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5 minutes of squee and I still made it to work on time!!  New Kids on the Today show = worst kept secret.  Highly amusing watching Meredith Viera keep teasing the audience with their "secret guests" and then cameras pan the crowd wearing NKOTB buttons/t-shirts/caps and holding signs LOL!  So, sounds like they've actually recorded a new CD (not just a song a la Spice Girls) and their first performance is May 16th *marks my calendar*.  

Anyway, it was mentioned that the Kids would be back in the next hour to answer some e-mails but I had to go.  YouTube will pull through for me.


Today is the Torchwood finale and tomorrow is the Doctor Who premiere.  I'm sooooo spoiled for TW (it seems I have no willpower when it comes to spoilers) but I'm looking so forward to it!!  About 12 hours til the torrents hit the web!  I will be obsessively reading certain forums for reactions. 

Between NKOTB, TW & DW, I'm all squee'd out.  =)

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