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Just about to head off to bed but was mucking around TWoP and discovered that 2 of my favourite shows which are returning in a couple of weeks have released new trailers  *squee* 

Trailer for Kyle XY S2.5:


Looks like the Tragers are finally told the truth about Kyle.  While I am not really looking forward to more schmoopy scenes between Kyle and Amanda, there's shirtless!Kyle and tux!Kyle which totally makes up for it.

Trailer for Torchwood S2:

I'm really looking forward to this season!  James Marsters, yay!!  Gwen finally telling Rhys the truth about her job!  MARTHA!!!!!  And the 1-second clip that has exploded my f-list -- a Janto kiss!!  It also appears that there's a season-long arc which should be good.  Hopefully it'll result in a more cohesive season.
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