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strike a pose

For those who haven't seen Sue Sylvester's Vogue, like us poor Canucks. This was aired after the ep last night. Jane Lynch is 100% pure AWESOME.


Anyone want to check out the Harry Potter exhibit at the Science Centre with me? I'm definitely going. I want to get sorted! The exhibit runs til August 22.


I tuned into American Idol last night only because Adam Lambert was the mentor. I made it almost halfway through the program before switching the channel. They're only at the Top 9? Yes, double elimination tonight but still. It feels like this season has been on for forever! The show was 90 minutes long and it felt like the judges barely had time to make a comment! The music actually cut off Simon at one point LOL


Can't believe I was so busy at work that I forgot to listen to Matt Smith on CBC Radio 1. Thank goodness it re-airs tonight at 10pm.


Reading about derivatives and hedging and futures etc is boring and confusing. Why oh why did I sign up for the Canadian Securities Course?
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things making me happy right now

1. Glee! is GLEEFUL!!!! I missed a good portion of last week's show cause I was laughing too much! They sang Bell Biv Devoe and Color Me Badd!! We learned more about some of the other characters (Kurt's coming out was very well done). And Puck! OMG Puck. You're a bully and smarmy and a cougar-chaser but when you look like this:

and move like that:

I forgive you. Your singing isn't bad either :)

2. The return of Merlin! Complete with shirtless!Arthur YAY!! I've missed Colin's cheekbones. Great first episode but that's not what's making me happy. Here's a clip from a behind-the-scenes special with Colin & Bradley being goofy and adorable.

But what song are they listening to? you ask. Cue the Merlin fangirls and their awesome lip reading techniques.

OH BOYS. 80s music FTW! Now I need to d/l this song LOL (and David Archeluta sang this on AI? hahahaha) The fact that Colin & Bradley are sharing earphones *squee* reminded me of Kradam (Kris was given a headphone splitter from Adam fans so they could listen to music together) which brings me to number 3.

3. Kradam. Reading Kris' twitter party and someone asked him about Kris wearing Adam's jacket on the last night of the tour. And my brain promptly shorted cause KRIS WEARING ADAM'S JACKET IS MADE OF WIN AND GIVES ME HAPPY THOUGHTS. But this is where my happy stops because I can not find a decent picture of this :( My internet skills are failing me.
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more kradam

This is what happens when I'm bored with too much time on my hands -- I start perusing Kradam/Adam threads and being sucked in by the cuteness.

Supposedly those are Adam's initials "AML" written on Kris' arm. Like he's marking his property! I wonder how much Kradam we're going to get once the tour is over and both boys go their separate ways and into the studio. The thought makes me sad :( And I'm not even in full tinhat territory, I just think they're adorable together. Can't they just tour together forever?
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It started with worlddescending posting this awesome gif:

*is mesmerized by the hips*

Once I was able to tear myself away from staring, I decided that the fact I had no Adam or Kris icons had to be rectified immediately. While I was searching, I came across this Kradam interview.

Kris' deadpan arm move? LOVE SO MUCH.

PS Dear Kradam fandom, it's sucky when I get all excited over finding adorable Kradam icons only to discover they're based on manips. Props for the awesome photoshopping skillz though.
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while i wait for torchwood...

I watched the movie Little Ashes tonight, starring RPatzz as Salvador Dali. And I freely admit that my interest stemmed purely from the fact that the movie dealt with the 'alleged' affair between Dali and Frederic Lorca. OK the movie. The movie was... alright. Nothing special. Poor RPatzz had to wear a couple of really bad wigs there and the trademark Dali mustache looked pretty funny. Also, what is with RPatzz and playing the pale, sullen type? In the beginning, he reminded me of Edward a bit LOL. I loved the costumes -- the suits on the men!  Javier Beltram, who protrayed Lorca, is a cutie.

I found a youtube vid of my favourite scene. It's Dali and Lorca's first kiss but what I loved was how it was shot with the moonlight glistening off the water. It was just really pretty. The vid is kinda dark but it'll do.

And here's a gif of Adam doing what he does best (snagged from strippedpink )

I find this both mesmerizing and hilarious -- the way his belt buckle bounces? LOL

Against my better judgment, I have been watching One Life to Live the past few weeks.  The main reason I tuned in was the chance to be able to watch the upcoming Kyle/Fish storyline (I really am predictable) from the beginning.  Bonus was the realization that Scott Clifton -- who I loved as Dillon Quartermaine on GH -- is now on OLTL. 

Damnit, where is that Torchwood download???

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glee > ai

AI singing Don't Stop Believing and it's not so good. Adam has the voice for it and so do some of the others but some do not. There were some cringe-worthy parts in there. Too bad you can hardly see little Kris.

Oh why must we wait til September for new Glee? All these promos/interviews/snippets are killing me!

Let's see what else have I been up to?

* Lunch yesterday with the ex-co-workers which was nice.

* Planned on going to Centre Island but stupid strike = no ferry service

* Will be volunteering at our Pride parade this Sunday. Little nervous as I have no idea what I'm doing (first time volunteer) but it'll be fun. Yonge Street is going to be a mess with this strike though.

* Catching up on 30 Rock -- my favourite episode so far is "Cougars" where Liz dates cute coffee boy Jamie, Frank goes gay for him (LOL) and Bush/Iraq War is transferred onto the baseball field.

* Went to my 3rd and final New Kids concert. Good times.

* Currently obsessed with the Korean movie, Antique, about 4 guys working in a cake shop.

Kim Jae-Wook (2nd from the right, in the glasses) is just so... pretty.

* Saw Transformers 2 and I enjoyed it for being the summer Michael Bay blow-crap-up movie that it was :) They showed the teaser trailer for Avatar: The Last Airbender and while I'm still pissed about the non-Asian casting, it did look good. Now impatiently waiting for Harry Potter!

