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can i have my own dean please?

This past weekend, I had a mini Gilmore Girls marathon and watched the first 8 episodes. See, I got into GG late and I think I've seen all the eps but I'm not sure and it was in a very jumbled order. So while I knew about & saw the awesomeness that is Dean Forrester, I did not fully comprehend the SHEER AMOUNT OF AWESOMENESS until now. Sweet heavens, Dean really is the most adorable boy ever *sigh* And in ep 7 -- Rory & Dean's first kiss (awwwww) -- the writers threw in a General Hospital reference! And not just any GH reference, a Lucky-and-Liz one!! You know what this calls for? That's right, a Rory & Dean picspam.

click for the picturesCollapse )

In other news, had a productive weekend

* went grocery shopping and proceeded to spend $126 (!!!!) but I figure I won't have go again for at least a month
* went to the office to drop off one set of files and picked another set up
* re-arranged my closet and drawers so now everything fits and is much neater
* did 3 loads of laundry
* vaccumed -- even moved the furniture, go me! -- and cleaned out the filter cause ew

Who watched SNL last night for NPH? That was the first time in a long while that I've watched the entire show. NPH was his usual awesome self. But I'm confused about something -- how is Taylor Swift the #1 selling country artist or whatever cause dude, she sucked last night. Anyway, one of my faves from the show --

the good, the bad but mostly good

I seem to do a lot of these catch-all posts.  I have this bad habit of starting a post but then changing my mind and when I do get in the mood to post, I go kinda crazy.

** Finally watched The Christmas Cottage and yes, it is cheesy (and not in that good HSM way) and schmaltzy and I don't care cause I kinda loved it.  Jared looked STUNNING in this movie.  Since I won't be watching F13 or any other horror movies he has done/may do in the future, I just glomp up any non-horror work he does.  Have not watched Ten Inch Hero yet *shameful* and my excuse is

** Merlin.  My new fandom.  I watched all 7 eps over the weekend using up the time I had alloted for TIH.  Oops.  Read a review by a LJ-er declaring that Merlin was awful but at least it's better than Robin Hood.  I love Robin Hood.  Guess I'm just a sucker for historically inaccurate British shows with pretty boys, what can I say?

** Went to the Leafs game last night with a co-worker, a partner and a client.  Had dinner at the Platinum Club (fancy!) where I will probably never set foot inside again.  Had a taste of foie gras and elk for the first (and probably last) time.  They allow guests to order dessert before the game starts, we come back during 1st intermission and it's there waiting for us.  How cool is that?  Of course, we ended up missing the entire 2nd period (although I was still watching on the tv screen) cause the guys kept talking.  Leafs lost in the overtime but it was an exciting game as we were down 4-1 at in the 1st period but came back to tie it in the 3rd.

** Although I haven't been attending Stitch-n-Bitch, I am still cross-stitching so I'm there in spirit!  Started a new pattern, a smaller one, cause I just had no desire to continue my 2 work-in-progresses.  The new one is about 1/2 done already and I'll post a picture of it when it's done.

** phetch  is coming!!  phetch  is coming!!  And we're going to see Matt Nathanson!  I have 16 days left to clean my place up.

** Yay for Obama winning!!!  But boo for all the anti-gay propositions for passing.  Although I read that California's Prop 8 is still too close to call?

** I'm loving SYTYCD Canada and all the shirtlessness we've been getting lately.  Blake from S1 is always either a judge or a choreographer.  We've had Benji choreograph for 2 weeks now, Dmitry *squee* was there last week and Mary was a guest judge.  Thank goodness Mary toned her shrieking down but her craziness was balanced out by awesome Rex Harrington who, god bless him, had no problems voicing his, and our, admiration of Nico's abs.  My co-workers and I have given up on trying to get tickets to the tapings.  The demand is too high and we are just not rush-line type of people.  Oh well.  Go Arassay/Nico & Allie/Danny!!

catching up

The past couple of weeks, for some reason, just wasn't in the mood to post. Guess I was in a mini-funk as all my big fun-stuff is over with. The weather is cooling here and autumn has arrived. I love autumn but the decreasing sunlight was probably a factor as well. Anyhoo, let's get on with it.

the whole thing is going under a cutCollapse )

spending the night with 3 j's

Looking at my tags list, it looks like I have a preference for actors with names starting with the letter J. :) Warning: this post is picture-heavy!

J #1 -- John Barrowman.

bauersgirl & I, for the last 2 nights, have endured what felt like hours of queue waiting for the Top 10 performance and results show. I admit that I probably spent more time looking at JB then I did at the contestants. He's so amusing to watch during the performances cause he sometimes gets really into it.

For both shows, we were seated at the opposite side of the studio from the judges. While it did give us a good view of JB, it was freakin' hard to get a decent picture! I must have taken about 100 pictures during the commercial breaks and only a handful were passable, none of them were really good.

cut for some not-so-good john barrowman picturesCollapse )

J #2 -- Jared Padalecki.

Thanks to my f-list for all the videos, pictures & recaps of the Supanova con in Sydney. He is just as adorable as ever.

New TV Guide picture. GUH. I would apologize to those who've had this picture pop up on the f-list like a gazillion times today but I won't cause it's Jared and who could ever tire looking at a picture like that?

J #3 -- James McAvoy.

