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i need to stop spending money

I can't believe I just did what I did.  I am officially crazy.  Let's back up...

So that New Kids obsession I had/have?  Yeah, still going.  They're coming back around in March -- this time to London which is a 2-hr drive from Toronto -- and I'm all YAY!  So, I purchased a ticket a few weeks ago.  Got a floor seat but in the back.  Everything's good.  What did I just do?  Out of curiousity, I go back on the site, just to see how tickets are selling and I notice this "platinum seating".  What is this?, I wonder.  Couple of clicks of the mouse and now I am the proud owner of a centre floor, row C ticket *headdesk* 

WTH was I thinking?!  Why do I spend money all willy nilly when I should be saving it!  I have a UK trip to save up for!  Renovations, new furniture!  RRSP contributions!  But noooooo, I'm spending $$ on tickets I already have!  So, yeah, now I have this extra ticket.  Anyone interested?  Maybe I'll just run to my seat in the back when they go on the mini-stage. LOL 

And on top of this craziness, I purchased a silver ticket to the Vancouver SPN con.  And there's the Chicago con after that.  My compromise is no photo ops for Vancouver as I already purchased them for Chicago.

Someone take my credit card away.

why is not friday yet?

Sweet heavens, I am BORED OUT OF MY BLOODY MIND! There's like 4 of us here who have no work. Well, I did my part, I asked around if anyone needed help. In the meantime, let's post some pictures of some pretty boys, yes?
supernatural promo pics; zac in ewCollapse )

In other news:

Now that I have a 700GB external harddrive, I've decided to d/l every single Scrubs episode. 7 seasons! It's a great show but I've only seen episodes here and there. And I'm gonna grab all of 30 Rock as well. I did contemplate buying the DVDs but they're all up in the $35 range so that killed that idea.

I want to go to another New Kids concert! *whines* I've been watching all these behind-the-music specials on YouTube and damn, the boys are really candid about the past. For example, everyone knew Jon left the band because of his anxiety/tour fatigue but I had no idea he was also voted out by the boys cause he couldn't decide whether to stay or go; Danny has always hated the song, "This One's for the Children"; one of their video directors, a female, hooked up with Donnie & Jordan, etc.

Loving SYTYCD Canada. Allie & Danny are so cute together and I think I'm crushing on all the boys from Quebec.

going back to the soap world

As some of you may know, I used to be an avid watcher of General Hospital for most of the 1990's. Those were some good times -- the introduction of Sonny; Jason Quartermaine becomes Jason Morgan; the return of the Cassadines; BJ dying and the heart donation to Maxie; Ricky Martin's stint; Lucky & Liz; Emily & Zander; the re-visitation of Luke & Laura's past; Robin & Stone and the AIDS/HIV storyline; Jagger & Karen; Jax / Brenda / Sonny / Carly; Ned & Lois and the list goes on. I gave up on GH because it turned into the Sonny & Jason show where the mafia became the "good guys" and it just became... stupid.

Being the out-of-the-loop person that I am, I just discovered that GH has a night-time spinoff, General Hospital: Night Shift! When did this happen!? Oh, last year, oops. So, I've watched the first few episodes of the 2nd season on YouTube and OMG Jagger's back! With his son, Stone! Awwwwww. This show already rocks. Robert Scorpio has returned as well! I'm loving how they're bringing back all these characters. And yay, a gay storyline guest starring Chad Allen! Thank goodness there's only something like 13 episodes per season cause between this & VL, I've reached my soap limit.

Although, I'm sorta thinking about watching the Craig/JP/Keiron storyline on Hollyoakes now...


I'm the one hiding behind Jordan LOL


Totally worth the $300 all-access package! The photo ops weren't individual ones -- they did them in groups of 10 -- but you still were able to get facetime with all 5 guys (if you so wished). Donnie is a complete flirt. After I hugged him *squee* and was waiting to move to Joe *squee*, he kept running his hand up & down my arm *dies* Of course, he did this with a lot of girls. I also overheard some girls talking how Jordan seemed more reserved and wasn't hugging but I got one!! Gift bag consisted of NKOTB mug which is now my office mug, a photo album, postcards & a fleece blanket.

With this package, we don't know our seats til we get there for the M&G. My ticket said, centre floor, row 8. I was perfectly fine with that. An usher is showing me to my seat and OMG ROW 8 TURNS OUT TO BE THIRD ROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Natasha Bedingfeld was great as the opening act.

The concert was just SO MUCH FUN. You could tell that the guys were having fun too, they were smiling a lot. They did all their hits and 7 songs off their new album. Jordan & Joe both had solos with a song from their respective CDs. Danny busted out some break dancing moves. I'm pretty sure Donnie even teared up when introducing "Click Click Click" as the song that brought the guys together again.

