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Happy New Year everyone!

First, let me squee over the new Kalan message.


It's amazing how something so simple can just brighten up my day. I know there's speculation about whether or not Kalan actually writes these letters himself or whatever but honestly?  Don't really care. I'm sure he, at the bare minimum, has put his stamp of approval on them as he doesn't appear to be the type to let his name be attached to something without checking it out first. And that's enough for me. I'm easy like that.

The rest of this post is all about certain fandoms/obsessions and is a picspam (my first!) of sorts plus some other goodies. Showing off my newly acquired skill of using LJ cuts... :)

This is how I greeted 2006, watching some taped episodes of Supernatural. Not bad eh? So, I'm looking for pictures of the Winchester brothers and I find this picture of Jared:

The first thought that sprang to mind -- doesn't he look incredibly like River Phoenix in this pic?  I think it's the hair and the eye.

During the TO concert, I taped Hanson performing Long Train Running with my digicam. I thought I deleted the file accidently while transferring onto my computer. Well, surprise surprise.  I found it.  It is sooooo bad. Really bad. The sound is crappy. The picture is small. I've uploaded the file anyway, just so y'all can marvel at the horridness. Here it is: The Worst Bootleg Ever!

And what's a really good site for Hanson pictures?  I'm not talking about fan pictures, more the professional photo shoots.

Saved the biggest (and longest) for last: Yep, the obsession with Brokeback Mountain continues. Remember the screencaps I linked over at Walnut's journal from the LOGO special? Well, thanks to the wonderful people over at the BBM Media community, I have the entire special and have uploaded it to YSI for those interested.  Be warned though: Quite a fair bit of the movie is shown if you're spoiler-wary and the video/audio goes screwy for about 30 secs around the 8 minute mark. LOGO Brokeback Mountain Special (47 MB, approx 20 mins). The community also has clips of the movie so if anyone is interested, let me know. Or you can join the community (all the posts there are locked).

The movie has also gave way to my new love -- Jake Gyllenhaal. I've seen a few of his movies before but he's never made an impact on me. All the critics have been hailing Heath as the revelation and granted, he did an awesome job portraying Ennis' reluctance and fear over "this thing". But it was Jake's Jack Twist that I fell in love with. His wide-eyed innocence, the optimisim. When he tells Ennis that sometimes he misses him so much... *tears*

So to feed my new Jake obsession, I'll be watching bootlegs of Jarhead (not a war movie fan at all but Jake in nothing but a Santa hat? so there) and Proof. I also looked for BBM bootlegs but nothing.

But first, pictures!

Screencaps from the LOGO special -- Jake on-set and, well... GUH

Possibly my favourite scene in the movie. The picture isn't new but check out Jake's long, beautiful eyelashes.  Seriously, I'm fascinated by the lashes.

I love how he leans against the truck... yum.

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