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supernatural // ianto in toronto!!!

I think watching the finale with The TO SPN Gang (+ one awesome Aussie) was the best thing of the show.  The squeeing (brother bonding and man pain!) and laughing (the singing!! \o/) and OMGWTFBBQDAMNYOUKRIPKE-ness of it all was exhausting.  Even though I was not spoiled, I pretty much figured that Dean had to die but I'm still kinda impressed that Kripke & Co actually went there.  Now the resurrection pool begins -- how long into S4 will it be before Dean comes back?

Ruby kicked ass in this ep.  I was pretty neutral on the character -- didn't hate or love her -- but her smackdown of Dean, both verbally and physically?  Loved.  Cassidy also did a great job portraying Lilith.

Can we have S4 now, please?


OMG people, Gareth-David Lloyd is coming to Toronto July 11-13 for the Polaris Convention!!!! *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*  It's like the universe felt sorry for me for missing all the conventions that I was planning on attending that they've sent me Ianto!!  Awww, thanks universe!  And I've checked the calendar, the weekend looks open!!  

I'm probably going to buy the weekend pass which I think is worth it just for GDL alone!!  See that, Creation bastards, that's what you call reasonable prices!!  The only other actors I know are Dax from DS9, the girl from Dead Like Me and Jason from Moonlight.  I would love if someone would be interested in coming with me *throws puppy dog eyes*  but I'll go alone cause I can't miss this!
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