down!" LOLOLOL
chuck: group hug

chuck vs terminator vs barney

Whoever decides on the tv lineups -- I HATE YOU. Why did you put 3 of my favourite shows ON AT THE SAME TIME????

The Monday 8-9 time slot has Chuck, Terminator & HIMYM. Plus, I also want to start watching The Big Bang Theory cause I've loved the bits & pieces that I have seen (Sheldon FTW). Thank goodness for timeshifting and downloading but still. Couldn't they spread the love a little?

Speaking of Chuck, I just watched the premiere ep (it was released to the internet a week early) and omg so good with some great funny moments.

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I've already lost interest in Fringe.  Downloaded the first 3 eps of True Blood and plan on watching them on the plane ride to Orlando FOR EYECON  EEEEEEEEE 2.5 DAYS TO GOOOOO TIL I GET TO SEE MY GIRLS AND JARED!!!!!!

In other news, the wank over Clay's coming out is in full force.  I alternated between laughing and cringing at some of the comments carried over to fandom_wank.  There's been flouncing, the hurt feelings over being OMG LIED TO, moral dilemmas etc but my favourite is the "don't judge me for being judgmental" crowd.  *eyeroll*