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all roads lead through the casino

We've discovered a theme here in Vegas.  Wanna find the buffet?  Go through the casino.  Where's the theatre?  Through the casino, turn right.  Monorail?  Right through the casino at the back.  We even noticed that in some hotels, one has to walk through the casino just to get to the registration desk.  I think they want us to gamble or something?

Here a few of the pictures I've taken over the last 2 days.  R calls them my postcard shots cause I don't do pictures unless I paid a cute actor to be in one with me.

Inside the Bellagio (note to self: get a picture of the outside before you leave).  Pretty flower ceiling in the lobby:

Chocolate fountain that falls from the ceiling.  Before we leave, we're going back to buy some yummy treats.

Hotels, hotels, hotels!

Paris during the day and at night.  We haven't gone inside yet.  That's tomorrow for our champagne brunch buffet.  Ooooooo....

MGM Grand and the lion habitat.  I tried to get that perfect Lion King shot but the cats were just not co-operating.

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