shing_ (shing_) wrote,

Looks like I was wrong...

... and the wise ariadnie was right cause here I am posting again.  But I have a good reason.  First let me get the fangirling out of the way.


*calms down*  Now that I got that out of my system, let me explain.

Sunday is the induction ceremony for Canada's Walk of Fame.  My friends & I were able to snag some free tickets to the red carpet mainly to catch a glimpse of Kiefer Sutherland (an inductee) and Jason Bateman (inducting Paul Anka).  All was good and plans were made.  But our plans have fallen apart but in a good way.  How?  Cause we now have free tickets to the actual gala!!  2 of the gals received phone calls that informed them they were randomly chosen and they plus their guests are invited to attend the ceremony.  (ok, did that sentence even make any sense?)  I am so excited.  Our seats are probably crappy but the ceremony is being held at the Elgin Theatre which is a nice, intimate place so even if we're stuck in the last row, just give me a pair of binoculars and I'm happy.

The negative side?  This means I'm going to have to dress up.  I HATE dressing up.  It's hard enough for me to find casual clothes that look halfway decent, it's near impossible for dress clothes.  Of course, it doesn't help when your choice is limited to about 3 stores.  I hate being a plus-size.

*pushes negative thoughts away*

Oh, I just read a little blurb on the CTV website and it looks like Michael Buble will be appearing (eeeeeeeeeee!).  Gordon Lightfoot is inducting Daniel Lanois (music producer).  Bruce Cockburn is inducting Alanis Morissette who will perform, as will Paul Anka.  Michael Douglas is inducting Kiefer.  Wow, this sounds awesome. 

On a completely different note -- I own a condo in downtown Toronto which I'm currently renting out.  When I purchased this condo, it didn't come with a parking space so I've been sorta keeping an eye out if anything pops up.  Well, there is now one parking spot sale -- for $26,000!!!!  Forget that.

I need to make some icons.

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