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the sound of music & ten inch hero

Yesterday, Mom & I saw the musical The Sound of Music with Janna (the alternate) as Maria.  I thought Janna did well, sounded beautiful.  I never warmed up to the Captain though and felt the jump to them declaring their love was abrupt -- there was no leadup to it.  Well, there was, technically, but I didn't see any chemistry between the two.  The children were all great and little Gretl was freaking adorable.  I absolutely love the movie, seen it countless times, so when the song order changed, it really took me out of the story.  Of course, I come home, look it up on wiki and realized that the musical came first and it was the movie that changed the order.  Anyway, had to pop in my DVD and watch it again  :)

Just finished watching Ten Inch Hero.  Pretty good.  Apologies to all the DeanGirls on my f-list but I was more psyched when I found out that Sean Patrick Flanery was in the movie.  And then to discover he was playing a dad?  Excuse me, I think my ovaries are aching just a bit.  I didn't see that little twist coming, that Julia wasn't Piper's child.  Tish was alright and I knew her & Priestley would end up together.  Although, I can't believe it took me a few seconds to realize that was him at the end, all cleanshaven. Loved Priestley's shirts, lol.  Jen's storyline was very sweet.  And hello Mr Parker (Trucker)!  Now, I need to imdb the girl who played Julia cause she looks so familiar. 


Nov. 9th, 2008 05:20 pm (UTC)
I said the exact same thing after seeing the show, the declaring their love part was way too abrupt and there was no chemistry between the two. You know I saw Elicia in the role so I was wondering if it was her, I thought it might play out better with Janna (b/c Elicia looks way too young and all the lovey dovey scenes with the Captain came off as very icky) but I guess not.

I didn't like their choice of the Captain. I remember Burke Moses as the original Gaston in Beauty and the Beast and that's all I kept thinking of during the show! He's got that weird Gaston voice going on and it just doesn't work in The Sound of Music! I think my friend hit it on the head when she described his acting as "aloof".

I also *loved* the children, Gretl was friggin'adorable and I also loved Friedrich. Did you get the blonde kid in your show? He was so cute!

And am I the only one in love with that hill?? I thought the scenery and staging was great, and I'd go back just to see that hill!
Nov. 9th, 2008 09:34 pm (UTC)
We were spoiled with Plummer & Andrews. He was Gaston? Actually, I can totally see that. The scenes between the Captain and Maria weren't icky, just... blah.

The hill was very cool! When it was first revealed, the whole place went "ooooo".
Nov. 9th, 2008 09:53 pm (UTC)

He's perfect as Gaston, eh? He was much younger then too!

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