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ho hum

I've reverted back to one of the LJ-layouts.  The purple was getting to me, LOL.  Besides, I was getting tired of it as I am fickle.  This year alone I think I changed my moodtheme 3 times!


The Dark is Rising, Susan Cooper   14 / 50         4,764 / 15,000

I also recently watched the movie adaptation, The Seeker   
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I watched The Mummy this weekend.  I had forgotten how much I love that movie.  Brandon Fraser as Rick O'Connell was hot.


..... I've got nothing else.  Life is pretty dull 'round these parts.
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suddenly i'm overthrown

 I was procrastinating browsing and found what is possibly the best macro ever.



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Over Sea, Under Stone, Susan Cooper     13 / 50         4,520 / 15,000

The amount of time I've spent reading this year has been absolutely dismal.


I need more vacation time!  Next year, I'm planning on visitng the UK and that'll take at least 2 weeks.  And I would like to visit my brother in Winnipeg.  I'm thinking about driving to Winnipeg through the States and then coming back through northern Ontario, one big circle.  That'll take another 2 weeks.  1 week for next year's film festival.  So, that's 5 weeks of vacation when I'm only entitled to 3.  I guess I can always take unpaid leave.  What I really need is to win lottery.  Sigh.
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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, JK Rowling 11 / 50 3,670 / 15,000

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, JK Rowling 12 / 50 4,277 / 15,000

What can be said that hasn't been said already? Even though I was spoiled to the hilt, I still immensley enjoyed it. DH was the only book that I would imagine how the movie will turn out as I was reading. I hope all the characters get a chance to shine on screen as they did on the page.

Interesting note: HBP & DH have the exact same page count.


I have a custom LJ layout now courtesy of carmendove!!! YAY!!


Lots of confetti being tossed at rj_anderson and ariadnie . Congrats to both of you for your successes!!!


Video for Kalan's Down in Heaven for those interested.

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happy 140th canada

Hope my fellow Canucks are enjoying their long, Canada Day weekend.  

I'm enjoying a quiet weekend this year.  Thursday night, met bauersgirl  in Little Italy for sushi, lol.  Went up to the parents' Friday night to gather more stuff and do some grocery shopping.  Finally got around watching Pirates 3 (pretty good, better than #2).  Headed back downtown Saturday night and went to my cousin's art showing at a local bookstore that specializes in art/manga/animation.  Never been in The Annex section before (Spadina & Bloor).  Bustling place.  Ended up walking all the way back home, took about 45 minutes.  Finally saw the new addition to the Royal Ontario Museum.  It does look a bit like crystal busting out of the side of the building.  The tourists seem to love it -- saw many of them snapping pictures.  Today was spent at home.  Stepped out only once and that was to get some stuff in the car.  Downloaded & watched some Doctor Who eps and other videos.  Did some work and cleaning.  I even posted over at the Kalan forum after a 6+ months (that's all? It seems much longer) absence.   No plans for tomorrow other than do some more work.  Should venture out for a walk at some point.  Most of the stores will be closed tomorrow which is good cause I've been spending way too much money lately.

In other news -- Derek has been booted from Canadian Idol  =(  And I'm stoked for the new Transformers movie.  *sings*  Transformers, robots in disguise!


The Devil Wears Prada, Lauren Weisberger   10 / 50   3,063 / 15,000

The movie was better.  How many times does that happen?  Heh.
robin hood: robin/marion

in the fandom minority

As most of you know, I love slash.  I still can't get into RPS but that's neither here nor there.  However, in most of my fandoms, I ship gen pairings.  Yes, it's true  =)  Where I'm all for the slash is usually when it's canon -- eg Jack/Ennis and Jack/Ianto (Torchwood).  The only time I've ever immediately spotted slash in the non-canon sense was The OC's Seth & Ryan.  I wasn't even into Spike/Angel.  I did wander into the Wincest fandom for a bit but I've lost interest in reading fanfics & such (still enjoy all the slashy bits the boys provide though cause damn, their chemistry is through the roof!).  Being a gen shipper can get frustrating in terms of finding good fic, especially for 2 fandoms in particular.

Firefly.  I was, and still am, all about Mal & Inara.  The sparring and UST and angst and Inara crying alone in Heart of Gold and Mal defending her honour in Shindig etc etc gives me the warm & fuzzies.  But in the fandom -- especially in regards to fanfiction -- it's all about the slash, mostly between Mal/Simon/Jayne in different combinations.  It's so difficult finding Mal/Inara fic.  I think I've found most of what is out there and it wasn't much.

Robin Hood.  I am only a few days old in this fandom and still working my way through the series 1 episodes.  What ship did I jump on?  Robin & Marian of course (parts of ep 7 killed me with the angst).  The Master/Manservant love between Robin & Much is very sweet and totally reminds me of Sam & Frodo.   Next step: search for fic and icons.  Lots of slash which didn't surprise me.  What did surprise me is that it appears the popular couple in the fandom is another gen pairing -- Sir Guy & Marian.  Finally, a popular gen pairing but it's not the one I like!  I can't win, lol.