Warning: there are almost 40 pictures under the cut. I took about 350 pictures last night! Security was really tight on video recording so I only got about 1:30 of "Summertime" before an usher told me to stop. Set list is also under the cut.
5 bad brothers from beantownCollapse )

Can't wait to do it all again tonight (minus the all-access package)!

ow ow ow

~ MY SHOES ARE KILLING ME!! THE PAIN. And they are not even new shoes but I haven't worn them in a long time. I can feel the blisters forming. All my co-workers asked me if something is wrong cause I'm seriously limping and now they are mocking me! If I could walk around the office in my barefeet, I totally would. Gonna have to take a taxi home cause there is no way I can walk it. Even walking to the subway station would be too much, it's that bad. I am so lame.

~ As seen all over my f-list: When you see this, post another Supernatural quote in your lj.

Dean: Do I look like Paris Hilton?
~ Speaking of SPN, I'll be missing the premiere with the TO fen cause I'll be at the first NKOTB concert in 15 years!! *SQUEE*

~ My Christian & Oliver obsession is rolling along. Not only am I fully caught up on all 109 YouTube clips (and eagerly waiting for updates), I have also ripped & saved every single one of them for personal viewing. That's not too much is it? :D I also have the urge to make screencaps. Lots of screencaps. Maybe next week after all the hoopla has died down. In the meantime, a couple of new pictures of the boysCollapse )

~ Y'all know the Katy Perry song "I Kissed a Girl"? Cobra Starship did their own version called "I Kissed a Boy" and it's AWESOME.

~ This Sunday is my brother, Andy & Pearl's wedding ceremony. Their 3rd & last one, yay!  Dress & shoes have been purchased. Actually, I ended up with 2 dresses. The first one is blue & gold which I was kinda iffy about but after talking with Pearl, I bought a black dress which I think fits me better. I mentioned back in my Taiwan post that Pearl & Andy did these "glamour shots" and I finally got my hand on the digital copies so now I'm sharing with you guys. :) These are my favouritesCollapse )

Wow, this post ended up a lot longer than planned.


SPN S3 DVDs were released today and I got a copy!! It was close cause at the Best Buy near me, I was only able to find the version that came with the mini-Impala and I was not paying an extra $20 for that (which btw, why does it cost extra for us but not in the States? Bastards.) Anyway, I noticed someone putting back a copy of just the regular version so I grabbed it fast!

The other big release of the day is NKOTB's new album!! Oh, I know y'all are squee-ing with me :P However, I did not buy it cause I read that there is an exclusive Target edition that comes with a DVD so if any of my American friends who I'll be seeing in 26 days wouldn't mind picking me up a copy... *attempts puppy dog eyes of Jared proportions*

New Kids' 2nd video -- Single featuring Ne-Yo -- has been released!!!! *squeeeeee* Not as cheesy as the first one, thank goodness. And poor Danny and Jon are once again regulated to a few seconds of face-time. But Joey in the suit? Damn, he's looking fine!

Unbelievable -- they've disallowed embedding on all the videos. Bastards. Here's the link instead: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-fy9zVWFnE

I just found out that my Drew was eliminated from CI =( Damn you, regional voting!! My wish for a Drew / Theo finale has been crushed. Here's hoping they do a Top3 tour like last year cause I will so be there.

guilty pleasures

eeeeeee The New Kid's CD has been leaked and I listened to it this morning and holy colloborations (with Ne-yo and Akon and PCD and Lady Gaga) and it's cheesy but I don't care cause it's the New Kids!!!!!

Christian & Oliver on the German soap, Verbotene Liebe.  I remember reading about this couple months back, comparing them to the Noah & Luke storyline on As the World Turns.  This past weekend, a kind soul on my f-list supplied a link to a YouTube channel that had the entire Christian & Oliver storyline with subtitles over 98 videos (and counting!) so I started watching and yea, I'm hooked.  =)  It's a bit strange watching only a specific storyline cause other characters will just flit in & out or other storylines get mentioned but it's all good.  I was surprised at how much English is incorporated in their speech but from reading some stuff on-line, I gather this is common in Europe.  I'm only 23 videos in and I haven't looked into the fandom at all (still debating on that one) but it's so nice discovering something new.

I'm suffering from Olympic withdrawal.  Is it February 12, 2010 yet?

Drew survives another week on Canadian Idol, yay!  My 5 minutes of power voting last week really paid off LOL  How do people vote for the entire 2 hours?  I can't do it.  I'm hoping for a Drew/Theo final 2 with Theo winning.

