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TO pride

Made it to the Pride parade this year, yay.  onci_dium, I looked for you but couldn't find you  :(   John Barrowman was in the parade, on the Maria float with the host, Gavin, and 4-5 guys in lederhosen.  He looked like he was having lots of fun.  I was amused when both John & Gavin got soaked by water pistols.  When the parade started, I was at the beginning of the route (looking for Onci) and that's where I stayed until John's float went by.  I then proceeded to follow the float all along the route, LOL!!  Stalker-ish much?  My excuse is that I had to walk that way to get home anyway...  Going to the show for the 3rd time tomorrow night... oh my, I've become a full-fledged stalker, haven't I?

Best part -- I caught a glimpse of John's tummy when he was trying to cool down by doing that fanning yourself with your shirt thing.  Nice.

The camera gods smiled down on me cause even though my battery died after snapping 3 pictures of John, all 3 pictures turned out pretty decent  \o/

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