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holiday points

~~ Had a low key weekend. Mom was hoping to host a family get together on Christmas Eve but the scheduling didn't work so it was just the family + grandparents. It was nice.

~~ Played mah jong with bro, SIL & mom and I'm really bad at it LOL We all started with $5 in chips and after 2 nights, I was down to $1.70 :( Fun was had though. Guess SIL always wanted to play but there was never enough people (you need 4) so she was happy.

~~ Saw The Tourist and yeah, not so good.

~~ Decided to go to Yorkdale Mall for Boxing Day. OMG. We left around 7:45am and the exit ramp from the highway to get onto the street that takes you into the mall? Backed up. Unbelievable! We decided to get off at the next exit and double back. Never made it into the Burberry or Michael Kors stores due to lineups. We were gone by noon and all I bought were a pair of arm warmers. Headed back downtown around dinner time so I decided to pop into the Eaton Centre. Considering it was about a hour before closing, the mall was still quite full! The Eaton's shoe department was a disaster zone. I feel sorry for whomever has to put back all those shoes.

~~ I want a Longchamps Le Pliage handbag. It comes in purple :)

~~ Watched the Doctor Who Christmas special. LOVED IT. Was a tad disappointed it wasn't about an escaped Egyptian goddess on the Orient Express. In space. :P Michael Gambon was brilliant. The way "A Christmas Carol" was used was so smart. Matt Smith continues to be brilliant with kids. Not enough Amy & Rory but their honeymoon "costumes"! LOL Nice that London gets a break from alien-invested Christmases though.

~~ Shopping spree on Amazon.com this morning. Purchased SPN S5, Chuck S3, HIMYM S5, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia S5, Kyle XY S3 & Legend of the Seeker S1. All $14.99 or less!! Score! Couldn't believe SPN, Chuck & HIMYM were so cheap. They're all still in the $30s up here. Too bad Doctor Who was still expensive and why no sale for Bones S5? Even with the exchange and shipping, it'll come to about $20/DVD which is awesome.

~~ Thanks faninohio for the virtual gift ♥♥

~~ The downside of a new fandom -- Klaine/Criss Colfer -- is the amount of bad fic and I've read some baaaaaad ones. And what is with all these depressing fics?! Hopefully rec lists will start popping up.

~~ I've decided that I want to replace my mish mash of paperbacks of classic literature with cloth covered hardcover versions (something like this). They're just so pretty! Unfortunately, no series has all the books I want so they will be some mixing but I can live with that. I've actually wanted to do this for a long while but since I already own these books, it felt wasteful. However, this time, a co-worker told me her sister is looking to beef up their collection with classics for their children which is perfect. I guess anything they don't want, I can always donate.

doctor who christmas!

Even with the wailing, I'm pretty sure they still sing better than me!

I don't know what was in their egg nog but I approve ♥


For those who watched the Doctor Who extravaganza episode of Craig Ferguson with Matt Smith, know about the lost cold open that couldn't air because the *bleep bleep* producers did not secure the music rights in time. Well, it's been "leaked" onto YT! \o/

I'm sure Ferguson is FURIOUS about this!!! Someone is getting promoted!

this is not the post you're looking for

OK OK I know I promised the Harry Potter World post and I AM WORKING ON IT RIGHT NOW. I SWEAR.

In the meantime, enjoy some random awesomeness.

Cory's delightful Gemini opening sketch video

pretty pretty pictures of Matt's Details shootCollapse )

Matt Smith on Craig Ferguson. Ferguson being an utter DW fanboy was delightful.

Hey, the Supernatural Creation Con is coming to town! Should I go?? Anyone going?? If anything, I might get a day ticket or something. I know I swore off Creation cons (those greedy bastards!) but it's like the boys will be in town, how could I not go?

OK back to working on those HP pics! And to all those who will be watching DH on opening day, I'm jealous. I plan on seeing it this Sunday, hopefully!

meme answer

faninohio asked this: What 5 characters do you dislike the most in your favorite fandoms?

Thinking of 5 was pretty hard. I'm the type of person where I tend to like everyone in my fandoms. If I disliked a character a lot, I simply stop watching the show (see: Meredith, Grey's Anatomy and Marisa, The O.C.).

1. Rose Tyler, Doctor Who. Perhaps I was expecting too much considering, at that time, all I read was how awesome and wonderful Rose was and Rose+Doctor=OTP4EVA!!!!! I also started in the DW fandom with Series 3 and I LOVED Martha but the constant comparison to Rose (in canon & fanon) and how no one could be as brilliant as Rose... UGH UGH UGH. But really, Rose grated on my nerves. I hated how she treated Mickey. I hated how cliquey the Doctor & her got, like they knew they were awesome and let us make you feel like an outsider with our cute little inside jokes and whatnot. And then fact that RTD just wouldn't let her go! I also don't get the appeal of Billie Piper. At all.

