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Hey bauersgirl!! I'm updating, just like you instructed asked. :)

I don't really have anything of note to talk about so I was going to do a Kiefer picspam in your honour & in celebration of S5 starting this weekend but I realized that you probably have every. single. Kiefer picture out there. You do, don't you?

So, I've racked my brain about what to post about. At first, I was just going to do a standard picspam about my current obsessions but then I decided to expand upon that theme. But first, something for tinderblast :D

Not the best but it's the thought that counts, right? :-)

Feel free to skip on by the following:

A trip down memory lane.

My first celebrity crush(es)

That's right. Duran Duran!! My favourite was Roger which worked out well cause all my friends were Simon or John fangirls. I still remember how my father refused to let me put up posters on the walls, only on the doors and only 2 max. Never saw them in concert until 2005 when bauersgirl was able to get some tickets. It was the most I've ever paid for concert tickets but it was worth every penny.

But Duran Duran was just a primer for the main fandom of my teenage life. None other than

I was a Blockhead. I'm not ashamed to admit it. :) Only saw them once in concert -- the Hangin' Tough tour at Maple Leafs Garden. I have so much NKOTB stuff -- posters, trading cards, books, magazine pictures (all those teen mags took so much of my $$$), videotapes of all their tv appearances, concert videos, etc. I think I even have NKOTB earrings, LOL! It's all packed up in a box now. I also own Jordan's and Joe's solo CDs.

NKOTB disbanded and a few years later, another boyband entered my life:

Keepin' the Backstreet Pride Alive! I've seen them 4 times in concert and they were the *other* reason I braved the crowds at the 2005 MMVA red carpet.

My soft spot for boybands continue with

Westlife. 4 (originally 5) Irish boys doing what they do best -- singing sappy ballads and covers. Any of you remember Rueben of AI2 and his Idol song, Flying Without Wings? That was a Westlife song (their first #1 single, I believe) and Rueben's version paled in comparison.

Then for the longest time, my fandom interests moved away from music and focused on the television. I started watching General Hospital right before I went off to university but it wasn't until I graduated that I really got into it. All due to one couple/storyline -- Lucky Spencer and Elizabeth Webber.

I *adored* this couple. The Lucky & Liz fandom also became my first internet fandom. I joined & particpated in a forum for the first time ever. We even had a name (The L&L Brigade), we even had a symbol ( |_ _| or making the "L" sign with both hands). People had t-shirts made up. Some travelled many miles to meet the actors at various soap opera functions. Sound familiar? *grins* Eventually, the actor, Jonathan Jackson (Lucky) left the show and a year later, the character was re-cast. But it just wasn't the same.

My first big fandom with a primetime show was the sci-fi/romance show, Roswell

The angst-ridden relationship between Max & Liz; the love-hate relationship of Michael & Maria, the sweet romance between Izzy & Alex. Plus cool alien powers. The show lasted 3 seasons (just barely) and I have every single episode on videotape. And for those who watch Grey's Anatomy, yep, that's Dr Isobel Stevens in the pink. Her character's name on Roswell? Isobel Evans. Coincidence?

Then came the Age of Joss Whedon.  The creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Firefly.

While I didn't become very active in any of the fandoms for the 3 shows, I loved them to bits. I even stuck with Buffy through the not-so-good years. For a couple of years, my friend & I would get together every Tuesday to watch Buffy and Angel. Every once in a while, I read about the possibility of another spin-off or a tv movie or a straight-to-DVD feature. If it happens, I'll be there in a pinch. In the meantime, I've got all those DVDs to keep me company.

My fandom life was pretty quiet until this guy graces my tv screen and wins a singing competition.

Don't need to explain this one, do I?

And while Kalan toils away in the studio recording that oh-so-important sophmore CD, I needed to take a step back from the fandom. Thank goodness there were a lot of pretty boys to distract me.

Not only pretty but their songs are good, too! It was the Dirrty bootleg that piqued my interest. Found Underneath Acoustic Live for a really good price and by the time Isaac was ripping his way through Ain't No Sunshine, I was officially hooked.

And my attention re-focused back on the small screen.

Prison Break. Yes, the show is preposturous (sp?) and reality needs to be suspended but it keeps you on the edge of your seat. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the lead actor looks like that. The tattoo (which is fake) contains the blueprint of the jail he's going to break out of with his brother. It's on hiatus til March then we get treated to the Prison Break/24 combo. Woohoo!

Tick tock. Tick tock. Next Sunday, S5 begins. Thanks to bauersgirl's DVDs, my entire family is now hooked on the show.

Supernatural. Jared or Jensen? Jensen or Jared? Love 'em both. New episode tomorrow, yes!

One of the funniest shows I've ever seen. The continuity! The callbacks! The double entendres! Steve Holt! Sometimes, I am shocked by how much this show gets away with. I find it much better to watch the show on DVD cause some jokes go by so fast, it takes a while to process. Even with repeated viewings, I usually discover something that I've missed.

Remember me mentioning having a small crush on Peter Pensieve from Narnia?

The actor's name is William Moseley. He's 18 (whew). I've seen Narnia a few more times now thanks to a pretty decent bootleg and, well, the crush is no longer small.

And to end this long post, a couple of pictures for my fellow Jake admirer, canno

Jake and his dogs! Awwwww...

This post has taken way too long but it's been fun. Hope you enjoyed it, bauersgirl and makes your night go by a little faster :)

I'm off to bed now.

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