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crazy but fun (and quite tiring) week

Wednesday Lady Gaga concert! I went with a co-worker who's never been to a big spectacle concert before and has always wanted to see Gaga. This is my 3rd time seeing her in concert (and most likely my last cause ticket prices are ridic). I have to say she's looking much healthier. There were 2 older - at least 60-something - ladies seated beside us and they were dancing and enjoying themselves, loved it! Stage not as elaborate as the previous tours but still lots of costume changes. Have some pictures:

Also took a bunch of video

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Friday & Saturday Flew to Chicago for Chris Colfer's book signings of his 3rd book in The Land of Stories series. I met up with fellow Gleeks/Klainers for dinner on Friday night and then the signing -- Lori, I totally shook his hand, soft but cold! -- went out for drinks afterwards. I ended up driving to Heather's (the girl with whom I stayed with) and on the way back, I went right over a pothole which blew out the tire! I didn't even see the pothole, it literally happened just as I was changing lanes and checking over my shoulder. Heather had AAA but it took almost a hour. We killed time reading *really* bad fanfic and glaring at police/security as they drove by THREE times without stopping!

I did the 2nd signing on my own as Heather went to Dashcon (which turned out to be a clusterfuck, boooo). Actually talked to him a bit this time, told him I flew in from Toronto (he said he's trying to get up to Canada but I'll believe it when I see) and both him & Alla (his PR) asked if I was at the signing the day before. Most fans freak out when they're recognized; I felt creepy lol. Anyway, here are my extremely crappy pics

Went directly to the airport from the signing. Knew I was early but was informed upon check-in that my flight was delayed. For 3 hours. I ended up spending almost 6 hours in O'Hare. Lovely.

Sunday Queen+Adam Lambert concert with a couple fellow Klainers, Ali & Sam. Had a light dinner and then walked down to the ACC. I must confess, it wasn't my favourite concert. I only recognized about half of the Queen songs. Adam sounded AMAZING but I expected a lot more, I dunno, energy(?) from him. And, I'm sorry, but 5 minute long guitar solos are just not my thing. I can appreciate the talent but after a couple of minutes, it just starts to sound like noise to me. I really liked how they incorporated video of Freddie throughout the show. Ali & Sam really enjoyed themselves so I'm glad about that.

Here are a couple of pics and a bunch of videos:

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3 days later and I'm still trying to catch up on sleep :) I have no plans for the next 2 weeks and I look forward to doing absolutely nothing.
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better than i know myself

New video from Adam Lambert yaaaaaaaay!!!

Really liking the new song. I prefer the less glammed version of Adam. Not that I ever want him to lose the guyliner (the horror!) but when his hair is not gelled to the nth degree and he's not buried under all the spikes and jewellery and makeup, that I like.
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MMVAs 2010

Another year, another red carpet at the MMVAs (MuchMusic Video Awards). They completely changed the set up this year so we were a little confused. Didn't get the greatest spot this time as my view was constantly blocked by a cameraman but oh well. At least we weren't out in the sun all afternoon which I was worried about. A special thank you though to who was dubbed Sign Guy -- guy who would write down the upcoming celeb on a whiteboard for the photographers. So much easier when you know who's next. I really don't know if I can handle another one of these. But I say that every year, don't I?

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beware of the sneaky gays as they're very... um... sneaky!

Another classic Sue's Corner from Sue Sylvester

For those not familiar with Sue, this is basically her character -- judgmental, no filter, non-PC, inappropriate and MADE OF AWESOME.

Can't wait for the return of Glee. All the promos just make the hiatus seem to drag even more!

Speaking of Adam Lambert. Can I just say how much I am loving his iheartradio stripped videos? He sounds amazing!! As much as I enjoy the flash, I love it when artists go acoustic/stripped down. Really looking forward to his Unplugged performance. Has that happened yet?

One of my faves but damn it, the mp3 I ripped won't upload to iTunes :( It worked for the other videos *whines* No iTunes means I can't get it on my iPod which is so annoying and my biggest pet peeve with Apple products.
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post of random stuff

* LOVING this weather! It's so glorious outside. Even though I'm still adjusting to DST and waking up in the dark sucks, coming home while the sun's still shining is very nice indeed.

* I usually don't read romance novels but my uni roommate introduced me to Julie Garwood when I was itching to read something that wasn't a textbook and all she reads are historical romances. I really enjoyed it, purchased a few more of Garwood's books but never got around to reading them. I grabbed one for the flight to Vancouver. Now I'm hooked and am on my 5th book! They're complete brain candy. She uses the same basic formula for her main female (independent, strong, petite, etc) and male (stubborn, gruff, protector, tall, etc) but so far, I'm not tired of it. Great for reading on the subway, too.

