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the good, the bad but mostly good

I seem to do a lot of these catch-all posts.  I have this bad habit of starting a post but then changing my mind and when I do get in the mood to post, I go kinda crazy.

** Finally watched The Christmas Cottage and yes, it is cheesy (and not in that good HSM way) and schmaltzy and I don't care cause I kinda loved it.  Jared looked STUNNING in this movie.  Since I won't be watching F13 or any other horror movies he has done/may do in the future, I just glomp up any non-horror work he does.  Have not watched Ten Inch Hero yet *shameful* and my excuse is

** Merlin.  My new fandom.  I watched all 7 eps over the weekend using up the time I had alloted for TIH.  Oops.  Read a review by a LJ-er declaring that Merlin was awful but at least it's better than Robin Hood.  I love Robin Hood.  Guess I'm just a sucker for historically inaccurate British shows with pretty boys, what can I say?

** Went to the Leafs game last night with a co-worker, a partner and a client.  Had dinner at the Platinum Club (fancy!) where I will probably never set foot inside again.  Had a taste of foie gras and elk for the first (and probably last) time.  They allow guests to order dessert before the game starts, we come back during 1st intermission and it's there waiting for us.  How cool is that?  Of course, we ended up missing the entire 2nd period (although I was still watching on the tv screen) cause the guys kept talking.  Leafs lost in the overtime but it was an exciting game as we were down 4-1 at in the 1st period but came back to tie it in the 3rd.

** Although I haven't been attending Stitch-n-Bitch, I am still cross-stitching so I'm there in spirit!  Started a new pattern, a smaller one, cause I just had no desire to continue my 2 work-in-progresses.  The new one is about 1/2 done already and I'll post a picture of it when it's done.

** phetch  is coming!!  phetch  is coming!!  And we're going to see Matt Nathanson!  I have 16 days left to clean my place up.

** Yay for Obama winning!!!  But boo for all the anti-gay propositions for passing.  Although I read that California's Prop 8 is still too close to call?

** I'm loving SYTYCD Canada and all the shirtlessness we've been getting lately.  Blake from S1 is always either a judge or a choreographer.  We've had Benji choreograph for 2 weeks now, Dmitry *squee* was there last week and Mary was a guest judge.  Thank goodness Mary toned her shrieking down but her craziness was balanced out by awesome Rex Harrington who, god bless him, had no problems voicing his, and our, admiration of Nico's abs.  My co-workers and I have given up on trying to get tickets to the tapings.  The demand is too high and we are just not rush-line type of people.  Oh well.  Go Arassay/Nico & Allie/Danny!!
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why is not friday yet?

Sweet heavens, I am BORED OUT OF MY BLOODY MIND! There's like 4 of us here who have no work. Well, I did my part, I asked around if anyone needed help. In the meantime, let's post some pictures of some pretty boys, yes?
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In other news:

Now that I have a 700GB external harddrive, I've decided to d/l every single Scrubs episode. 7 seasons! It's a great show but I've only seen episodes here and there. And I'm gonna grab all of 30 Rock as well. I did contemplate buying the DVDs but they're all up in the $35 range so that killed that idea.

I want to go to another New Kids concert! *whines* I've been watching all these behind-the-music specials on YouTube and damn, the boys are really candid about the past. For example, everyone knew Jon left the band because of his anxiety/tour fatigue but I had no idea he was also voted out by the boys cause he couldn't decide whether to stay or go; Danny has always hated the song, "This One's for the Children"; one of their video directors, a female, hooked up with Donnie & Jordan, etc.

Loving SYTYCD Canada. Allie & Danny are so cute together and I think I'm crushing on all the boys from Quebec.
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Watching SYTYCD Canada and guess who tried out? Emmanuel Sandhu! He did a triple axel LOL Dude is still a diva. This should be interesting.
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the calm before the storm

Life has been pretty quiet 'round these parts.  I have lots of fun stuff coming up over the next few months so it's like the calm before the storm. 

1)  Polaris this weekend!!  Gareth David-Lloyd *squee*  Looking forward to meeting grasshopper64and hopefully serefina743plus just being around TW fangirls, how can it not be fun?!  And to close out the weekend, one last taping of Maria to finish off my John Barrowman stalking.   Small confession: between watching TW and DW, the Maria show, the Pride parade & other various promotions, I'm actually getting a little tired of seeing John everywhere.  Who would've thought I would experience John overload?!  How do you Brits do it?

2) 2 weeks from today, I'll be sitting in a plane heading to the motherland.  I haven't even started to think about packing, ack!  The main things are done (passport updated, vaccine shots done) and I don't have to worry about exchanging money (the perks of having family over there) so it's just all the little stuff.  If any of y'all want a souvenir or a postcard from Taiwan or Tokyo let me know! 

August will be quiet which is good cause September is gonna be insane.  Awesome but insane.

3)  Labour Day long weekend, bauersgirland I are off to Las Vegas for 5 days!  She's never been and I've been once but years ago.  Can I just say that she is the best trip planner ever!  She's been doing all this research while I've been... well, encouraging her, lol.

4)  Celebrity stalking at TIFF!!  Unfortunately, faninohiocan't join us this year but that's OK cause 2 weeks later...

