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Have you heard the rumour?  New Kids are (supposedly) coming back!  I am a little wary of the news though as I can not fathom why Donnie would agree to this.  He's done a good job establishing himself as an actor, why would he go back?  And Joe was quite resistant to the idea of a reunion a few years ago on that MTV show that tried to bring together old groups.  I smell desperation, lol.  Regardless, if this happens, I am so going to their concert and draggingbauersgirl with me!  

O tinderblastguess what I'm downloading at this moment?  Higher Ground episodes!!  Soon, Hayden crying will just be a mouse-click away.

I'm also downloading Roar, the show starring Heath.  I remember catching only a couple of episodes and enjoying it before it disappeared.

Still waiting for Ocean Girl links.  Hope the kind poster didn't forget.



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