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all i want for christmas is my very own cute korean boy

Had the Best.Dinner.Ever = 'real' Chinese food. Oh Chinese food, I have missed you. Even though I have food in the kitchen and I'm trying to cut down my spending, I just couldn't handle another meal of my very bland "cooking". So on the way home, I stopped at a nearby restaurant and ordered a couple of dishes for takeout (in Chinese, natch *pets self on back*). Which was subsequently inhaled :) But I still have enough for lunch & dinner tomorrow. Best $18 I've spent this month.

OK, so I know I've been pretty much MIA this past week. Blame it on another Korean drama -- Boys Over Flowers. I tried to watch the series slowly but about halfway through, I thought "screw this" and camped my ass in front of the computer.

New Korean drama means new Korean boy crush =) Kim Bum. Yep, that's his name LOL. Kim Bum. BUM. Bum Bum Bum. And he's 20. TWENTY. Of course, of the 4 male leads, I have to crush on the youngest *headdesk* And new Korean boy crush means picspam of course!

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hold the presses!

Am I reading this correctly? John Cho is in the new ABC drama, Flash Forward coming this fall? Playing a cop? With Joseph Fiennes as his partner? An Asian man playing a lead character on a major primetime network show?

O HAI SEXY JOHN BEING ALL BADASS. Add another reason why September can not come fast enough.
actor: kim jae-wook

meet my imaginary korean boyfriend

Kim Jae Wook, actor/model and OMG SO FREAKING PRETTY IT HURTS. I first noticed him in the movie, Antique which I adored and have re-watched too many times to count. He even speaks some French in it *swoon*. I then downloaded the Korean tv series, Coffee Prince -- a bunch of guys working in a coffee shop with a Twelfth Night twist & a quadrangle thrown in for good measure -- where he was part of the supporting cast playing the quiet & mysterious "Waffle Prince". I mainlined all 17 episodes within 4 days which resulted in a lot of late nights so thank god I'm not working!

I'm now addicted Korean dramas and want moooooore!! And it's a slippery slope to Japanese dramas from here. To think I used to tease my mom & SIL for watching this stuff. Korean guys are adorable! Where have I been all this time? LOL

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