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i'll be loving you (forever)

Props to bzzinglikeneonfor finding this -- 

First group picture in like 15 years!!  *flails*  I was GIDDY when I saw this last night, I couldn't sleep, LOL!!  ONE MORE DAY!!!!!!!!

Oh, there's also VIDEO !!!!!  I totally reverted to my 14 year old self.

And in honour of this momentous occassion, I uploaded something to share with all my fellow blockheads :D

Released in 2004, this is Jordan singing all the NKOTB hits.  Yes, this a rip of my own copy (I also have Jordan & Joey's solo albums, I'm such a nerd!)  I was quite iffy about this -- how will Jordan fare singing songs where he wasn't the lead? -- but I ended up liking it quite a bit.  It makes me smile  :D  Some songs sound completely different yet the same. 

Links are on mediafire -- Disc One (Pop Remix) and Disc Two (European Remix).  If you're not interested in snagging the full albums (and why not?!?!!), I uploaded just Hangin' Tough (European Remix) for your listening pleasure on zshare.

*switches fandom*

O HAI SEXIE JENSEN  *thuds*  New S3 promo picture from SPN Repro and supposedly, more are on the way.

*can't stop staring*  I need to take a cold shower.  There better be Jared pictures.
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