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weekend plans

Hey Toronto pals, would anyone be interested in attending the Everything To Do With Sex show this weekend?  Like their tagline says, I'm admitting that I'm curious.  =)  If anyone is interested, the best time for me is Saturday but I can also make it Friday night.  Sunday is pretty much out as I'll be at the We Will Rock You show (again!).

My other weekend plans consists of being at the car dealership at the ungodly hour of 8:20am Saturday morning so they can check why my stupid engine light keeps turning on.  The car is less than 2 years old and it's probably something stupid but that engine light bothers me.  This is the 3rd Toyota my family has owned and we've never had an engine light turn on before.  So frustrating!!  If no one is interested in accompanying me to the ETDWS show, my original plan was to head over to the parents' until Sunday before coming back down for the show.

My life = exciting, no?  LOL

I will be missing SPN tonight (thank god for d/ls) cause I'll be at the David Usher concert (yay!).  Unfortch, I'll most likely be on my own cause my concert buddy had to bail and most couldn't make it with the short notice.  You know, it sucks when 90% of your friends have babies.

Can anyone show me how to add a header or point me in the direction of instructions?  Thanks muchly  =)

Back to work...
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ho hum

I've reverted back to one of the LJ-layouts.  The purple was getting to me, LOL.  Besides, I was getting tired of it as I am fickle.  This year alone I think I changed my moodtheme 3 times!


The Dark is Rising, Susan Cooper   14 / 50         4,764 / 15,000

I also recently watched the movie adaptation, The Seeker   
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I watched The Mummy this weekend.  I had forgotten how much I love that movie.  Brandon Fraser as Rick O'Connell was hot.


..... I've got nothing else.  Life is pretty dull 'round these parts.
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the winchester boys makes everything better

Let's see what I've been up to lately...

This past weekend was pretty jam packed.  Attended the Kalan Porter concert Saturday night.  Good crowd, bad sound system.  Kalan sounded great despite just getting over strep throat.  Loved all the instrumentals and when he morphed into the violin opening for Bittersweet Symphony, I squee'd hardcore.

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After the concert, I walked part of the way home and tried to see a bit of Nuit Blanche.  Now that I know about this, next year, I'm all over it.

I couldn't stay up for Nuit Blanche because I was doing the ScotiaBank 5K the next morning at the ungodly hour of 7:45am.  I just walked the 5K but hopefully next year, I'll be able to do at least a mixture.  Was able to witness one of the Kenyan marathoners break the Canadian marathon record.  The speed at which these elite marathoners run is just astounding and to do it for 2+ hours?

Headed up to Markham to visit with the parents as it was my dad's birthday and saw a friend I haven't seen in ages.  Booked it back downtown for the Toronto Supernatural fen meetup at dendritejungle's where we watched the S2 finale and enjoyed purple nurples with Skittles, yay!!  A great way to end the weekend.  We must do it again, soon.

The week itself has been pretty blah.  I've been feeling down lately, perhaps due to the change in weather.  I'm literally dragging my ass out of my bed.  My brain just doesn't want to function which means everything at work is taking twice, three times longer than usual.  But today is Thursday which means SUPERNATURAL PREMIERE!!!  I did contemplate downloading the ep from iTunes last night but decided against it.  Only 1 hr 40 mins to go!!!!!

Oh yea, new mood theme featuring David Tennant  =) (created by cheesygirl)
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busy weekend

This weekend, instead of staying inside, I actually ventured out and took part in some of the weekend activities the city had offer.  Go me.

Saturday, I went to the Fan Expo (Toronto's version of Comic Con) with my 14 year-old cousin, Leo.  The ticket line was insane.  It moved pretty quickly but it took almost a hour.  My artist cousin, Bobby, had a booth there for his company, Imaginism Studios, so we dropped by to show our support and helped out for a bit.  They were selling prints and books of their drawings and they were doing really well.  I'm so proud of him and what he's been able to accomplish in the last few years.

The convention was set up in different sections -- horror, comics/manga, computer games & independent artists.  There was also the autograph area which was part of the main floor.  I didn't have a schedule with me but I was able to see some of the celebs that were there (pictures behind the cut).  I'm not into any of this stuff really so we just walked around and took in the sights.  There was a lot Doctor Who stuff and I found Puppet!Angel which I really wanted but the $50 price tag stopped me.  They even had a Puppet!Spike which was interesting as that never happened in the show.  We also watched this 14-15 year old boy rip through Guitar Hero, expert level.  Quite impressive.

