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Haven't been in the mood much for posting lately.  Besides, nothing has been happening other than work work and more work.  Next week I start on one of the clients from hell for a whole month.  Just kill me now, 'k?

In other news, with the lure of the Padackles and much peer pressure from Fan and Jersey, I'll probably be off to Dallas this summer for another convention.  Didn't I swear them off the last time?  *sigh*  Seriously, if it was just one of the guys, I would pass but together?  I can't resist that.  But this time, we plan on getting the cheap seats and hopefully we'll actually do some sightseeing that will involve more than the hotel and theatre like last time  ;P  *starts saving pennies*

I just finished watching the 2 Donald Strachey films starring Chad Allen.  Oh Chad, I had such a crush on you back in your Dr Quinn Medicine Woman days.   He's looking good -- especially in a white tanktop -- and I'm looking forward to the 3rd instalment to be released sometime next year.  And after seeing many squee's on some of the sites I frequent over one Sebastian Spence (who portrays Donald's boyfriend, Timothy), I get that now, too.

My computer harddrive has a capacity of 260 GB.  I just checked it and I'm down to 51.9 GB of free space.  Wha??  I know what it is -- it's all these movies I keep downloading but not watching, full seasons of tv shows, tonnes of screencaps.  Good thing there's not much on television right now so I can start doing some much needed cleanup.  But why does burning a DVD have to take so bloody long?!

You guys did pretty awesome on the movie quote meme.   Although no one got the quote from The Usual Suspects.  I was going to use "the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist" but I thought that would be too easy. 

And February comes to a close.  Spring is right around the corner, right?  *looks bleakly outside at the slush/snow-covered roads*


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