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post-oscar thoughts

* Damn, I missed most of the opening number! Will have to youtube it later tonight.
* At first, I was iffy on the new past-winners-pay-tribute-to-current-nominees format but I like it. Watching Anne Hathaway getting all verklempt was worth it. Some tributes were really heartfelt, others just read off a teleprompter (looking at you, Kidman).
* Good idea of bunching all the awards into categories and having the same presenter for them.
* Tina Fey & Steve Martin were hilarious.
* Black's speech after winning the screenplay Oscar was beautiful.
* I love musicals and I'm all for more Singing!and!Dancing!Hugh (plus Zac) but DAMN, that number was a hot mess. Beyonce needs to GO AWAY NOW. It went on way too long and I hated how they mashed all the songs together. TPTB decided there wasn't enough time to properly perform the 3 nominated songs but had time for that crap?
* Best Song performances - man, if I was AR Rahman, I would've been a nervous wreck! Go up to accept an award (poor guy's joke totally fell flat), go perform and then accept again! So glad "Jai Ho" won though. Again, that ending mash-up was HORRIBLE.
* LOL @ Jack Black's quip about doing Dreamwork animation films but bets on Pixar
* The camera work during the In Memorian tribute was atrocious; couldn't read the names for a lot of them.
* Stiller's Joaquin was pretty funny and the Franco/Rogan Pineapple Express guys were OK.
* The Ledger family accepting the award of Heath's behalf *sniffles*
* Kate's Dad's whistle FTW!!! THAT was awesome! V happy Kate won, too :)
* After being a predictable Oscar so far, was surprised that Penn won over Rourke. DeNiro's tribute was gold. LOL @ him calling the Academy a bunch of "commie homo-loving sons of guns" and "I know I make it hard sometimes for you to like me". While I understand & appreciated what SP was trying to do, with his comments on Prop 8 and the like, the delivery left something to be desired.
* Yay for Slumdog winning!! And the little kids were there!! In tuxes!! Awwwwwwww
* And a big thank you for CTV for airing The Amazing Race an hour early so I could watch both (that pie-smashing task was hilarious!)

golden globes 09

First, was flipping between the Globes and 24 so obviously missed some stuff. For fellow 24 fans -- did they explain how you-know-who is still around? That last scene, with the foot chase on the boat? HOT. Kiefer in the blue button-down shirt. HOT. I'm really liking that the show moved location. A change was definitely needed. Where's Chloe?

cut for award spoilersCollapse )


bedtime stories and tokio hotel

During the commercials, I would flip over to MuchMusic for the MTV European Music Awards.  I managed to catch Tokio Hotel win the Interact (?) award earlier.  I never realized how tall Bill is.  He is pretty tall, isn't he?  Or maybe it's the hair giving the illusion of tallness?  ;)  I was actually a bit disappointed he didn't speak at least some German given the show was in Munich.  I was afraid I would miss their performance but the timing was perfect.  End credits for SPN, flip the channel right into the intro for TH.

Were people booing at the beginning?  Boo on them.  Anyway, great performance.  My excitement over seeing them perform live surprised me.  When did I become a TH fangirl?  LOL!  I totally blame you, claireyfairy1.   I was amused how the wind machine could barely make Bill's hair move.  But wow, when the rain came down?  Hotness.  Even with the hair deflation :)  And now I think I'm kinda crushing on the drummer.  He's the cutest to me.  What's his name again?

fandom collison

I'm kinda late to the party but... Jared and his tongue and Zac on stage together.  Squeeeeeee!!  Look how Jared TOWERS over the HSM cast, LOL!!

I didn't watch the show tonight (I just couldn't stomach it) but I can't wait for all the pretty pictures of Jared and Zac to start surfacing.

while on my lunchbreak...

More hi-res Equus pictures, in colour & b/w, are located here.  (thanks tinderblastfor the link)

Pictures from SN 2.14 "Born Under a Bad Sign".   This scene looks amazing.  Squee!

I'm getting quite bored with Prison Break.  I turn it on but I'm not really paying attention.  Is it just me?

Last night's Heroes was kinda boring, too.  Like no one didn't guess who "The Boss" was.  They've been pimping Taki's appearance for so long.  I also don't understand the hoopla over the "de-gaying" of Zach.  That is, I don't see the "de-gaying" part.  IIRC, the only time Zach's sexuality was mentioned was when other students would make fun of him, especially when he & Claire became friends.  Now, after the mindwipe, he & Claire are just starting their friendship again.  Zach's become the loner/outsider/nerd again.  His sexuality hasn't been mentioned since but then, why would it? The fact that he is (or not) gay is so not the point of the friendship or his character anyway.  Have I completely missed something here?

Anyone watched the SAG awards?  Seems like the Lead Actor/Actress is pretty much a given at this point.  Dr. House won out over Jack Bauer.  Oh well.  At least it was't McDreamy this time.  Megan Mullaly was nominated?  Huh?  Who allowed Ellen Pompeo - who looked godawful - to speak on behalf of the show upon winning Best Cast in a Drama?  That was one of the most horrible acceptance speeches ever.  Especially compared to Chandra Wilson's speech, which was one of the best.  "I would like to thank those 10 people over there and the other one in rehab."  LOL

My Amazon order should be arriving today.  I'm looking forward to spending the night watching Dante's Cove (hey! It's Lindsay from QAF US!  But that's S2).  I also ordered the Collector's Edition of Brokeback Mountain.  Looking at the specs, it appears there's not that much difference from the original DVD release -- just a couple more featurettes and ooooo postcards.  No commentary track either.  :(

*hugs thursdays*

Oh Supernatural boys, you have been missed!!  Jo, you were not.  Buh bye.  The fake-out totally fooled me... Dean gagged was hot... damn, that was some crap you laid on your son, John... Ava was awesome... "Or what?  You're gonna kill me?"... Ellen and Ash in just the right doses... "I'm gonna try"... the almost hug, so close!!  Just so much yummy goodness.

