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mega post

I have this thing where I think of something to post but then I don't and I was too lazy to post my Winnipeg pictures last week so the result is one big giant post. Sorry! *sheepish grin*

~~ Chuck finale. How awesome was that?! The kick ass gene really does run in the Bartowski family -- go Ellie! Routh as evil!Shaw was so good. He needs to play bad more. Jeffster's "Blaze of Glory" was epic and the video was so awesomely bad LOL And unlike another tv show *cough*Supernatural*cough* when Chuck sets up a showdown fight, it actually delivers. Chuck's "I just needed to reboot" was brilliant!

~~ Watched the 24 finale while in Winnipeg. Didn't catch all of it as I was moving stuff out of my brother's apartment but I did see the final minutes between Jack and Chloe. Very well done.

~~ Glee. How brilliant was Bad Romance? LOVED IT. Santana KILLED it and Quinn was gorgeous in her outfit, although those eyelashes look super annoying to wear. Burt continues to be The Best Father Ever. The TWOP gang continues to beat the dead horse that is (a) whether or not Burt was justified in how he treated Finn; (b) Finn's motivation behind his rant; (c) whether or not Kurt received any fallout blah blah blabbity blah for 50+ pages. My Glee music post has been updated here. Only 2 more eps left :(

~~ Somebody somehow found Jared & Genevieve's wedding pictures online. I admit to feeling a bit uncomfortable/stalkerish watching the slideshow but not enough to stop me from screencapping a good portion of the pictures.

~~ I finally relented and turned on the AC this afternoon.

~~ bauersgirl, Anj & I will be visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in November. I'm super excited about this! I believe Anj timed it so we'll be there when the next movie is released. I can't wait to try butterbeer!! Speaking of HP, I never posted my HP exhibit pictures here! Pictures were strictly forbidden but I had to sneak some shots! I only got about 10 pictures but if you're interested, you can check them out over at my facebook.

~~ I really would love to go see Broadway Bares once. Looks like it happens every year in June. I'm thinking next year. Who wants to come with? Even if one doesn't want to see BB, a weekend in NYC is always fun.

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golden globes 09

First, was flipping between the Globes and 24 so obviously missed some stuff. For fellow 24 fans -- did they explain how you-know-who is still around? That last scene, with the foot chase on the boat? HOT. Kiefer in the blue button-down shirt. HOT. I'm really liking that the show moved location. A change was definitely needed. Where's Chloe?

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can't take my eyes off you

  • 24 finally comes back!! \o/ Unfortunately, it's coming back this Sunday night when I'll be at the Matt Nathanson show so it's gonna be the good ol' download for me. I'm excited though!
  • For the Barrowman fans -- Music Music Music. I'm listening to it and so far, so good. A couple of clunkers but he sounds fabulous! ETA: OK, his version of Sarah M's Angel is not so good. And I love this song. Hopefully it'll grow on me.
  • Does anybody watch Numb3rs? I watch when I can/remember and I just need to say that Colby (Dylan Bruno) is smokin'. As is Rob Morrow.
  • People has a special High School Musical edition and I totally bought it! LOL Oh shush. I probably won't see Twilight in the theatres but HSM3 twice? Hell yeah!
  • Speaking of People, the Sexiest Men Alive issue is coming! I understand that my Jared made the list, yay!! No picture of him on the site though, bummer. But here are some of the ones that were posted: Collapse )
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brokeback ctu

bauersgirl sent me this awesome video a few days ago.  I'm not ashamed to admit that I got a little sniffly after watching it.

http://www.youtube.com/v/lkLm3Dtc9zY  (eta:  the embedding isn't working, so a link for now til I figure out what's wrong)

This video reminded me of something I wrote way back in Jan06 (?) in an e-mail and bauersgirl, with her awesome organizational skills, was able to find it.

