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+2 = 9!!

Yay, 2 more medals!!  We may break double-digits yet, wheeeeee!!

**break in Olympics talk**

Finished VM S1 and the first ep of S2 (c'mon, I had to see who was at the door!)  Wow, I did not see the Aaron-Lilly connection coming.  And, may I just say, EWWWWW.  Poor Logan.  Girlfriend is killed.  Mommy jumps off a bridge.  Sister gets beaten by bf.  Daddy beats Logan AND had affair with his gf.  Current gf -- Veronica -- dumps him and hooks up with best friend.  Oh yea, beaten up by Weevil's gang and, probably, framed for murder (which he wasn't tried for due to lack of evidence but now half the town hates him).  Dude needs a break.

**back to Olympics**

Looking forward to watching the men's diving tonight and this is really just an excuse to post pretty pretty pictures of Alexandre Despatie.  Personally, I don't think he'll medal -- he's 9th going into the semis -- but I will enjoy watching him, and the other divers, go for the gold.

The placement of the maple leaf really, um, draws the eye, doesn't it?

And just to re-live the good ol' days when the swimmers still wore speedos -- Phelps

Oooo, look, he's got an Olympics tattoo  =)

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