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out of town

Greetings from the bustling metropolis of Cobourg, Ontario.  Population: 10,500 (I think).  I'm here for the next 2 weeks but will be going home over the weekend.  Just wanted to get a quick entry in while I wait for the client to give me stuff so I can, you know, actually do some work.  Hopefully I'll be able to log in onto the internet at the inn we're staying at.  According the inn's site, they offer free (you hear that Cleveland, FREE!) wireless access so let's cross our fingers and hope that I can figure that out with this laptop.  The one cool thing about this client -- Lake Ontario is literally right across the street.  Too bad it's winter.

Oh bauersgirl and faninohio have we recovered from the 24 premiere?  I *knew* that Walt (?) guy was a baddie.  RIP President Palmer and Michelle. *tears*  Best line of the night had to be Jack's "the only reason you're not unconscious is that I don't want to carry you"  hee!  Chloe is my new hero.  Love her!  And that Spencer guy is pretty cute.

Ta Ta!

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