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barbers and football (huh?) and companions

Barbers. Well, one specific barber named Sweeney Todd, the demon barber of Fleet Street.

I saw this musical this afternoon. Going in, I knew nothing of the story (other than it's about a murderous barber) or its music.
I'm sorry to say that I was pretty disappointed. I even fell asleep in some parts. None of the songs are catchy or hum-able which was a huge factor. And the songs just seem to drag on and on. Although, I will say that the song about cannibalism and pies was pretty amusing.

Sweeney Todd tells the story mostly through song, which is fine (I love Les Miz & Rent) but I had trouble understanding the words. There was also one set piece so there was very little visual distraction. Chicago, which also only had one set, at least had dancing for variety. The interesting part, production-wise, was that the instruments were played by the actors themselves, with some actors switching between 2-3 instruments.

I'm also a little murky at what happened at the end. Did Sweeney Todd kill himself or did the "crazy guy" do it? I'm assuming his daughter escaped as it looked like Todd was going to kill her too after he mistakens her for a man and she didn't get the "red light of death". And I would've liked to know whether or not Anthony came back for Joanna. Granted, it wasn't their story being told but I don't like it when things are left dangling like that. 

I am still quite interested in the movie version. Johnny Depp, Alan Rickman, Helena Bohem-Carter with Tim Burton and singing? Count me in. Here's the trailer. 


Football.  This Sunday is the Grey Cup (our version of the Superbowl) and the game is being held this year in Toronto.  I don't follow the CFL at all but I'm amused by the hardcore fans that have descended into the city.  The 2 teams are the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the Winnipeg Bluebombers.  I'm seeing green (the colour for the Roughriders) everywhere and I've never seen so many cowboy hats being worn either.   I wonder where all the Bluebomber fans are.  Last Thursday, our firm had a farewell gathering for one of our managers at the local sports bar.  We noticed this group of HUGE guys coming in and sitting at the table next to us.  Turns out they were some of the Roughrider players.  I just couldn't get over how big these guys were. 
And that's my first and probably last mention of football.  Ever.


Companions.  The Doctor Who variety, not the Firefly variety  ;)  I am now fully caught up in all the Doctor Who episodes.  I've already mentioned that IMO, Martha >>>>> Rose.  I also quite liked Donna Noble.  The way she would slap the Doctor when he went off on one his rambles.  Although, her yelling was getting on the nerves a bit but no where near how Rose would grate so I can deal.  Thank goodness the wait for new DW isn't too long.

Also, I can know fully appreciate "Time Crash" as I finally watched "Love & Monsters" so the LINDA reference went over my head the first time.  Didn't matter though, TC was just great all around.  Even though I don't remember the original Doctors, David Tennant's giddiness more than made up for it.  That end speech with the voice going high and the trainers and the glasses, "Snap!"  Oh bestill my fangirly heart.


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Nov. 25th, 2007 12:36 am (UTC)
Oh wow. I've always wanted to see Sweeney Todd, it's been on here but I failed to make it, thank God for at least a movie. And... oh wow. The cast. The director. The look. The singing! Also, was that Sascha Baron Cohen I saw there for a brief moment?!

I HAVE to see this movie. I really do.

As for the Doctor, I like Martha, I really do, maybe more than Rose, but Donna? God, the screaming.
Nov. 25th, 2007 01:19 am (UTC)
Isn't that cast amazing?! Johnny Depp singing!!!! I think I'll enjoy the movie a lot more than the musical. And yes, that was Sascha Baron Cohen.

Yea, Donna's screaming was getting on my nerves, too. I just really liked how she wasn't all in awe over the Doctor like Rose or Martha. Hopefully, the writers will keep the screaming down to a bare minimum.
Nov. 25th, 2007 05:15 am (UTC)
It's really the only movie I'm looking forward to this Christmas, to be honest. I hope it rocks.

Yeah apart from the screaming, I liked Donna's attitude. I even laughed a bit and it was refreshing to see a woman who's not all "ooooh" and "aaaah" at the Doctor like the other two. It'd be nice to see less "romance" and more actual partnership.

Is it confirmed that Donna will be the new companion for this season? If it is, you're right, I hope they keep the screaming down as well; apart from that, I'm interested.
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