Question for my fellow SN fans -- over at TWoP, it's been mentioned numerous times how they loved the return of the "Bitch" "Jerk" exchange.  When did this originally happen?


For those few who're still interested, a new picture was posted over at Kalan's fanforum.  Titled "Blue Steel" by the boy himself, picture was taken at a New Year's Eve Party.

Love?  Hate?  Amused?  It's strange how I have no feelings in either direction.  It is what it is, ya know?  I wonder what he's drinking.  It's clear (vodka?) with a lime.  I don't know my drinks so my guess of "vodka?" is all I've got.


I have these nodules on my thyroid.  Did a needle biopsy a couple years back, results came back benign but I still have to get annual ultrasounds to keep an eye out on the size.  Well, I missed a year so I finally dragged my ass to the hospital yesterday.  My family doctor just called me a few minutes ago to let me know one of the nodules has increased in size.  By quite a lot.  Looks like I may have to get another biopsy again.  Ugh.


My brother forced me to go for a brisk 5km walk after work today.  He usually runs but he walked with me to keep me company.  It was good cause he made me walk faster than my usual pace and my legs are still in recovery mode.


McDreamy beats Jack Bauer for People's Choice Favourite Male TV Actor??  *spits on the, uh, people*


I'm gonna re-watch Supernatural before I head to bed.  Night y'all!!


Pimping the The MTV Movie Awards.  Why you ask?  Simple.  Cause the Brokeback Mountain obsession will not die! 

Jake Gyllenhaal is nominated in the Best Performance category and Jake & Heath are nominated in the Best Kiss category (the reunion kiss).  Wouldn't it be amazing if Jake & Heath re-enacted the kiss a la Rachel & Ryan?  *sigh*  One can only dream.

Click the link and vote vote vote!  You don't have to vote for BBM if you love me you will and they actually encourage multiple voting!! 

Because I'm bored at work...

oscar thoughts

My jumbled thoughts about the Oscars...

  • I'm not surprised that BBM was shut out of the acting awards
  • who's the blonde chick sitting beside Jake?  Hate her ;-)
  • who's the Asian chick sitting beside Joaquin?  Hate her, too
  • the rappers who won for Best Song were hilarious but I couldn't understand most of what they were saying
  • why is Larry McMurty (co-writer of BBM) wearing jeans?
  • Keanu! He's looking good
  • Reese!  I'm so glad she won
  • what is up with that big poof on Charlize's shoulder?
  • during the Best Actor award, when the camera panned to Joaquin, he mouthed something.  All I could make out was "I love you..."
  • loved the opening sequence and thought Jon Stewart did a good job
  • Yay for Ang
  • ohmyfuckinggod BBM lost Best Picture :(  (my brother's reaction on Crash's win: "WTH, I saw this movie 2 years ago at the TIFF, it's old, man!" LOL!)  And one of the BBM boards that I lurk on is now self-imploding. They're blaming homophobia and plotting "revenge". Sigh. 

bauersgirl, I'm working on that picspam!
tinderblast, thanks so much for the package.  Nothing better than to get mail when you're not expecting anything  *loves*

stressed out

I need to take a break so I'm updating even though I can't afford the time.

So much work to do and only a few more hours to do it. It's going to be a long night, folks. Why did I re-enter public accounting? And if I may bitch for a sec... most of the work that needs to be done is finishing my co-worker's sections since she's off to another client. Don't get me wrong, I know how hard she's been working these past 2 weeks but geez, couldn't she at least finish certain sections so I don't have to spend time trying to figure out what she did and what needs to be done. Argh.

Watched the SAG awards last night. Brokeback came up empty but I'm not *totally* surprised about that. Heath and Jake cracking up during their intro to the movie was (a) hilarious and (b) not too professional. Mind you, I can understand the laughter. The intro was some 3rd grade cheesy romance novel crap and to say those words with a straight face would've been hard. But (of course there's a but), I can also see how some people can interpret their behaviour as them being embarassed about the movie or something. Same thing with Sean Hayes' acceptance speech where he thanked Ang Lee for casting him and how brave he was for taking on the role. Some people took it as Sean being bitter. Others took it as Sean poking fun at how the media has made such a big deal about Jake & Heath's "brave" decision to play gay characters.

Best acceptance speech of the night had to go Locke's (Terry O'Quinn?) who spoke for the Lost cast when they won Ensemble Cast in a Drama Series. Nothing better than calling your castmates a bunch of selfish, paranoid, scene-stealing, lazy, backstabbing jerks. :D

A little Supernatural squee-age. So happy they re-ran Asylum last week since I haven't seen it before (now I'm only missing 2 eps -- Skin and Hookman). I've been reading how good this ep was and it did not disappoint. Many excellent lines but the shot with Sam and Dean climbing over the fence? Found that extremely sexy. Go figure.

Must go back to work. :(

And canno, always remember that JACK NASTY LOVES YOU!!!! (That's never going to get old)

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