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to the polls

** Voted in our federal election today. We had a polling station right in our lobby so no excuses. I looked up all the candidates running in my district (I only knew a couple of them) and discovered that our Green Party candidate founded a mime school LOL And I'm ashamed that I had no idea that our current MP is the wife of Jack Layton (leader of the NDP).

** Had a lovely massage today at this fancy spa right behind my building. I've avoided going there cause it's so pricey but then I realized they have registered massage therapists which are covered by my health plan so why not? This was the first time I was offered a choice between a male or a female therapist. I picked a female, not because the thought of having a male was strange but I'm in enough pain with a female, I can't imagine how much it would hurt with a male. Ow.

** A poster in a celebrity forum I read recently saw DanRad in Equus in NYC. She gave a very positive review of the play but of course everyone was curious about the nudity.

"...To be honest, that nudity wasn't a factor because it really wasn't flagrant or gratuitous. Both the girl and Dan in the scene are completely naked. Daniel is nude for almost the entire last (3rd) act. When he takes his clothes off they don't come back on.

...[describes scene]

Daniel Radcliffe has obviously gotten over the being nude onstage, because he was very comfortable backstage being nude and having to put his clothes back on with people standing around. He has made peace with it. There were no dressing or blacked out area for him. He just put his pants back on in front of whomever was there.

To answer your question, he looked nice. He has a great body, but is very small about 5'4"-5'5" tall. His skin is flawless and porcelain white, he's got great muscle tone for his size. He looks like a little David. Pretty face and gorgeous blue eyes, great bone structure cheekbones. Just a pretty kid. I preface the word "kid". He is a kid.

I feel like a perve talking about his privates because he is a kid, but he/it was well coiffed if you know what I mean. He was shaved up but not too much, just enough to make it look attractive. Surely, noone is going to go out onstage with a huge black bush of hair. He had a happy trail that was untamed. LOL! Alot of tufted hair around his bellybutton - his legs have alot of dark hair on them especially upper thighs.... strong upper thighs. He is cut (he is of Jewish faith) it is proportioned correctly to his body. About 4 inches but thicker toward the head, you can see he's a grower not a show-er. Big balls and they are coiffed. The theatre is kind of cold and he's running around and horse's are flying about, he has to protect his family jewels. LOL! [describes the girl but really, who cares?]

The scenes with him and Lorenzo are more erotic and believable than the scenes of Dan with the girl. Dan and Lozenzo have such chemistry onstage, it's undeniable and it's beautiful.

I love how she's being very adult about it! It just amused me to no end. As another poster responded, "we appreciate [her] thoughtful, articulate, and intelligent analysis of his penis." LOL
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