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so pretty even in the rain

The condo reno has begun! The kitchen cabinets & floors are gone. Mr Law (my contractor) has kindly left the portion holding sink intact so I can wash my dishes tonight. In the bathroom, the floor is gone, new medicine cabinet & lights are already in and work on the shower has begun. I will be spending tomorrow night at my parents' as my bathroom will be out of service for a night.

Mainly for openmydoors -- I started watching You're Beautiful over the weekend and have 5 episodes left LOL Lead singer guy looks SO much better with his hair off his face, yes? Love the guyliner! Guitarist guy is a sweetie. And what is with Jeremy's hair? As a rule, I hate blond hair on Asians but it works on him. His hair was nice in the beginning and now it looks like shite. Will probably finish the series by tomorrow night. Why are these dramas so addictive?!

OK, the main reason for the post! ADAM LAMBERT. In my city. He was doing the radio/tv rounds all day and I figured my only shot to see him will be on MOD (aka MuchOnDemand). So, I left work a hour early, arrived at MuchMusic a few minutes past 5pm -- MOD starts at 5pm -- and stood in the cold & rain for a hour. TOTALLY WORTH IT.

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actor: kim bum

all i want for christmas is my very own cute korean boy

Had the Best.Dinner.Ever = 'real' Chinese food. Oh Chinese food, I have missed you. Even though I have food in the kitchen and I'm trying to cut down my spending, I just couldn't handle another meal of my very bland "cooking". So on the way home, I stopped at a nearby restaurant and ordered a couple of dishes for takeout (in Chinese, natch *pets self on back*). Which was subsequently inhaled :) But I still have enough for lunch & dinner tomorrow. Best $18 I've spent this month.

OK, so I know I've been pretty much MIA this past week. Blame it on another Korean drama -- Boys Over Flowers. I tried to watch the series slowly but about halfway through, I thought "screw this" and camped my ass in front of the computer.

New Korean drama means new Korean boy crush =) Kim Bum. Yep, that's his name LOL. Kim Bum. BUM. Bum Bum Bum. And he's 20. TWENTY. Of course, of the 4 male leads, I have to crush on the youngest *headdesk* And new Korean boy crush means picspam of course!

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actor: kim jae-wook

meet my imaginary korean boyfriend

Kim Jae Wook, actor/model and OMG SO FREAKING PRETTY IT HURTS. I first noticed him in the movie, Antique which I adored and have re-watched too many times to count. He even speaks some French in it *swoon*. I then downloaded the Korean tv series, Coffee Prince -- a bunch of guys working in a coffee shop with a Twelfth Night twist & a quadrangle thrown in for good measure -- where he was part of the supporting cast playing the quiet & mysterious "Waffle Prince". I mainlined all 17 episodes within 4 days which resulted in a lot of late nights so thank god I'm not working!

I'm now addicted Korean dramas and want moooooore!! And it's a slippery slope to Japanese dramas from here. To think I used to tease my mom & SIL for watching this stuff. Korean guys are adorable! Where have I been all this time? LOL

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