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gays of our lives convention

This past weekend was the Gays of Our Lives convention in NYC bringing together actors who are currently or have worked on a gay storyline in soap operas and the like. The big draw were the actors from the German soaps. Attendance was maxed out at 80 which was great cause you were able to get lots of facetime with the actors if you wanted.

Trying to save some money, I decided to take the bus to NYC. Never again, my friends. Never again. 10-11 hours, trying to sleep in a full bus, didn't work out so well for me. I got a bit of motion sickness on the way down. Left Friday night and arrived in NYC @ 6:30am with nothing to do but walk around as the day's activities didn't start until 11am. As a result, I was in no mood to mingle -- I was tired, I was hungry but too damn tired/lazy to get up and get food, my contacts were killing me so I had to switch to glasses. I was just cranky lol. Ate dinner at the hotel and I crashed so never made it to the party that night.

I was in a much better mood on Sunday (amazing what a solid 9 hours of sleep can do) so my goal was try and get pictures with all the actors. Why not, right? This will most likely never happen again. Mission accomplished \o/ except for Scott Evans who didn't come to the Sunday brunch :(.

As I had the afternoon to kill, I decided to check off an item on my lifelist and see a Broadway show. Stood in line Sunday morning for a hour at the discount ticket booth in Times Square and got a great seat for Next to Normal. Some of the original actors already left but Alice Ripley, who plays the mother & won the 2009 Tony, was still there and she was fantastic. The show is brilliant and I had tears streaming down my face through almost the whole thing lol.

After the show, still had about 90 mins to spare so headed on over to 5th Avenue and started walking. It must've been fate cause just as I was about to turn around and start heading towards Penn Station, I found the Prada store. They didn't have the handbag I had my eye on but evil saleslady was evil and pulled out this bag from the back.

This was the best I could find but it doesn't do the bag justice. It's much cuter in RL. And picture it without the strap cause I won't be using it. I love the blue. It's not leather (yes, I just paid a lot of money for designer nylon... again) but Prada leather bags are just a tad out of my price range. I'll have to slowly work my way up lol.

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post of random continues...

* Watching the Paralympics highlights. Skiing for the visually impaired amazes me. The trust between the skier and the guide must be so strong. Our dream for triple Olympic gold (women's hockey, men's hockey and sledge hockey) was thwarted, not by the Americans or the Russians or the Swedes but by... the Japanese!! Curses *shakes fist in anger*!

* For those who have traveled to NYC a lot. I'm going this weekend for the Gays of Our Lives convention. The convention will be held in the Chelsea/Greenwich Village area (mainly at the Stonewall Inn). Since I am a master procrastinator, I haven't booked my hotel yet. Anyone with suggestions about decent hotels in the area?

* I've been meaning to post this but I keep forgetting. As American singers re-did We are the World for Haiti Relief, the Canadians re-did a song by K'naan, Wavin' Flag. Never was a big fan of the song but I kinda like this version.

Young Artists for Haiti

Link. I say I recognized about 80% of the soloists although, looking at the artist list, I recognize more names than faces. Of course it was recorded in Vancouver during the Olympics while I was there but did I see any of them? Noooooooooo
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hey hey

** I had no idea SPN was coming back last night so thanks to my f-list for being on the ball and your squee-age! Your squee = my gain =) Best part of the episode:

OH BOYS. <3333

** the dream of Jared in a loincloth is no more :( Jason Momoa of SGA has won the role.

** I know some people don't get the appeal of fanfiction. You know what I don't get? Fanmixes. I love music but I don't link songs to characters that way (unless the song was specifically used in the show/movie) and the desire to hear someone else's fanmix? No thanks. Any fandom things which you just don't get?

** Speaking of fanfiction, I read a lot of it but I've never had a problem separating the fanfic from the original source. Until now. In the Merlin fandom, there's a fic that uses Bradley & Colin in Persuasion. Bradley = Wentworth; Colin = Anne. Now that I'm finally reading Persuasion myself, I find that I'm mixing the two! Even though I'm reading about Frederick & Anne, in my mind, I see Bradley & Colin ;)

** Condo reno will commence this Monday! Finally. So tonight & tomorrow will be for emptying out the bathroom & kitchen. Force me to clean/purge.

** On March 26-28, there will be a Gays of Our Lives convention in NYC. The main guests are the actors in the gay storylines from the 3 German soap operas that I follow. I think I'm going to go as it's unlikely this will ever happen again. Only 1 or 2 of you on my f-list even watch these soaps but if anyone wants to join me in NYC for a weekend...? I'll definitely be taking in a Broadway show (I want to see Billy Elliot). Just putting it out there... :)
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and so ends my last con

The quick rundown version as (a) everything and anything important has probably been tweeted or posted about already (b) I am currently pre-occupied with stuffing my face with chicken teriyaki & sushi as I am starving and only had junk food (ie chips, M&Ms & Tim Tams) all day (c) my pictures most likely suck as we were too far back for decent pics and (d) I don't have my photo ops pics as I had to leave before they were printed.

