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okay! onto more happy stuff

~~ Before I left for Cincy, I saw Avenue Q with jenab and it was great! The theatre was small, with no more than 150 seats and dang, those seats were not comfortable! The songs were great and the lead actor was adorable :) I prefer staying as spoiler-free as I can re: musicals before I see them so while I knew Avenue Q had puppets, I thought it was more along the lines of The Muppets ie you never saw the people which wasn't the case. Both the leads play at least 2 roles using different voices so how they don't accidentally screw up is pretty cool. If you get a chance to see it, I definitely recommend it. It's not every day you get to watch a puppet sex scene!

~~ Finished watching Avatar: The Legend of Korra. I really enjoyed it but I think I was more excited about the nods to The Last Airbender -- OMG that's Zuko grandson! OMG that's Toph daughter! OMG AANG GREW UP TO BE A FREAKING HOTTIE!! felt weird to find an animation hot lol. The show has already been picked up for a 2nd season and on tumblr, someone made the comment that this will be the first time, in both series, that we will have a fully realized Avatar. Should be interesting to see what this will bring in the upcoming season. Although, I do miss how Aang's arrows glow when he enters the Avatar state. It just makes everything cooler.

~~ Does anyone watch Common Law? Good show? I've started to d/l the eps as it looks like something both my mom and I would enjoy. My mom likes White Collar, Suits & Burn Notice but not Leverage so if it falls into a similar category, that'll be awesome.

~~ Ryan Murphy has joined Twitter and finally clued in that a surefire way to make fans happy is to start releasing deleted scenes. Now why these scenes aren't just included in the DVD set is beyond all of us. Considering they have a huge cast and the amount of footage they have/could have between studio recording, dance rehearsals & on-set time, the DVD extras are PITIFUL compared to other shows. We don't even get a blooper reel. Seriously. So, any little morsel given out is glomped on and praise & love is heaped onto Murphy. Collapse )

~~ ETA: Went for a walk in the crazy heat, good planning there, Amy and ended up buying... a handbag! I was on my way home, walking through the Eaton Centre for the air con, walk by Micheal Kors and a purple bag caught my eye. I've been wanting a purple bag forever, loved this colour so went inside to see what other styles they had. In less than 10 minutes, walked back out with this:

I love it ♥ Probably the easiest sale that salesgirl ever had!
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Sooooooo long time no update. What's been happening with me? Well, the big thing was last week, I had my right thyroid taken out. Everything went fine although apparently, according to the nurses I overheard, I oozed the most of the 3 patients who had thyroid surgery that day. Go me LOL I've been exiled recovering at the parents' house since then which meant computer time was spotty (I find it amusing that my dad used to lecture us about being on the computer too much and now that he's retired, he probably spends just as long on the internet as we did).

I took pictures, let's have a look :) This was me a few days after the surgery. I was told to keep the gauze on for about a week. I took it off after 5 days cause it was driving me nuts.

And this is what it basically looks now. I need to wait til the strips fall off naturally but damn, they're like a scab that I can't keep poking at *sits on hands*

While I was laid up in the hospital waiting to be released, I missed a Chris Colfer sex riot on tumblr :( Mr Colfer recently did a beautiful photoshoot.

I also had lofty goals of doing lots of reading but that didn't happen. Did catch up on my fanfiction reading though (those should totally count towards my Goodreads goal!) and, thanks to tumblr, I got sucked into Teen Wolf and mainlined all the episodes over 3 days. The show is pretty cheesy. The fight scenes are bad. The main couple angst (he's a werewolf! she's from a family of werewolf hunters! oh noes!!) gets boring. And the make-up. I'm pretty sure there is just no way to make a werewolf look cool without going 100% CGI. BUT the show is complete eye-candy, strangely addictive and it has Stiles. Stiles is awesome and everyone's favourite.

The cast at Comic Con

Now that I'm caught up with Teen Wolf (except for the last 2 eps cause I can't d/l them here), I'm starting to watch The Legend of Korra. Yay for more Avatar!!

OK, have rambled enough. Will be returning to my condo this weekend and life shall resume as normal :)
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Opening credits of the new Avatar, The Legend of Korra, has been released!

I love the continuity from The Last Airbender. SO.EXCITED.


Went to see the musical, Mary Poppins, yesterday. Not bad. I found that it dragged it certain places and, I hate slagging on kids but dear lord, the girl playing Jane had the worst accent ever. I could barely make out half of her lines! Didn't really notice it til about halfway through the first act but I loved how Mary Poppins will always do a little flourish before heading up the stairs.

After that, I needed to watch the movie. Oh Julie Andrews is divine.
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i'm scared of my december credit card bill

* For some reason, I have been bitten by the Christmas shopping fever this year and purchased some nice shit, if I do say so myself, for my brothers. I got the whole family tickets to Jersey Boys (the era & music is right up my dad's alley). This weekend, will be entering the scary world of Tiffany's for SIL's gift (and maybe a little something something for me). And to top it all off, I went on Amazon.ca this afternoon and they had a one day sale of the Gilmore Girls complete series boxset for $110 and the next thing I know, I'm buying it! Yeah, so not looking forward to the cc bill.

