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It was a close call but Team Canada got their 4-peat beating Sweden 3-2 in overtime.  The best part of the game, though, was the celebration after.  The boys just wouldn't leave the rink!  They even went into the stands 3 times and celebrated with the fans.  And continuing with our winter sports tradition, someone brought in a HUGE flag which was laid on the ice.  While watching the wrapup afterwards, I learned that another tradition has started as of last year -- the boys kissing each other, on the forehead, through their helmet face guards, etc.  Oh boys.  =)

Next year, the Junior U20 World Championships will be in Ottawa so a 5-peat is definitely in the cards.  I can't even imagine what would happen if Team Canada lost on home ice.  But one of these years, we're going to lose the gold and man, do I feel sorry for that team.

And yes, I can't believe not only that I just posted about hockey but that I watched the game!  Totally my brother's fault  ;)

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