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3 more silver -- men's triathlon, trampoline & 3m diving -- and we're up to 12!!  \o/  ETA:  make that 13!  a bronze in women's 100m hurdles, yay!  I think the goal was 16 medals and we may just reach it with kayak & canoe still to come.

I fell asleep last night during the bike portion of the triathlon but was able to catch the repeat this morning.  Wow, what an exciting finish!  If I had watched this live, I would've had a freakin' heart attack during that last sprint!

Missed the diving semis but thanks to the wonders of streaming video, my co-workers & I just watched the finals and yay for Alex Despatie for holding off that 2nd Chinese diver for a silver.  Also, the use of slo-mo for diving may be the BEST THING EVER.  I think I need a dip in the pool myself after that, hee!


Canadian Idol last night was really good!  Beatles night could've been disasterous so I was glad it was also judges' choice.  I thought everyone did so well, especially Theo and Drew.  Mitch had a shaky start though so I think he'll be the one going home tonight.  Go Theo!  
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