* Nico wins SYTYCD Canada. No surprise there. He definitely deserved it. He wasn't the best technical dancer (his ballroom was lacking) but he had the charisma, the looks, the abs and was so very humble. All very important ;) I have tickets for the tour in February and I'm really looking forward to it.

* LJ has increased the numbers of icons! I have 195 spaces now, woot!! Now I'm on the hunt for icons.

* For the Avatar fans -- looks like the movie has been cast. I can't decide whether to laugh or cry over the casting of Zuko. Seriously, M Night Shyalaman?

* Collapse )
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all good things must end

The summer of stalking of John Barrowman has ended for me.  Thanks to the generous dr_is_in, I was able to get to one more show.  Instead of a long rant about how the CBC is made of epic fail for their audience co-ordination skills, let's just say that after spending hours in line, we were among the last group to get into the studio.  We also had a guest of honour -- Lord Andrew Lloyd Weber -- who proceeded to cause John to have a laughing fit by mentioning a gerbil (don't ask).  Ended up sitting behind the judges so very few pictures.  After the show, we waited around and was able to catch John while he was leaving.  So glad the gals were able to meet him after driving all those hours.  I was able to get my magazine signed (yay) and while he did take some pictures, I didn't get the chance and I could tell he wanted to go.

Collapse )


I watched the last episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender.  While the ending was no surprise, I must say that some of the animation, especially the 2 major fight scenes in the finale, was quite beautiful.  This was a great series and I'm so glad I followed the advice and gave it a chance.  


No more Dr Horrible  =(  I keep reading mentions/possibility of a sequel so let's keep our fingers for that.  Act III was kinda a shocker but it's Whedon.  I shouldn't have been surprised.  I love how this series has turned so many people into NPH fans.  NPH is awesome.  I can't get "Can't Believe My Eyes" (song at the beginning of Act II) out of my head, I love it so.  When's the DVD coming out?
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one step closer to Cap'n Jack

EEEEEEEEE!!  Both bauersgirl  and I got tickets to the Maria show!!  I'm going to be in the same room as John Barrowman!!!!!  *flails*  I have to figure out how to sneak a camera in!  I need to get a picture with the Captain!!   We both got 2 tickets which means we have 2 extra so if anyone wants to stalk see JB do his judging thang, let me know.  The details: CBC Building, Toronto, Sun June 22, 6-8pm.  SOLOOOOOOOO!!!!  YOU HAVE TO COME DOWN!!!

Another example of my craziness:  I purchased a 5-star platinum ticket for the 3rd -- yes, three! -- NKOTB concert.  WHAT WAS I THINKING?!???!! LOL  The package comes with a seat in the first 10 rows, a meet-and-greet + photo op before the show and some other stuff.  Kinda expensive but cheaper than those greedy bastards at Creation.

Bear with me but one more NKOTB thing.  Footage of the boys making their video to "Summertime" is up and OMG THE CHEESINESS.  The all-white outfits = BSB's "I Want it that Way" circa 1994.  Donnie running on the beach with his shirt open is hot LULZ.  Oh boys.

In other news, I finished watching Avatar and I WANT THE LAST EPISODES NOW!!!!!  I should've stretched out my viewing and I did try to do that but it wasn't happening.  I watched a behind-the-scenes clip on YouTube which showed all the voice actors and the guy who voices Zuko looked so familiar to me but I couldn't place him.  Off to IMDB I go and OMG it's Rufio from "Hook"!!  Ruuuuufiiiiooooooo!!!!!  Awesome.

Obtained a copy of New York Minute and dear lord, how cute was Jared?!  SO.CUTE.  The dancing at the end!!  I did skip through a lot of the movie but of what I did see, MK & Ashley Olsen were kinda sorta not bad.  I still can't tell who is who though.

To those on my f-list that are off to the Dallas con this weekend -- I hate you all have LOTS of fun and take many many pictures of Jared for me, 'k?  And the other boys too!! 

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lj anniversary

LJ anniversaries were mentioned a couple of times on my f-list today which prompted me to check when my own LJ anniversary was.  Guess what?  It's today!!  3 years ago today, tinderblast  ushered me into the world of Livejournal by creating this account for me.  I was only planning on using my account for the purpose of commenting on other LJs but things turned out a bit differently :P  A short time later, I met a group of Kieferettes and the rest, as they say, is history  :D

New LJ moodtheme to celebrate -- animated Ianto  \o/

Went to KT Tunstall's concert last weekend.  We had great seats (3rd row) and it was a great show.  KT is just this cute little thing!  It was an acoustic set which I loved.  The set featured a good balance from both her CDs and of course, Black Horse & a Cherry Tree and Suddenly I See got the biggest crowd reaction.  I have a few videos but they're all too large to upload to photobucket.

After hearing about how great the show, Avatar, is from certain people -- you know who you are -- including my cousins, I've been downloading and am about halfway through the second season.  It's pretty good and Sokka makes me laugh more than I care to admit.