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nobody puts baby in the corner


Went to see Dirty Dancing yesterday with bauersgirl  and we both came to the same conclusion:  stay home and watch the movie instead.  The stage version is basically a literal translation of the movie -- same scenes, same dialogue, same dance moves.  I don't really know what I was expecting but it wasn't that.  And considering the movie is 100 minutes long and the stage version is over 2 hours long, this means lots of filler.  The actress playing Penny has the longest legs I've ever seen!  I was highly amused that the audience actually cheered after the "nobody puts baby in the corner" line.  The staging and sets were good though.  I was wondering how they would do the "learning the lift in the water" scene and it was cool how they did it (using projectors and screens).


Our Man Weston, Gordon Korman      16 / 50      5,293 / 50,000

It's December 9th and I didn't even make it to the halfway mark.  That's so pathetic.
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