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i'm so excited for new harry potter

Well, I just discovered that HBO did a "First Look" for the new Harry Potter so off to YouTube I went! Looking back, I don't know if that was a good idea -- I was looking forward to the movie before, now, after watching the special, I want to see the movie even more!

Since I hate suffering alone, here are the YT clips for your viewing pleasure :) Contains old and new scenes and little interviews with the cast.

Part 1:

Part 2:

movies: hogwarts

ron weasley is my king

New promotional posters for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!!


The first time I read HBP, I didn't like it. Took me ages to finish. I re-read it last year (I like to re-read the books before the movie) and I enjoyed it a lot more. Don't know why I didn't like it the first time.
movies: hogwarts

the sun is shining and the temperature is rising

** After a few days of bone-chilling cold -- made even worse by the fact it came after a couple of days of lovely weather -- Mother Nature has finally taken pity on us.

** I have finally migrated over to using Firefox.  Any must-have/cool add-ons I should use, f-list?

** Last week's Legend of the Seeker ep had an overused fantasy/sci-fi plot (main characters' bodies being taken over by the spirits of star-crossed lovers) and was complete fanservice but who the hell cares when we got scenes like this:

(animation by[info]cathartic_prose)

And there was the whole Richard unlacing Kahlan's gown and the hair & back grabbage and the kissing and the belt unbuckling...

...  What was I going to say again? I've completely lost my train of thought.

** Saw The Color Purple, the musical.  The singing was phenomenal.  I only had a vague recollection of the book & movie but according to Wiki, the musical appears to be pretty faithful to the book. 

** I have d/l'd the Twilight movie.  Let's see how long it'll take me to actually watch it.

** The Harry Potter boys continue to age quite nicely.   I thought Tom Felton (Draco) went through an awkward phase but he's looking good these days.   Collapse )IMO, Tom/Draco has been dreadfully underused in the last couple of HP films.  Hopefully this will be corrected in the upcoming movies.

** mmmmm, Thai curry for lunch but now I'm stuffed.

** Tomorrow is Toronto's 175th birthday and the Star did a list of 175 reasons to love TO.  I feel all fuzzy and warm inside, lol.  A lot of things I've seen/done on that list and a lot of things I haven't.  Will have to continue my Discovering My City tour this summer.

** Nathan Fillion has a new TV show!!!  Castle on ABC starting March 9th.  I hope this show works out for him, I miss my Capt Tight Pants.
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first harry, now ron

While Rupert is not going for full nudity like DanRad, in his new movie, Cherrybomb, he is going shirtless. *cut to squeeing and lol'ing* Movie plot sounds like Y Tu Mama Tambien, but without the sex scenes and threesome dammit!. Collapse )


Looks like I'll probably be at the Vancouver Con cause I need to keep an eye on openmydoors. =) Besides, I think I need to witness her first Jared/Jensen sighting. This is going to be epic!
movies: hogwarts


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, JK Rowling 11 / 50 3,670 / 15,000

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, JK Rowling 12 / 50 4,277 / 15,000

What can be said that hasn't been said already? Even though I was spoiled to the hilt, I still immensley enjoyed it. DH was the only book that I would imagine how the movie will turn out as I was reading. I hope all the characters get a chance to shine on screen as they did on the page.

Interesting note: HBP & DH have the exact same page count.


I have a custom LJ layout now courtesy of carmendove!!! YAY!!


Lots of confetti being tossed at rj_anderson and ariadnie . Congrats to both of you for your successes!!!


Video for Kalan's Down in Heaven for those interested.

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big day, yesterday

Yesterday was our firm outing day -- spent the morning at Niagara Falls, the afternoon on a wine tour and then dinner.  I don't like wine but it was fun.  Had my first taste of red ice wine (which supposedly is only made here).  Very sweet but I could only handle a little bit.  My big purchase was non-alcoholic wine, LOL.

Come home last night, jump on the internet and discovered I missed quite a lot.

Jared's birthday.  I'm a bad Sammy girl as I had no idea.  Well, guess you can say I'm a bad fan in general as I don't when Jensen's birthday is either.

Kalan's video premiere on MOD.  If I was in town, I probably would've gone down to MOD, mostly just to say hi to the TO group, but I wasn't so oh well.  The video is... okay.  The whole premise is Kalan walking through the elements -- wind, rain, snow, etc -- to get to the girl.  Kalan wet is NOT a good look.  It's the hair, LOL.  And there are moments when his lips are barely moving which is distracting.  They really need to get a new director as it's the same guy from his previous video shoots.

My brother's engagement.  Yep, Brother-in-NYC (soon to be Brother-in-Winnipeg) aka dentist brother got engaged.  He's the middle child in my family and the first one among all the cousins to get engaged on my mom's side.  They're coming back tomorrow night before they head on over to Winnipeg next week.  Big family dinner Sunday night (Shanghai restuarant = YUM) so that'll be fun.  I can't believe my younger brother is engaged!

HP7 tonight, weeeee!!  The plan was to finish HBP before but as I'm only half-way through, don't think that'll be happening but it'll be close if I speed read right after dinner.  On this re-read, I'm finding the book much better than I remember as I was pretty bored the first time around.

I have also finally figured out how to use bitTorrents.  Go me.  =)
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this is turning into the year of squee

First it was Jensen in A Few Good Men.  The squee tripled with the appearance of Jared (I think my heart is *still* recovering from that, lol).  Now there's the Creation Convention in November.

July is Harry Potter month.  Loved the movie but will need to see it again to fully process.  Luna Lovegood was brilliant casting.  I'm waffling about Book 7 spoilers though.  ETA:  I just read in the paper that Rupert is in town for a morning appearance at the theatre.  Damn it!  Couldn't he have shown up last night instead?

Doctor Who / David Tennant squee-age.  I'm making my way through Blackpool -- he sings, too! *sigh* -- and I just downloaded Casanova for future viewing.

Release date for Kalan's new CD, finally!

The TIFF is always a source of squee-age but the dial has been turned to 11 due to this Toronto Star article (thanks bauersgirl  for finding it!).   The article is about George Clooney, I like him but blah blah whatevercakes compared to:

Jake Gyllenhaal.
Joaquin Phoenix.


My stalking is a bit rusty as I completely forgot about Zac Efron's appearance at MuchMusic this past Monday.  But we'll be in top form come September, right fellow TIFF gals?

I can't concentrate on work anymore cause my brain is still stuck on JakewillbeattheTIFFomgsqueeeeeeeee mode while operating on about 4 hours of sleep.
movies: hogwarts

oh harry

I'm going to the midnight showing of Order of the Phoenix tonight with bauersgirl!!!!!!  YAY!!!!  *runs around in circles*  Don't know how I'll make it to work the next morning but who cares!  If I stumble in a hour later, it's not a big deal here.

Have y'all seen the Details photoshoot with DanRad? 

Collapse )

I STILL haven't seen Transformers.  Hopefully this weekend.