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24th -- Worked for half a day and then used the afternoon to make sure all the presents were in order and the condo was in a semi-decent shape before heading to my parents' house. Got stuck in rush hour traffic (didn't time that well, did I?) and it was raining which was good cause my car really needed a wash. Found a d/l of Slumdog Millionaire so we watched that (really good movie, I recommend it).

25th -- Presents! Everyone liked what I got them, yay! Well, bro didn't like the turtleneck which is fine, we'll get that exchanged/refunded. SIL squeed when she saw the Tiffany's bag, hee! Planned on seeing a movie as it's our tradition but we couldn't decided to what to see and really, this year, there's very few movies out which interested all of us. So instead, I ended up driving bro & SIL all over the Markham for a scouting mission for a place to live and to see where dental / ortho offices have already set up shop.  Extended family potluck dinner that night with lots of yummy food (yay leftovers!) My brother wanted to spend some time downtown so after all the guests left, we, the kids, all headed back to my condo (where my laundry was still hanging out cause I wasn't expecting this!) and crashed so we could get up early for...

26th -- Boxing Day shopping at the Eaton Centre. The mall opened at 8am, we were there by 8:15. My brothers headed straight to Abercombie & Fitch where they proceeded to wait in line for 45 minutes before they got into the store. A&F did that whole 'let's shut the doors and control the in-flow and make people lineup outside giving the illusion there's a HUGE sale going on and then even more people will line up' thing going cause the line to get in was insane for most of the day. I spent the day trailing SIL into various stores. Unfortunately, there are very little stores where a size 4 and a plus-size can simultaneously shop together (and I'm not including purses & accessories cause I have enough of them).  The very few stores where this can happen, she doesn't shop in (SIL has higher-end tastes).  She did feel bad though but what can one do?  It's the way of the retail world.   That evening, my brothers headed off to the movies while SIL & I went to see the musical, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  The show ended up starting 45 minutes late because the star (ie the car) threw a diva fit and wouldn't fly.  They gave us the option to exchange tickets for another performance but our show will still go on.  In the end, Chitty decided to co-operate and we were all very happy cause no one was expecting it.

27th -- Hey, that's today!  Just finished watching the Doctor Who Christmas special (really enjoyed it even though I don't like the Cyberman at all).  Decided to post as I have some quiet time as everyone is still asleep.  Don't know what our plans are but will be heading back to Markham at some point.

28th -- Will visit Grandfather's grave in the morning, have brunch and then go see the matinee show for Jersey Boys.

29th -- Back to work  =(

Hope everyone is having a good holiday!
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