* Speaking of brain candy, I downloaded Justin Bieber's CD. But that's not the worst of it. Oh no. I can't believe I'm saying but I *whispers* kinda like it. Damn that One Time for being so catchy! Although, I can't stop laughing when I hear these lyrics from his song, "Bigger" -- I was a player when I was little // But now I'm bigger, I'm bigger // A heartbreaker when I was little // But now I'm bigger, I'm bigger. Who wrote these lyrics for a 15 year-old boy?! LOLOLOLOL

* Corey Haim's (RIP) funeral was today and I found out where he will be buried. The cemetery is actually only 1.5 blocks north of where I work. I kinda want to visit. Am I being creepy? I feel like it a bit. bauersgirl said she might be creepy with me though.

* Doctor Who starts April 3rd!!! I've seen some of the spoiler pics and man, I am excited for this season! As much as I will miss Tennant, I'm really looking forward to meeting Eleven.

* OLTL has canceled the Kish storyline and let the actors go. BASTARDS!! And now I'm reading that due to low ratings, Forbidden Love may be in trouble which means no more Ollian. Lenny & Carsten's storyline will be coming to end in a few months on GSZS. All my fave soap opera storylines are disappearing or in trouble! =( DeRo of AWZ may be the only one left standing.

* Cadbury Mini Eggs are so yummy.

* Dear Adam Lambert, I love you but can we cool it on the promo tour? If only to save my f-list from Adam overload. It's gotten to the point where I've thought about removing the Adam comm from my f-list because it's too much. I'm not even reading the posts anymore, just skimming on by.
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so pretty even in the rain

The condo reno has begun! The kitchen cabinets & floors are gone. Mr Law (my contractor) has kindly left the portion holding sink intact so I can wash my dishes tonight. In the bathroom, the floor is gone, new medicine cabinet & lights are already in and work on the shower has begun. I will be spending tomorrow night at my parents' as my bathroom will be out of service for a night.

Mainly for openmydoors -- I started watching You're Beautiful over the weekend and have 5 episodes left LOL Lead singer guy looks SO much better with his hair off his face, yes? Love the guyliner! Guitarist guy is a sweetie. And what is with Jeremy's hair? As a rule, I hate blond hair on Asians but it works on him. His hair was nice in the beginning and now it looks like shite. Will probably finish the series by tomorrow night. Why are these dramas so addictive?!

OK, the main reason for the post! ADAM LAMBERT. In my city. He was doing the radio/tv rounds all day and I figured my only shot to see him will be on MOD (aka MuchOnDemand). So, I left work a hour early, arrived at MuchMusic a few minutes past 5pm -- MOD starts at 5pm -- and stood in the cold & rain for a hour. TOTALLY WORTH IT.

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because the world needs more kradam

I've been listening to Kris' CD almost non-stop this past week and I love it more each time.

I finally listened to Adam's CD today and overall, I like it. Love the up-tempo stuff. Also listened to a few tracks from Take One which are older tunes recorded by Adam. Didn't like that as much. Compared to Kris' pre-Idol songs, I definitely prefer Kris.

I need one of those mp3 player car adapter thingees so I can listen to Kris and Adam at the same time because constantly switching CDs is not conducive to safe driving.

And now for some eye candy.

^^ I love that picture of Kris like whoa
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this icon amuses me so

You know what else amused me? Today's episode of Supernatural. Collapse )

What did not amuse me was discovering that Kris Allen's super special limited offer of CD with signed lithograph is available only in the US =( Oh well. To cheer me up, here are some pics of Kris' recent photoshoot and Adam on the red black (ooo how edgy!) carpet for 2012. Collapse )
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I hate that LiveJournal is blocked at work :( I read everything when I get home but I feel like I'm missing out on conversations, etc. I'm back to lurking again.

Just found today that John Mayer is playing here -- at a club! -- and the tickets went on sale last week. Of course, they're sold out now. However, $80 for a club show? Damn.

OLTL and the Nick/Kyle/Oliver SL is awesome! The Big Gay Mass Wedding drama! Loved Cole & Markko and Starr & Langston, the boys' respective girlfriends, pretending to be gay for the protestors. And Oliver. Sweet Oliver finally had enough and outed himself on tv \o/ If Nick wasn't around, Kyle would've jumped that so fast!

Has anyone seen "This Is It" or "Where the Wild Things Are"? I'm thinking of catching a movie Sunday.

I don't remember if I mentioned this before but the company I work for, the staff is like 90% Italian. Which means food. Lots of food. Someone brought in mini Oreo cheesecakes the other day. Today, there was Hallowe'en cupcakes! There's been chocolate, apple pie, leftover lasagne & pasta & veggies & sandwiches from meetings. And I hear it's going to get worse around the holidays! We also received the best ever e-mail from the office manager today informing us that the bosses have decided to close head office for the last week of December. Hell yeah.

This hiatus thing sucks. I haven't watched any television this week except for SPN.

I keep reading comments about Matthew Bomer aka Hot Dude from White Collar is gay and is dating some publicist. Obviously, he hasn't "officially come out" but this is the first time I'm hearing this. Damn, there goes another one ;)


I like the single cover so much more! And the single is exactly what I was expecting from Adam. LOVE IT. I can totally tell that Adam is going to be my "up" CD while Kris' will be my "mellow" CD. <3