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oh jared

I had no idea that Fangoria is happening today with Jared until missyjackstarted linking to reports.  OMG WHY AM I SITTING IN AN OFFICE WORKING ON A SATURDAY INSTEAD OF AT FANGORIA????  

vorpalblades  has posted some random facts that she learned at the Jared Q&A but the one that will probably have most of the fandom polishing their tinhats is: 

     Jared does not kiss Jensen... in public. 

Jared also let out a HUGE spoiler of what would've happened if there was no strike -- go here if you're so inclined.

I've seen a few videos -- the place does not look full at all!  I see empty chairs, wtf? -- and he's just as adorable and smishy as ever.  I MUST see the one where he makes the above comment.
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