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0 to 7 in 24 hours

Leave it to the women to win Canada's first medals, a gold and bronze in women's wrestling.  We've also won like 4 medals in rowing.  We've always been good in rowing and, in the shallow end, rowers are yummy too!  And a swimming medal, yay!  Now currently waiting for the recaps so I can actually watch the races.

Damn, another 4th place finish by our women's 3m diver (although, she was way behind the bronze).  Our shotputter -- yes, I watched freakin' shotput! -- missed the bronze by a 1 cm. 

Congrats to Phelps, I'm not surprised he got all 8 but damn, that butterfly race was freakin' close!  I've also figured out why I've been missing a lot of the swimming -- it's been airing after 10pm here and I've been turning the tv off by then.  There's still men springboard diving coming up and I won't be missing the pretty this time!

The 100 metre was INSANE.  It wasn't even close!  And I do love how the runner from Trinidad (?) who came in second was celebrating just as much Bolt was.

Beach volleyball is still going?!  Will that sport never end?

I've been reading the "Best Olympic Moments" thread over at TWoP and, for me, the one I remember the most is Steven Bradbury of AUS winning short track gold all because he didn't fall.  That is brilliant in and of itself.  The attitude of the skaters was the icing on the cake, especially Apollo Anton who was just as happy with a silver.  That's sportsmanship, right there.  And while I still stand by my "no pros at the Olympics", the double hockey gold was sweet indeed (with bonus lucky loonie buried in the ice).  I also remember, I think it was the winter biathlon or maybe cross-country, where the winner waited at the finish line to welcome the person who came in last.  I don't remember the Derek Redmond moment but damn, that Visa commercial makes me tear up.  I blame Morgan Freeman's voice.


The Thief, Megan Whalen Turner       21 / 50        6,866 / 50,000

Watership Down, Richard Adams      22 / 50         7,344 / 50,000

Shoe, you were so right about Watership Down.  It really was compulsive reading.  Have you seen the movie adaptation?  I think I'm gonna d/l it.
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