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i don't even like justin timberlake but...

...for some reason, I watched his interview with Rove, on Australian tv. It was his answer to "who would you go gay for?" that made me post this for tinderblast   . Have you seen it? Anyway, Justin comes across as down-to-earth and pretty funny. Don't make me like you, Justin. 


The Jane Austen Book Club, Karen Fowler  15 / 50       5,068 / 50,000

I also watched the movie was pretty meh.  But wow, is Kevin Zegers hot.  I knew he was a cutie but, um, yea.  HOT.  I have a copy of Transamerica somewhere but of course, now that I want to watch it, I can't find it.


I can't stop watching Chicago Con videos!  Especially the J2 ones.  They're like a drug.  The way Jensen says, "this is fantastic!" about his Sammy t-shirt gets me everytime.  I am thisclose to booking Asylum people!! HELP!!!!

Anyone know where I can find a Jared mood theme?  I found a Sammy-centric one which I think I'm gonna use next but I would love a Jared one.


I HATE YOU LJ. STOP MESSING UP MY POST! I just wanted to edit and then most of it disappears. Re-posted and again!! ARGHHHHHH!!! 
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