Lots and lots of people dressed up, from staples like Star Wars and Star Trek to various computer games to anime characters to general horror makeup (lots of blood/slit throats, lovely). 
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Sunday, I headed down to Buskerfest where street performers from around the world are invited to.  It was so crowded that I only saw 3 acts before calling it quits.  The one act I did get to see from start to finish was Al, the contortionist/juggler from Sydney, Australia.  He had double jointed shoulders or the ability to pop his shoulders out or whatever and he did the whole passing his entire body through a tennis racket... *shudders at the memory of his arms dangling in positions that they aren't suppose to dangle in*


I've reverted back to my Jake mood theme in honour of TIFF but I'm in the mood for something else...  I've got about 10 themes downloaded but I don't know what I want.
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Dear f-list, I have created an InsaneJournal account so I won't lose contact with those that are moving.  Same name but without that pesky underscore.  I'm not planning on moving (especially now with a permanent account) as I'm just a lurker skirting along the edges of fandom so, for now, I'm thinking my IJ account would be used solely to participate in others' IJs.  My LJ isn't terribly interesting so it's not like those leaving will be missing anything important.  I'll see what happens when all the dust settles.

Currently posting from the bustling metropolis of Guelph, ON.  Oh yea, I know y'all are jealous.  ;P  For those who are going, "OMG where's Guelph and how do I get there?!?!", well, Guelph is located about 100 km west of Toronto, population of over 100,000 and is best known for... *comes up blank*   I'm living it up at the Holiday Inn!!  LOL  Anyway, I'm here for work for this week and part of next.  The one good thing is that my co-worker & I are FINALLY going to see Transformers tonight, w00t!!

I can not believe Greg was booted from Canadian Idol.  I had him pegged to win the whole thing.  Who's voting for Matt???!!!!  Argh.

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Everyone has seen the new Rolling Stone cover with Zac Efron on it?  *points at icon*  Yes?

Tummy  *swoon*

Aaaaand I've just posted skin-baring pics of an 18-yo & a 19-yo.  Heh.
movies: hogwarts


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, JK Rowling 11 / 50 3,670 / 15,000

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, JK Rowling 12 / 50 4,277 / 15,000

What can be said that hasn't been said already? Even though I was spoiled to the hilt, I still immensley enjoyed it. DH was the only book that I would imagine how the movie will turn out as I was reading. I hope all the characters get a chance to shine on screen as they did on the page.

Interesting note: HBP & DH have the exact same page count.


I have a custom LJ layout now courtesy of carmendove!!! YAY!!


Lots of confetti being tossed at rj_anderson and ariadnie . Congrats to both of you for your successes!!!


Video for Kalan's Down in Heaven for those interested.

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here to stay

When I first arrived in LJ-land (thanks to tinderblast  giving me the final push), my LJ was mainly going to be used to comment on other LJs.  Little did I know of all the awesome and great people I would meet here.  And now, you can't rid of me!  I'm permanent, baby!  LJ is currently having a permanent account sale and I bought one.

tinderblast, as thanks & just cause you're awesome, I've gifted you my remaining paid time and extra icons (will last til Dec 24, I think) so I expect to see lots of lo-fi HP, Zac/Crate and Samberg icons!  =)
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up on the roof

My condo has a roof garden and I finally made it up there and took some pictures.  There's a shuffleboard, a couple of BBQs and a hot tub.  Pretty nice.  Found some other pics, too, so I thought I'll share with y'all.  :)

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I've reverted back to my old LJ layout.  The custom one just isn't working with my monitor -- if there were any pictures, it would screw up the margins and I couldn't read half of what was written cause it would fall on the black sidebars.  It looked fine on my laptop though.
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new layout!!

My new LJ layout was made by premade_ljs and thanks to its super easy pictoral tutorial, uploading it was a breeze!  I've never had a customized layout before, this is kinda cool.  I have a fondness for hearts -- it's part of my name and where 'shing' comes from -- so this one grabbed me.  The only nitpick is there's all this wasted space on the sides.  Oh well.  I have a feeling I'll be changing the layout after a while anyway.  I get bored easily.  LOL.  And I'm thinking about tagging my entries since I've been here for almost 2 years and don't see myself leaving anytime soon.

'Night y'all  =)
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it's april 30th, rejoice!

After a heinous week work-hour-wise, we are back to the 35-hour work week as of today.  Finally.  I actually find it a little strange that I'm sitting here, on the last day of tax season, with very little work to do.  Most places are in full panic mode to get everything done by the midnight deadline.  I still have 2 tax returns on my desk but one client is in Australia, the other is in Singapore.  Neither of them are answering their e-mails so screw them.  Their returns will be late. 

Tonight the firm is having an after-tax season party.  Think I'll just stay for a bit cause I'm getting sick.  I'm waking up to headaches and my nose is stuffed.  :(  I usually get my annual cold around Christmas/New Year's but if I don't, it kicks in at the end of April.  It's like the body knows it can't get sick during tax season so it holds it off.  Once things start to slow down, the cold takes over.


I've downloaded Torchwood and am really enjoying the show.  Just watched Countrycide last night -- disturbing! -- and was tickled by the similar storyline to The Benders.


I'm in the mood to delete all my icons and start over.  Maybe when I get a weekend afternoon free.  I prefer my icons to be simple & clean which makes it hard sometimes to find icons I like in certain fandoms.  Plus, it takes so much time to wade through hundreds of icon posts.