5)  EyeCon!!  Yes, I have succumbed.  Can't wait to see the gals again and that Jared guy!!  The trip was in jeopardy for a while there cause there are no direct flights between Orlando & Toronto on a Sunday evening.  WTF airlines.  But my bosses are very understanding and I was able to take the Monday off as well, yay!!  Plus, flights are cheaper on the Monday so double yay!!!!

6)  There's also my brother's wedding sandwiched between TIFF and EyeCon.  Still need to buy a dress and shoes.  Comfortable shoes cause I'll be running around all day making sure everything goes as planned.

So, yea, that's my schedule for the next 3 months.  I'm exhausted just looking at it!  And I don't even want to think how much all this is gonna cost me but I don't care.  I'll just have to go into massive saving mode and not spend money unnecessarily like buying lunch almost everyday.

Something for all you Twilight peeps.  Have you seen the EW cover?  EW is correct.  Robert Pattinson is such a cutie but that cover is AWFUL.

Reality show update:  

* Bollywood on SYTYCD, w00t!!  That was awesome.  I found it surprising that neither of them knew what Bollywood was but I guess it's just not as common knowledge as it is here.  This season has been lacklustre compared to S2 & 3 but Joshua & Katee are definitely my faves.  So nice to see Pasha & Anya again!

* The Top10 has been chosen for Canadian Idol and we've got 8 guys & 2 girls.  LOL Canada.  When it was revealed that they were getting rid of the gender split (thank goodness), this was exactly what I predicated.  I like how our little show no longer follows AI's format and paves their own way.  I haven't been following the show religiously yet but so far I'm liking Theo, Mookie & Sebastian.

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is it friday yet?

* Since my slight burning due to sitting on the patio last weekend, I have now entered the peeling phase.  EW.  And the fact that it's occurring on my forehead, not a pretty picture. 

* For those who can make it -- meet the 10 Maria finalists and the judges (i.e. John Barrowman + some other people) at the CBC building, June 17, noon.  I'm gonna try and make it.  So it'll be a 2-hour lunch, I'll work til 6.

* Where's the hot Russian ballroom dancer contestant in this season's of "So You Think You Can Dance"?  We've been blessed with Artem then Dimitry then Pasha and now no one!  It's just not right.  So far, I have no favourites and no one I dislike either.

* Went to Chinatown after work yesterday and bought some soy sauce chicken and Cantonese chow mein.  YUMMY.  And I purposely set some aside to bring for lunch today or else I would've eaten it all.

* That's all I've got.

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chicks & dancers

Went to the So You Think You Can Dance show at the Hummingbird last Wednesday.  We had orchestra seats but waaaaay in the back so no pics.  I also decided to forego the waiting by the buses for autographs -- it was too cold and it was late and I had work the next day.  Yep, I'm old.  

Ivan was a no-show.  According to a TWoP poster, Ivan had passport problems.  Passport problems??  What kind of crap is that?!?!  Oh well.  So, we got Jaymz instead.  I was really impressed how well he filled Ivan's shoes.  Yea, I would've loved to see the Argentine Tango and the 'Sexy Love' hip hop routine done by Ivan but Jaymz did well.

Toronto loves Travis.  Seriously.  He was getting the biggest screams.  When the lights came on and everyone saw Travis with Heidi and The Bench, the place went NUTS.  Travis couldn't start the intro cause the screaming went on and on.  Heidi was taken aback by the reaction.  The performance was beautiful and it was the first to get a standing ovation from everyone.  Anybody know what song is used for this piece?  Oh, Travis totally gets extra points from me for choregraphing a routine to Westlife's Flying Without Wings, a cappella version!  I need to find this version!

Everyone was great.  Benji's Ben Stiller impersonation was hilarious.  SexyBack and Rama-lama were awesome.  All the routines were well done.  My least favourite - if I had to pick - were the solos.  Except for Travis' and Benji's and Dmitry's (the way he flings that cape!).


Concert #6  Dixie Chicks at the Air Canada Centre.  Just came back from the show and I'm still wide awake.  I scored floor seats for the first time ever but it was row 33 which means, when everyone stands, the view wasn't great.  I'm thinking floor seats are only good for the first 10-15 rows.

Before the show started, 3 young kids (with an adult) came on stage and placed carved pumpkins on the stage.  One little boy was just adorable as he bopped along with the overhead music.  We later find out they were some of the Chicks' kids.

The show actually started kinda slow.  The songs were upbeat but the Chicks were quite stiff -- just standing at their mikes, singing and playing their instruments with hardly any movement.  But they loosened up as the concert went on and by the half-way mark, the gals were movin' & groovin'.  Natalie did all the talking, she even joked at the end, "you may wonder why Emily and Marty don't say anything.  Well, they once said something wrong once so they're not allowed to talk anymore".  Hee.

That plus a mention of their documentary, Shut Up and Sing, was the only mention they made of the incident.  Not Ready to Make Nice got a HUGE reception.  They sang all their popular songs but the crowd-pleasers were Goodbye Earl, Wide Open Spaces, Cowboy Take Me Away, Landslide, Sin Wagon and the closer, Ready to Run.

The ladies sounded wonderful and their backup band (of 9!) was awesome.  Would definitely see them again.