Reading update!  I stopped reading for about 2 months but I'm hoping for lots of reading during the summer.

The 158-pound Marriage, John Irving   9 / 50   2,631 / 15,000

My progress is so sad, lol.  I wonder if I can break 20 in # of books and 10,000 in # of pages?


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the golden compass

I read Pullman's His Dark Materials last year and really enjoyed the series.  Read about Nicole Kidman being cast as Ms Coulter which I think is excellent casting (she just looks so cold, doesn't she?)

Just recently, a preview/teaser of the movie was released and someone uploaded it to YouTube.  You can also find stills of the production.

Daniel Craig as Lord Asriel!!!  *squee*  And Eva Green as Serafina looks just like I thought she would.  So much of the movie hangs on the child actors so here's hoping they come through.  The sets and everthing look amazing.  I can't wait!

2007 is shaping up to be full of big releases -- Spiderman 3, HP4, Shrek 3, Pirates 3 & Golden Compass.  We're going to have to wait til Summer '08 for Prince Caspian though.


The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, Mark Haddon   8 / 50        2,376 / 15,000
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supernatural & stuff

Jensen Ackles was on Jimmy Kimmel last night.  I didn't stay up for it cause I was pretty sure that it'll be up on YouTube the next morning.

Great interview and quite funny.  Rosie Perez asking about Jensen's eyelashes?  LOL

ETA:  I figured out how to embed!!  I never noticed the "embed media" icon before.  I was using that long code on YouTube.  Silly me.

Also, [info]missyjack   has posted a spoiler-free TV Guide interview with Jared here.  I have no idea if this interview was edited for spoiler-y parts though.   ETA: Yep, it was edited.  Full interview here.

What always amuses me about these interviews with actors working in Vancouver is the ever-present refrain of "not being in the real world" or "being removed from reality" or whatever.  While I understand what they're trying to convey -- being away from LA/Hollywood/NYC and the whole scene -- it comes across as Vancouver is like this far away land and these poor actors are stuck in the isolated Canadian wilderness completely cut-off from the modern world.  And the hassles at customs?  That's not us, Jared, blame the US and their new rules  :)

New SN tonight, yes? 



The Traveller, John Twelve Hawks     6 / 50      1,901 / 15,000

Eleanor Rigby, Douglas Coupland    7 / 50      2,150 / 15,000

I really enjoyed Coupland.  Just flew through the book and I really resonated with the lead character in many ways.  Will definitely buy the rest of his works.

I broke my no book buying ban last week.  There's a sale on Kids/Teen books and I couldn't resist.  The goal is now no more books til the new HP.  And then no more books til the annual Teacher's Discount Weekend -- a close friend of mine is a teacher -- which occurs in September/October.


I joined the NCAA (US colleges) basketball pool at work.  I know nothing about the NCAA and teams were chosen at random.  Although I did pick a Texas school (I think it was Texas A&M) to win it all cause Jared & Jensen are Texans.  That's a perfectly logical reason, right?  *g*

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gong xi fa chai

"Congratulations and be prosperous"

Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous Year of the Pig this Chinese New Year's Eve.

Just finished cleaning up after dinner with the grandparents.  9 dishes, 2 soups and rice for 5 people.  I am stuffed.  We have enough leftovers to last us for the week.


Nights of Rain and Stars, Maeve Binchy     5 / 50,   1,421 / 15,000
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10 weird things

Yep, another meme.  Gacked from kissedbythegods and emcy
But first...

Tommy's Tale, Alan Cumming        3 / 50,  1,094 / 15,000

It's been only 27 days into the new year and I've almost broken my book buying ban twice.  A friend of mine brought up a good point -- will I break my resolution for Harry Potter 7?  I have feeling that by the time HP7 is released, I would have already broken it. :)

There's been a lot of squee-ing over the latest Supernatural episode.  Deservedly so cause it was made of awesome.  Sammy's face when pointing out that Ron was standing in the spotlight.  Action!Sammy and Action!Dean.  Sammy's reaction to the Dean fangirling.  The Ending.  Just so many things.  But I haven't seen anyone mention the synchronized flipping of the FBI badges and placing them against the glass.  That part just delighted me.  I don't know why but it did.

I'm downloading a file from megaupload and it's going at rate of 36.7 kb/sec.  It's gonna take 3+ hours!  Unbelievable.

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jake on snl! in drag! singing!

And that was just the monologue.  Jake put on a wig, stripped off his suit to reveal a sparkly, floor-length gown and sang And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going.   He's a pretty good singer!! And those arms of his!!  YUM.   Even if the rest of the show sucks, that was all worth it, right there.

OK, back to watching the show.  Just had to get that squee out  =)


A Long Way Down, Nick Hornby     2/15, 830/15,000

A story about 4 very different people with 4 very different reasons for making their way to the local suicide jump on New Year's Eve and what happens when they don't jump and decide to take "the long way down".  I found it to be a very quick and easy read.  I also caught myself smiling which was unexpected considering the subject matter.  Hornby also wrote About A Boy which I enjoyed as well.