Off to Las Vegas for Labour Day weekend with  bauersgirl  tomorrow morning!  Need to catch the airport bus at 5 am -- let's hope I wake up in time.  Haven't packed a thing yet, either.

rain rain go away

Yesterday was the 2008 MMVAs and, like the crazy gal that I am, I went to the red carpet cause I wanted to see NKOTB.  Yeah, yeah, my inner 14 year old got the better of me, 'k?  :P

During the afternoon, it rained twice.  I get there around 6pm, all is well.  Went to the usual spot -- behind the press -- and found a good spot as the rain kept a good chunk of the crowd away.  At about 6:30pm, ominous black clouds started to roll in and everyone got ready for the rain.  It wasn't too bad and just as the first guests were arriving, the sun broke through and the rain stopped.  But not for long...


weekend madness

I should've taken today off to recuperate from the weekend.  Not that it was omg so busy but busy nonetheless.

Saturday, met up with my university gals for lunch.  The last time we did this was almost a year ago!  A bit of shopping was done afterwards and then sitting on the patio for a couple of hours where I got a little colour (ie I have slightly noticeable "raccoon" face and my chest is a little pink.)  I was under the umbrella but then the wind picked up and threatened to take our table away so the umbrella was removed.

Sunday was a BBQ out my parents' house for a wedding shower / jack n jill / get together for my brother & SIL.  Spent the whole day on my feet, playing host.  About halfway through the evening, I realized that approx 90% of the guests were either dentists or doctors.  The guest list for the wedding is full of "Dr & Mrs/Mr" and "Drs".  Finally made it back downtown at around midnight and promptly collapsed into bed.

After dragging my ass out of my bed earlier than usual so I can take a shower (I usually shower at night), spent about half a hour before work skimming through my f-list for con reports (yes, even in the midst of all the busy, I still thought about how the con was going,lol).  Massive hugs & kisses to saltnburn on YouTube.  I have no idea who you are but you rock for all the videos.  Just watched a few quick clips of Jared, Gabe and Chad.  I just want to smush them all!  Will have to catch up on all the reports and videos over the next few days.

Where's my girls at?!  Hopefully not in jail for stalking Steve :)  I'm waiting for your long ass recaps with pictures!

A few more quick things:

* got my Polaris confirmation!  wheeeeeee I'm gonna see Ianto!

* NKOTB are coming to the MMVAs (MuchMusic Video Awards -- similar to the MTV Video Awards but a lot more ad hoc & chaotic & crazy) and I'm now debating whether or not to brave the crowds, the screaming teen girls and the heat for the red carpet.   Also, new video is out.  Cheese but still love.

* travel plans are finally set.  We're going to Japan after all -- a 5 day tour to Tokyo.  I was hoping we could see more of Japan (Kyoto, Hiroshima, etc) but the timing is too tight.  Oh well, just means I will have to go back.  So, it's gonna be Taiwan for 4 days, Tokyo for 5 and then back to Taiwan for a couple of days before flying back.

* Monday suuuuuuuucks.  I wanna go back to bed.

one step closer to Cap'n Jack

EEEEEEEEE!!  Both bauersgirl  and I got tickets to the Maria show!!  I'm going to be in the same room as John Barrowman!!!!!  *flails*  I have to figure out how to sneak a camera in!  I need to get a picture with the Captain!!   We both got 2 tickets which means we have 2 extra so if anyone wants to stalk see JB do his judging thang, let me know.  The details: CBC Building, Toronto, Sun June 22, 6-8pm.  SOLOOOOOOOO!!!!  YOU HAVE TO COME DOWN!!!

Another example of my craziness:  I purchased a 5-star platinum ticket for the 3rd -- yes, three! -- NKOTB concert.  WHAT WAS I THINKING?!???!! LOL  The package comes with a seat in the first 10 rows, a meet-and-greet + photo op before the show and some other stuff.  Kinda expensive but cheaper than those greedy bastards at Creation.

Bear with me but one more NKOTB thing.  Footage of the boys making their video to "Summertime" is up and OMG THE CHEESINESS.  The all-white outfits = BSB's "I Want it that Way" circa 1994.  Donnie running on the beach with his shirt open is hot LULZ.  Oh boys.

In other news, I finished watching Avatar and I WANT THE LAST EPISODES NOW!!!!!  I should've stretched out my viewing and I did try to do that but it wasn't happening.  I watched a behind-the-scenes clip on YouTube which showed all the voice actors and the guy who voices Zuko looked so familiar to me but I couldn't place him.  Off to IMDB I go and OMG it's Rufio from "Hook"!!  Ruuuuufiiiiooooooo!!!!!  Awesome.

Obtained a copy of New York Minute and dear lord, how cute was Jared?!  SO.CUTE.  The dancing at the end!!  I did skip through a lot of the movie but of what I did see, MK & Ashley Olsen were kinda sorta not bad.  I still can't tell who is who though.

To those on my f-list that are off to the Dallas con this weekend -- I hate you all have LOTS of fun and take many many pictures of Jared for me, 'k?  And the other boys too!! 

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