* Aldis is very soft spoken which I did not expect and a big sweetheart, which I did expect and he has very white teeth that even his smile dazzled us in row S
* I now have a teeny tiny crush on Robert Spreight Jr who had the best story about Misha's underpants
* Was operating on an hour's sleep for almost 40 hours so decided to give up Jim Beaver's autograph line and crashed @ 11pm on Saturday night
* I don't think Misha answered one question straight but then he wouldn't be Misha. Looked very dapper in the black suit
* During the J2 photo op, I accidentally stepped on Jared's foot. I kept apologizing and he replied, right in my ear as we were posing for the camera, "You get ONE". *diez*
* Due to my "international" status (or because I am *that* special), I did not get an e-mail ticket or a standard photo op ticket for my Jensen, Jared & J2 photo ops. Instead, I got some super special tickets that were handwritten on lined paper cut into ticket-size. CLASSY.
* The boys were funny and HOT and microphone-destroying and extremely sweaty (ie Jared)

Now, off to finish unpacking and downloading the new Merlin and Doctor Who, which OMG how did I not know there was new DW this weekend? Shame on me!
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fan expo

Went to the Fan Expo with onci_dium and ellel. Lots of queuing -- ticket line (where I enjoyed looking at Hot Guy in Hurley T-shirt); autograph line for Thomas Dekker; ticket line for Bruce Campbell autographs (which sold out) -- and then spent time just chilling, reveling in the awesomeness that is The Big Bang Theory and other fandom stuff while eating our vastly overpriced hotdogs (hotdog + drink + chips = $8.70 WTF? but I was starving so you win).

I was there mainly to see Thomas Dekker who was a complete sweetheart and loved it when I told him I was a member of dekker_daily (he referred to me as a Dekker Daily girl *squeeee*). And I got a hug YAY!!!

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i clearly fail at life

Exhibit A: (picture snagged from all over my f-list)

Why is this is not my job? Why did I not go into hair/makeup for movies/tv? WHHHHHYYYYYYY????

Exhibit B: I am not at the Torchsong convention in Chicago (for Torchwood). I didn't even know there was a con until a bunch of bad news sprung up just before. First Kai Owen had to cancel due to a family tragedy. Then John Barrowman injures himself (he fell off his balcony and badly injured his ankle) and is not allowed to fly. Then Tom Price gets hit by a bloody car! (but he still shows up for a bit with a broken arm).

Anyway, Barrowman still made an appearance via video link which was great of him. Now, all these reports are coming in about how Scott, John's gorgeous hubby, made an appearance in A WHITE SPEEDO WITH 'FUEL INJECTION' WRITTEN ACROSS HIS ARSE. Scott, whom fandom has pretty much left alone as it was known that he preferred to stay in the background. Now he's making con appearances 90% naked, getting his arse slapped by John and demostrating sexual positions! All I'm saying is that there better be pictures!

Exhibit C: The refrigerator and cupboards are bare. I have nothing to eat except for Campbell soup which I am really sick of. Must grocery shop tomorrow.
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i need to stop spending money

I can't believe I just did what I did.  I am officially crazy.  Let's back up...

So that New Kids obsession I had/have?  Yeah, still going.  They're coming back around in March -- this time to London which is a 2-hr drive from Toronto -- and I'm all YAY!  So, I purchased a ticket a few weeks ago.  Got a floor seat but in the back.  Everything's good.  What did I just do?  Out of curiousity, I go back on the site, just to see how tickets are selling and I notice this "platinum seating".  What is this?, I wonder.  Couple of clicks of the mouse and now I am the proud owner of a centre floor, row C ticket *headdesk* 

WTH was I thinking?!  Why do I spend money all willy nilly when I should be saving it!  I have a UK trip to save up for!  Renovations, new furniture!  RRSP contributions!  But noooooo, I'm spending $$ on tickets I already have!  So, yeah, now I have this extra ticket.  Anyone interested?  Maybe I'll just run to my seat in the back when they go on the mini-stage. LOL 

And on top of this craziness, I purchased a silver ticket to the Vancouver SPN con.  And there's the Chicago con after that.  My compromise is no photo ops for Vancouver as I already purchased them for Chicago.

Someone take my credit card away.

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first harry, now ron

While Rupert is not going for full nudity like DanRad, in his new movie, Cherrybomb, he is going shirtless. *cut to squeeing and lol'ing* Movie plot sounds like Y Tu Mama Tambien, but without the sex scenes and threesome dammit!. Collapse )


Looks like I'll probably be at the Vancouver Con cause I need to keep an eye on openmydoors. =) Besides, I think I need to witness her first Jared/Jensen sighting. This is going to be epic!
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creation sucks; dean rocks

The hatred for Creation just continues to build.  Look at what they're charging for the Vancouver con.  I think that may be the highest price for Gold.  And it's in US dollars!  WTF!!!!!  Not only are we getting screwed on the exchange rate in our own bloody country (that's over $600 CDN for a Gold pass!) but the American fans are getting screwed as well cause they can't take advantage of the exchange rate.  The boys should be in town already for shooting so no flight cost and even no hotel cost as they can just go home (unless they're afraid of being followed by rabid fangirls).  And the kissing of Vancouver's ass, "...one of the world's loveliest cities", is not helping.  Argh!  *kicks Creation's ass*


Watched the GG ep where Dean & Rory go to their first dance and officially become "boyfriend-girlfriend".  The fight between Dean and Tristan was awesome.  When Dean turned, stared Tristan down and told him to stay away from Rory *swoon*  Man, why couldn't I have met someone like that growing up?  I never really liked Jess and now that I know the wonderfulness that is Dean, the hate is growing.  I don't know how I'm going to handle next season.

I also didn't realize that the Luke/Lorelai ship was there right from the start.  Luke rocks, too.


Currently at a client's and the controller is bringing fresh samosas tomorrow.  And then they're going to order Indian food for lunch on Thursday.  YUMMY.  Man, some clients are just made of awesome.