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words can not fully express

We all know Jared is one big loveable squishable ginormous puppy dog of a goof.  But to see it in person?  PURE LOVE.  Jensen is fucking hot.  The End.  The Padackles together is just WIN.

I took 145 pictures of the boys.  I've already deleted 35 of them.  Less than 10 are what I would consider pretty good.  Clearly, my camera is made of FAIL.  Since we basically blinded the boys with flashing cameras, I'm just gonna have to comb the interwebs for the good pics.

I don't have the time to do a proper posting right now but the highlights are already all over my f-list!  Man, these people are fast, LOL!  The presentation to the boys from the US military was very touching, especially on this Remembrance/Veteran's Day.  Jared looked like he was thisclose to losing it.  It was an honour to witness that experience.

Jared put his arm around me for the photo op.  I am still a puddle of goo almost 7 hours after the fact.

In other news.  Samantha Ferris (Ellen) is awesome.  Fred Lehne (YED) is so much better looking in person and he sings, too!  Nicholas Brenden (Xander, Buffy) needs to get a haircut.  Mark Lutz (Groo, Angel) is hot and buff and very funny.  Apologies to Steve Carlson for almost falling asleep during your set but the last thing I needed after a tiring 16 hour day was slow acoustic guitar rock songs. 

OK, I'm off to find some food and say bye to some of the great people I've met here.

ETA:  Dear heavens, I completely forgot today is Kalan's birthday as well.  I am really a bad fan.

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a few good men indeed

OH. MY. GAWD.  There are no other words.  Our seats were great and off to the side.  We had so many nice bum shots and times when he was literally a couple of metres away.  *sigh*  The uniforms -- the khaki one, the navy whites, the dress blues -- were worth the flight alone.  And the softball scene with jeans, baseball shirt and cap.  HOT.  The swearing was hot, too.

OK, the play.  The play was very good.  Lou Diamond Phillips was great and hello!  nice chest & arms that were displayed by a tight white t-shirt.  Supporting staff was great.  Jensen's co-lawyer was named 'Sam', who I deemed wee!Sam cause he was at least a foot shorter than Jensen, didn't help with the Dean/Kaffee separation.  There was this one time, the way Jensen said, 'Sam' just totally reminded me of Dean.  Love.  He did flub some lines but considering the amount of dialogue he has and opening night jitters, he did really well.  Bonus:  there was a bit of singing at the end.

No sign of Jared but he was totally watching behind the scenes.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  :P

There were no embarrassing fangirl moments during the show.  Applause when he and LDP appeared.  Standing ovation at the end.  We decided to forego the stage door stalking cause there was a reception afterwards and we figure it be a while before the party was over.  Tomorrow for sure!  Daddy Ackles was in the house, too!  And a beautiful brunette who we think is his girlfriend.

More tomorrow when I can write a more coherent post.
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greetings from texas

Everything IS bigger in Texas!!  Biggest airport I've ever seen.  This is gonna be a short post cause the brain isn't functioning very well.  Considering that I've been awake since 3am, I'm impressed I haven't keeled over yet.  3 MORE HOURS TIL JENSEN!!!!!!!!!!  We did a theatre drive-by.... 3 times, LOL!  We've staked that place out!  Also took pictures of Jensen's name in lights, heehee. 
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military uniforms ftw \o/


faninohio sent me a link to an article about A Few Good Men that was accompanied by this picture:


*swoons, flails & squees*

pleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease let this be the actual uniform Jensen'll be wearing!  (although the jacket looks a bit big on him).

4 more sleeps!!

In other news, I got my brand spanking new computer today.  It's so pretty and black and shiny.   Setting up a computer is so easy now, everything is colour co-ordinated.  Green plug for the keyboard goes into green socket on the tower, blue is for the monitor, purple is for the mouse.  Youngest Bro is gonna make sure everything is set up correctly before I bring it to the condo.  320 GB harddrive -- just think of all the music and pictures and videos/shows I can store!

bauersgirl has agreed to go with me to see High School Musical.  Yay!

Hey, HP, some people were missing you/wondering where you were on the FF today  =)


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warning: full squee ahead

This is without a doubt the craziest, fangirly-est thing I've ever done.  And that's in a pretty long list of crazy, fangirly things (see: Porter, Kalan, 2004/2005).

An innocent question from faninohio, a few e-mails later and OMG I'M GOING TO TEXAS TO SEE JENSEN IN A FEW GOOD MEN!!!!!111!!!1

*takes deep breaths*

The plan is to fly in Tuesday, catch the Tues & Wed show, and then fly out Thursday.  Most likely back to work Friday.  This is so crazy!   $500 roundtrip plane ticket.  $150-ish for show tickets.  Plus car rental & hotel & meals.  But there'll be Jensen.  On the stage.  In an uniform.  *flails at the thought of Jensen in an uniform*  Oh, there will be stage door stalking!!   I don't know how closely the movie followed the stage play but I can't wait to see Jensen go all intense in the courtroom, "I want the TRUTH!!"

I haven't even asked the office if I can take the days off!! LOL!   But it shouldn't be a problem.

3 days in Fort Worth (I've never been to Texas before) with Fan & a couple of other awesome fangirls... it's gonna be soooooo much fun!  At first, I was a little iffy about going mid-week but now I think it's definitely better.  Don't know if I want to be there when the full contingent of crazy Dean girls land in FW for the weekend.  :)

In other squee-worthy news:  we FINALLY! got a release date for the single & CD for Kalan and wow, black & white photographs totally suit him.    Looking forward to a summer with lots of promo & appearances and of course, listening to some new music!!
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supernatural & stuff

Jensen Ackles was on Jimmy Kimmel last night.  I didn't stay up for it cause I was pretty sure that it'll be up on YouTube the next morning.

Great interview and quite funny.  Rosie Perez asking about Jensen's eyelashes?  LOL

ETA:  I figured out how to embed!!  I never noticed the "embed media" icon before.  I was using that long code on YouTube.  Silly me.

Also, [info]missyjack   has posted a spoiler-free TV Guide interview with Jared here.  I have no idea if this interview was edited for spoiler-y parts though.   ETA: Yep, it was edited.  Full interview here.

What always amuses me about these interviews with actors working in Vancouver is the ever-present refrain of "not being in the real world" or "being removed from reality" or whatever.  While I understand what they're trying to convey -- being away from LA/Hollywood/NYC and the whole scene -- it comes across as Vancouver is like this far away land and these poor actors are stuck in the isolated Canadian wilderness completely cut-off from the modern world.  And the hassles at customs?  That's not us, Jared, blame the US and their new rules  :)

New SN tonight, yes? 



The Traveller, John Twelve Hawks     6 / 50      1,901 / 15,000

Eleanor Rigby, Douglas Coupland    7 / 50      2,150 / 15,000

I really enjoyed Coupland.  Just flew through the book and I really resonated with the lead character in many ways.  Will definitely buy the rest of his works.

I broke my no book buying ban last week.  There's a sale on Kids/Teen books and I couldn't resist.  The goal is now no more books til the new HP.  And then no more books til the annual Teacher's Discount Weekend -- a close friend of mine is a teacher -- which occurs in September/October.


I joined the NCAA (US colleges) basketball pool at work.  I know nothing about the NCAA and teams were chosen at random.  Although I did pick a Texas school (I think it was Texas A&M) to win it all cause Jared & Jensen are Texans.  That's a perfectly logical reason, right?  *g*