TONY:  What are you doing here, Jack?
JACK:  Well, I thought that with Michelle dead... that meant... um....
TONY:  I'm sorry, Jack.  But I got a department to run and nerve gas to find... 
JACK:  Truth is... sometimes I miss you so much, I can hardly stand it.
TONY:  If we can't fix it, Jack. We just gotta stand it.
JACK:  *silence*  This is a bitch of an unsatisfactory situation.  And why are we always in LA, huh?  We oughta go to Wyoming!
TONY:  Have you been to Wyoming, Jack?  Huh?  I know what they got in Wyoming for boys like you.  All those things that I don't know, will get you killed if I come to know them.
JACK:  Well know this.  We coulda had a good life together but you didn't want it.  So what we got now is CTU!  Everything's built on that.  Count the few times we've been together in the last 4 years then tell me you'll kill me for needing something that I don't hardly ever get.  You're too much for me, Tony Almeda.  You son of a whoreson bitch.  I wish I knew how to quit you. 
TONY:  Jack, I swear...

ahahahahahah!!!  I crack myself up.  :)

While I was watching the video, my 13-year old cousin was at the other end of the room playing Nintendo.  He heard the music, looked up and said, "are you watching Brokeback Mountain"?  I was highly amused he recognized the movie score.

24 starts this weekend, w00t!!

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here, there, nowhere

I found this link in one of the BBM communities.  So cute!  BBM Bunnies


I am addicted to what is known in the LJ BBM slash fanfiction community (long enough?) as Teh Crackfic.  The story is called Human Interest and is written by madlori.  It even has it's own LJ community now -- humaninterest .  I'm printing out all 200+ pages.  She's already started the sequel, Two Crows Joy. *squee*  The stories are AU where Jack & Ennis are living together on a ranch in Vermont.  She is best known, though, in the HP fandom for her H/Hr fanfic.  I'm definitely going to read it someday even though H/Hr is not my favourite pairing.  </stops pimpage>


24 ended on such a sad note.  :(


I really enjoy the show, Grey's Anatomy, but holy crap,  the posters over at the TWoP thread are downers.  For once, I'll be staying away from reading the episode's threads.


I finally finished reading The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay (Michael Chabon).  Took me months.  Not my type of novel at all.  In contrast, I just zipped through A Home at the End of the World (Michael Cunningham).  I decided to finally read it after I watched the movie.  I really liked Colin Farrell in this movie.  In fact, this may have been the only film of Colin's I've seen.  He did a good job portraying Bobby's sweetness and lost-boy-ness.  If memory serves, this is the movie that caused "an uproar" and a re-edit cause Colin's, um, manhood, was clearly visible in a completely non-sexual scene (he walks across the room naked).  

I'm thinking about reading my Gordon Korman collection next.  I need some hilarity in my literature right about now.


Prison Break returns next week!  Yippee!!


Purchased the Goblet of Fire DVD.  Wow, Dan Radcliffe sure is excited about the prospect of doing his first kissing scene in the next movie. LOL.


bauersgirl I have not forgotten about the picspam.  Hopefully this weekend.  Was planning on doing it yesterday but ended up spending the day preparing the family's tax returns instead.  Ugh.


*waves hello to any of the GUs who I met up with Friday night that are lurking here*


Work is so tiring.  I am not a morning person.  I wish we had our own version of March Break/Reading Week.  Definitely need something to beat the winter blahs.  Why do I only get 2 weeks' worth of vacation?  I need more!


Good night, y'all.
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out of town

Greetings from the bustling metropolis of Cobourg, Ontario.  Population: 10,500 (I think).  I'm here for the next 2 weeks but will be going home over the weekend.  Just wanted to get a quick entry in while I wait for the client to give me stuff so I can, you know, actually do some work.  Hopefully I'll be able to log in onto the internet at the inn we're staying at.  According the inn's site, they offer free (you hear that Cleveland, FREE!) wireless access so let's cross our fingers and hope that I can figure that out with this laptop.  The one cool thing about this client -- Lake Ontario is literally right across the street.  Too bad it's winter.

Oh bauersgirl and faninohio have we recovered from the 24 premiere?  I *knew* that Walt (?) guy was a baddie.  RIP President Palmer and Michelle. *tears*  Best line of the night had to be Jack's "the only reason you're not unconscious is that I don't want to carry you"  hee!  Chloe is my new hero.  Love her!  And that Spencer guy is pretty cute.

Ta Ta!