I love him best when he uses his natural Scottish accent. And I never knew he was such a funny guy! I've been watching quite a few of his interviews and the one he did on Parkinson's (UK talk show) is probably my favourite because in part 3 he and Billie Piper, talk about doing sex scenes and, well, I'm just shallow like that.

a mini james mcavoy picspamCollapse )



I am alternating between being giddy and laughing hysterically right now!!  

A quick rundown to explain Fan's post -- Chris is the photographer who does the photo ops.  At the Chicago con, while we talked to him as we waited for the jpegs of our photo ops, he mentioned that the bunch of sharpies lying on the table were the ones used by Jensen and Jared to sign autographs and he let us take one -- I took one that Jared used and Fan took one of Jensen's.  I can't believe he remembered that!

Next time I meet Jared, perhaps I should get him to sign my Jared Sweat Towel with the Jared Signing Sharpie.  Although that would probably freak the boy out, LOL!!

one step closer to Cap'n Jack

EEEEEEEEE!!  Both bauersgirl  and I got tickets to the Maria show!!  I'm going to be in the same room as John Barrowman!!!!!  *flails*  I have to figure out how to sneak a camera in!  I need to get a picture with the Captain!!   We both got 2 tickets which means we have 2 extra so if anyone wants to stalk see JB do his judging thang, let me know.  The details: CBC Building, Toronto, Sun June 22, 6-8pm.  SOLOOOOOOOO!!!!  YOU HAVE TO COME DOWN!!!

Another example of my craziness:  I purchased a 5-star platinum ticket for the 3rd -- yes, three! -- NKOTB concert.  WHAT WAS I THINKING?!???!! LOL  The package comes with a seat in the first 10 rows, a meet-and-greet + photo op before the show and some other stuff.  Kinda expensive but cheaper than those greedy bastards at Creation.

Bear with me but one more NKOTB thing.  Footage of the boys making their video to "Summertime" is up and OMG THE CHEESINESS.  The all-white outfits = BSB's "I Want it that Way" circa 1994.  Donnie running on the beach with his shirt open is hot LULZ.  Oh boys.

In other news, I finished watching Avatar and I WANT THE LAST EPISODES NOW!!!!!  I should've stretched out my viewing and I did try to do that but it wasn't happening.  I watched a behind-the-scenes clip on YouTube which showed all the voice actors and the guy who voices Zuko looked so familiar to me but I couldn't place him.  Off to IMDB I go and OMG it's Rufio from "Hook"!!  Ruuuuufiiiiooooooo!!!!!  Awesome.

Obtained a copy of New York Minute and dear lord, how cute was Jared?!  SO.CUTE.  The dancing at the end!!  I did skip through a lot of the movie but of what I did see, MK & Ashley Olsen were kinda sorta not bad.  I still can't tell who is who though.

To those on my f-list that are off to the Dallas con this weekend -- I hate you all have LOTS of fun and take many many pictures of Jared for me, 'k?  And the other boys too!! 

*ded from the pretty*

I know that Jared is in the movie, New York Minute, but even I couldn't handle the thought of watching a Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen movie just for him.  These movie stills are making me change my mind. 

Credit goes to andreas_ri.  There are more over at his/her journal here

green is the colour of the day


Please feel free to ignore the self-indulgent whining that will begin... now.

I'm still disappointed over missing Dallas  =(  I usually go for a while without thinking about it but it's marked on the calendar so when I see it, I get all sad again.  There's also no way I can go to DragonCon cause we'll be in Wedding Countdown mode by then.  Comic Con is out cause that's when I'll be in Taiwan.  My brother's engagement/wedding is interfering with my fandom plans!!  Wahhhhhh!  

The main reason I looked into going to Dragon Con was because of Gareth David-Lloyd (of Torchwood) is scheduled to appear.  And I made my peace when I discovered the scheduling conflicts.  However, The Rift (a Torchwood convention) has just taken place over in the UK and reading all the reports... now I really want to go, thanks.  GDL was this nervous, shy guy at his first conventions, now he's charisma and lovely and totally giving what he knows the fangirls want to hear.  He said he's read Janto fanfiction!  And his answer to "Who would win in a fight over Captain Jack?  Captain John or Ianto?"  was he didn't think a fight would be necessary.  Instead, it'll be "two Captains with an Ianto-filling".  Oh, just go watch the video snippet here.  *loves*

So yes, this is me, sitting here being all jealous of all the people who will see Jared, Jensen, Gareth and a slew of other people that I would like to see but I can't.  *pouts*

Oh yea, I'm missing David Tennant as Hamlet, too!  And I missed John Barrowman's concerts and his huge list of other appearances on stage, etc!  *pouts harder* 

jason behr

dendritejungle  was intrigued by my icon so I decided to post the photoshoot.  Jason Behr is probably best known as Max Evans on the series Roswell (when he also dated a certain Katherine Heigl).   



The Phantom Tollbooth, Norton Juster    19 / 50   6,104 / 50,000

One of the many books I've heard about but never read when I was a child.


That Jared clip where those screencaps came from?  agt_spooky  uploaded it!!


so very fine

As seen on my f-list.  Quick version as I need to get to work -- some special about sexiest tv stars, a few seconds of Jared, TV Guide photoshoot, not so great screencaps (thanks to kassidy62), major drooling on my part.  Enjoy.

Sweet heavens.  YUMMY.

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