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Dear f-list, I have created an InsaneJournal account so I won't lose contact with those that are moving.  Same name but without that pesky underscore.  I'm not planning on moving (especially now with a permanent account) as I'm just a lurker skirting along the edges of fandom so, for now, I'm thinking my IJ account would be used solely to participate in others' IJs.  My LJ isn't terribly interesting so it's not like those leaving will be missing anything important.  I'll see what happens when all the dust settles.

Currently posting from the bustling metropolis of Guelph, ON.  Oh yea, I know y'all are jealous.  ;P  For those who are going, "OMG where's Guelph and how do I get there?!?!", well, Guelph is located about 100 km west of Toronto, population of over 100,000 and is best known for... *comes up blank*   I'm living it up at the Holiday Inn!!  LOL  Anyway, I'm here for work for this week and part of next.  The one good thing is that my co-worker & I are FINALLY going to see Transformers tonight, w00t!!

I can not believe Greg was booted from Canadian Idol.  I had him pegged to win the whole thing.  Who's voting for Matt???!!!!  Argh.

I don't know what photo shoot this was for but I think it was a while ago.  This is the first time I've seen them but I wouldn't be surprised if they've been posted all over already like months ago.  Being that behind in fandom is, sadly, a complete possibility.

EEK NIPPLES!!!!  LOL!!  Who's idea was this pose?

Now here come the creepy eye photos.  DanRad's got lovely blue eyes but here, they're freaking me out a bit.

Everyone has seen the new Rolling Stone cover with Zac Efron on it?  *points at icon*  Yes?

Tummy  *swoon*

Aaaaand I've just posted skin-baring pics of an 18-yo & a 19-yo.  Heh.
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