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For Children in Need. The sketch was very adorable and Merlin getting pelted by fruits & vegetables is never not funny.

This was such a great ep. Finally we learn something about Uther's past.  Gwen continues to be adorable with her saying "I'll do anything for you" to Merlin.  But alas, the great love between Arthur & Merlin stands in the way, LOL.  Even Daddy gives his approval:

"You show the most extraordinary loyalty."
"Oh, it's my job, sire."
"It's beyond the line of duty."
"You could say... there's a bond between us."
"I'm glad.  Look after him."

The love, it can not be hidden.  =)  Putting the slash goggles aside for a moment, I do enjoy the relationship / crush between Gwen and Merlin and I am intrigued how this will morph into Gwen and Arthur down the line.  The show has changed many things but surely, they aren't going to change that!

In the shallow end, I would like to thank Bradley James for not shaving his chest like every other young actor it seems.  Damn, that boy looks good in that red tunic. 

At this very moment, the cast of Twilight are at MuchMusic, just a few blocks away.  I admit, if it wasn't raining, I would probably be there in the crowd just to see RPatzz. 


I'm still disappointed that Danny got eliminated on SYTYCDC  =(  He was one of my favourites and I even voted for him!  I knew he was in trouble though.  For some reason, Isaak has a pretty big fanbase and all the bashing done by the judges is backfiring as he picks up the pity votes.  I hope Isaak goes next, then Miles leaving Vincent & Nico in the Top4.  Natalli needs to go next and I'm cool with any combination of Lisa, Allie & Arassay in the Top4.  Good news is that there is going to be a Top10 tour so while I couldn't get tickets to any of the tapings, I'll definitely be going to the tour!  Can't believe there's only 3 more weeks left til the finale.
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