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Was watching Keifer Sutherland on Biography last night as I waited for SPN and how did I not know that Kiefer has a twin sister? Or did I know this but forgot? Fellow Kieferettes -- what's the scoop on the twin? What does she do? *curious* Also, getting excited over the new 24 this month. Jack Bauer finally returns!!

Flipping through the channels and what is this? Is that Liz Parker Shiri Appleby on ER? OMG it is!! She will always be Liz Parker to me so I'm just going to believe that she's currently hiding out in Chicago and she sneaks Max in sometimes to help her with the really hard cases. Michael is working in the diner across the street cause he's sick of that redheaded cop in Miami and Maria got a singing gig at a local club. Kyle is a cop, much to his chagrin, chaffeuring FBI agents who are looking for the Connors and Izzy is pretending to be a doctor in Seattle. =)

Is the SYTYCD Canada watching public on crack?!? How are Kaitlyn/Isaak still on the show? They didn't even hit the bottom 3 last night but Allie & Danny did?! It was nice to see Allie dance en pointe for her solo though. I'm not going to miss Lara but Francis? Noooooooooo I think the judges want to keep Miles and his abs cause he's the only b-boy left. I feel like ending this post with a mini picspam and speaking of abs.... the boys of SYTYCD Canada and their abs:

Danny (with Allie):

Vincent (and Lisa):


And the crowd favourite who will probably win the whole thing and begs the question: how the hell do his pants stay on when he's dancing? Nico (with Arassay):

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