2. Castiel, Supernatural. This is more of a 'too much of a good thing'. I liked Castiel at first. But then he kept coming back, more and more frequently until he was made a series regular! But I think what got to me the most was the fandom. For a fandom that constantly harps on SPN for being misogynistic, it sure loves to hate 99.9% of the female characters -- "I don't want no stupid female to come between Dean & Sam!! This show is about brothers!" -- but introduce a good-looking male portrayed by an actor who enjoys playing up to the fandom, the chorus of "OMG Dean/Castiel is soooo hawt! Sam who? Get rid of Sam, we want our D/C!!!!" really annoyed me.

3. Uther Pendragon, Merlin. It said "your favourite fandoms" and Merlin is one of my faves. So, if I had choose someone, it would be Uther. His "all magic is evil and must be destroyed" stance is getting tired and old. There hasn't been a lot of growth/progression with this character over the last 2 seasons. Here's hoping for S3.

4. Rebecca, Oli/Christian fandom. This character is just plain annoying. Her insipid crush on Christian was stupid and lame. Most of the blame goes to the writers -- if one character falls in love with another character who is already in a relationship, then one would expect a storyline involving a love triangle or evil!third party trying to break up established couple or something. This is a soap opera after all. But none of those things happened with Rebecca. She just mooned over Christian for months on end. Booooooooring.

5. Kate, White Collar. We never found out much about Kate so I never understood why Neal would risk so much her. Why were they even in relationship? And then the show blew her up. Buh-bye.


Something different from the preceding fandom rant-age. Have some happy, my fellow DOWs! Video of Zac's Details photoshoot:

moffat's boys

That sounds kinda dirty, heh.


Sad!face there's only 3 episodes but hopeful!face of possible news that BBC has commissioned more and return of sad!face because if there are new episodes, it will be a very long wait.

BUT ANYWAY. The reason for this post is twofold:


How brilliant is that picture?! I've read that Matt Smith auditioned for the role of Watson, (Watson? Really?), and that Cumberbatch (seriously, best.name.ever.) was considered for Eleven. I really really need Sherlock and Eleven to meet. Thank god for fanfiction.

(2) picture under the cut as can be considered spoilery but gives no clue to plotCollapse )

the doctor dances... and plays glastonbury

doctor who finaleCollapse )

Snagged from dr_is_in. I can't even explain how brilliant this is!

Love how you can tell it's Matt just from the hair. And the coat! Love that coat on him!

van gogh

In honour of the latest Doctor Who ep, "Vincent & the Doctor" - which I loved - this is my favourite Van Gogh painting:

Blossoming Almond Tree, 1890

I've never seen this painting before til I saw it in the Van Gogh Museum in Amesterdam. I had no idea he went through a Japanese period. In the episode, it was mentioned quite a few times about how Van Gogh saw colour and that was what drew me to this painting. I love that colour blue. If memory serves (this was back in '03) I do believe I literally let out a little gasp when I saw the painting. I didn't buy a lot of souvenirs on that trip (one of the downfalls of backpacking) but I left Amesterdam with not only a print but also a bag featuring the painting.

ETA: It was a bit jarring to hear Van Gogh pronounced as "Van Goff". I'm assuming that's the British pronunciation? I've always heard it as "Van Go" and that's how I say it. Ahhhh, the things you learn from Doctor Who!

What are your favourite paintings, f-list? I would love to see!


happy-making things

Things that made me happy today (and they all seem to revolve around cute boys, huh) ;P

OK, I normally don't do RPS but damn it, these 2 are crumbling the resolve already weakened by the existence of Colin/Bradley.

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan (Doctor Who)

Doctor Who-related spoilerCollapse )

Colin Morgan & Bradley James. S3 of Merlin is currently being filmed in France which means lots of fan stalking pictures of the boys on set.

Bradley and his horse! I can't explain it but Bradley wearing sunglasses while wearing 'Arthur' clothes just does something for me. UNF. And how can anyone resist Colin in a fleece biting his thumb? THESE BOYS ARE JUST TOO PERFECT AND MAKE ME RIDICULOUSLY HAPPY.

Hmmmm, I'm bored, let's check out JustJared. SURPRISE SHIRTLESS KRIS ALLEN OMG!

Who knew that was hiding underneath?! How Adam resisted jumping this man is an example of superhuman restraint LOL!

In RL news, new bus driver on my usual bus home is a HOTTIE!

a mad man with a box

How much am I loving the Eleventh Doctor? THIS MUCH *spreads arms wide* Only 2 eps in and I'm absolutely adoring the Doctor and Amy (the fact that the companion & I share the same name is a bonus). I love the quirkiness of this Doctor and it's true, you really can believe that he's young and old at the same time. As much as I loved Tennant, his over-the-topness was starting to be grate. And if this new Doctor/production/writing team etc means never seeing/hearing/watching the Doctor moon over/thinking about/mentioning Saint Rose again, I welcome it. Although I do hope Captain Jack makes an appearance one day. Donna, too.

I don't find Matt Smith conventionally handsome but there is something about him. Don't know what it is but I do know that I'm loving all the photoshoots emerging =)

this isn't going to be big on dignityCollapse )

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