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adam lambert

I find this cover to be ridiculously hot, IDEK. Most of the time, Adam doesn't really do anything for me but for some reason, this picture... *flails*

And the tidbit from the interview with Adam admitting he had a crush on Kris but got over it when they became friends? I'm not even remotely in the Kradam fandom except for what I see on my f-list but I can hear them exploding right about now LOL

IMO, the most positive thing to come out of this is the friendship between Adam and Kris. Their bromance just gives me the warm & fuzzies. *squishes them both*
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long time no post

  • Life's pretty quiet at the mo.  Still recuperating from tax season, I guess.
  • SPN finale is tomorrow and I'm pretty spoiler free which is a feat for me.  My usual source of spoilers is TWoP and since I've been avoiding the SPN forum, guess that helps, huh?  Will be watching the show with the gang at dendritejungle's -- I'm thinking it's gonna be a packed house! 
  • Met the wonderful nixwilliamsand if you're reading this, my LJ is pretty boring but I post pretty pictures occassionally  :)
  • Finally made it to a Stitch & Bitch at neeuqdrazil's.  Re-started a cross stitch pattern that I began back in university!  Met a bunch of new people, had lots of fun and laughs and looking forward to attending more S&B's in the future!
  • Had dinner with bauersgirllast night -- yummy gourmet pizza (not sushi which is our normal routine) -- and man, was I stuffed!
  • One of our topics of conversation was the lack of knowledge of our own city.  There are so many places I haven't been within Toronto or places I haven't been in years.  Since my original summer plans are basically shot, my new summer goal is to explore this city of mine.  With camera in tow of course so expect many pictures. 
  • Iron Man rocked.  Looking forward to Prince Caspian and drooling over Peter and Indiana Jones 4.
  • Still half-heartedly watching AI.  While I like David A's voice, I'm starting to understand what people are talking about when they talk about his stage presence.  David C continues to roll along as he does, playing it pretty much safe (btw the David C's fans are quickly becoming Claymate-level crazy).  I've listened to David C's indie CD, "Analog Heart" and it's not bad.  Syesha's voice is too screechy for me.
  • 3 concerts coming up in the next month -- Tokio Hotel (yes, again!), KT Tunstall and RyanDan
  • NKOTB tickets went on sale Monday and they sold out!  I was really surprised over this (supposedly good Montreal tickets are still easy to get).  Hopefully this means they add another show.  C'mon, the Spice Girls did!  *crosses fingers*  And I totally didn't squee over their rehearsal footage over at nkotb.com.
  • My 2 musical guilty pleasures right now are: See You Again, Miley Cyrus and Summertime, NKOTB.  Feel free to mock.
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beware of the idol machine

I can't believe I'm asking this but... anyone know where I can download the studio versions of the AI songs?  *is ashamed*  I found David Cook's "Always Be My Baby" by accident and now I find myself looking for the rest.  Thought I found something this morning but then my virus program went crazy.  Ack!  My google-fu is just not up to par today so any help would be appreciated.  Blame is placed solely on my co-workers.  All their fault.

Meme ganked from janglyjewels  cause I'm bored and sitting in my cubicle but there's no returns to be done and yet we somehow have to fill our required hours.

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I just looked at the billable (keyword: billable) hours I have so far and it looks like I'll be working Sunday as well.
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point-form posts are awe... wait for it... some

  • I've been watching How I Met Your Mother and omg what a great show! So far I'm halfway through season 2 and Neil Patrick Harris completely steals the show as the womanizing Barney. He gets the greatest lines and catchphrases. Also, this show is awesome with the continuity, like Arrested Development-level awesome.

  • So, in the last few months I've re-discovered Chad Allen, Neil Patrick Harris and Brian Austin Green. I wonder which teen idol from my youth will be the next to wow me.

  • Also started to watch download/watch Psych. I've only watched the first 2 eps but so far, so good. In other tv news, I've tried Life, New Amsterdam & The Tudors but none of them captured my interest

  • I don't even watch American Idol but I've promised my co-worker that I'll go with her to the concert when they tour. Maybe I'll start watching next week

  • Sad news -- my Dallas trip is no more =( Man, I was so looking forward to hanging out with my girls. However, it has come to my attention that they've ganged up on someone else is possibly contemplating considering attending... *cough*phetch*cough* I have a J2 photoshoot ticket... *waves bait* Also, any hopes of attending Dragon*Con and Comic Con are kaput. Guess my stalking fangirly activities for 2008 will be limited to the TIFF. It's all my brother's fault. Him and his stupid wedding!

  • Japan may also be out. It's looking to be way too expensive. So we're debating on alternatives -- China (although not Beijing cause Olympics = chaos), Korea (although one brother has already been) or one of the SE Asian countries (Thailand, Indonesia, Malayisa, Vietnam, Singapore, etc).

  • My unpopular opinion of the day. After watching some of the concert footage of John Barrowman's tour on YouTube, I found parts of his show kinda cheesy. His stage movements/"dancing" made me giggle and not in a good way. However, his voice is as gorgeous as ever and I would've gladly sat through awkward dancing to see him live. Dammit for not being in the UK!

  • Donna continues to be awesome on Doctor Who.

  • Last weekend, I purchased my first ever designer clothing -- Calvin Klein. And only because the store had plus sizes! Granted, it was one little table in the huge store but still, it took me by surprise. I never go in these type of stores as I can't wear any of the clothes but I was with my SIL. Proceeded to drop $220 on 3 tops and a pair of capris. This should be a lesson to all the other stores, we may be fat but we've also got money.

  • It's April 16th and you know what that means? Only 14 more days til tax season is OVER!!