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Back to the grind today and as if that isn't bad enough, I'm greeted by a nasty e-mail sent to me by a manager basically telling me what a horrible job I did on a file.  The subsequent e-mail from the partner telling me to ignore the e-mail made me feel a bit better.  After a meeting with the partner, it sounds like the client meeting went poorly and the firm may lose this client.  I do feel bad cause I'm the senior and I take some of the responsibility.  But only some.  Managers do exist for a reason.  Glad to know that the partner is on my side though.

But my day has been brighten by a little tidbit forwarded to me by faninohioJared's coming to TO for the MMVAs!!  I don't understand why MM insists on putting on the MMVAs on Father's Day.  I'm gonna try and see if I can make it down.  I will go by myself if I have to.  Darn it, I was planning on skipping the awards this year now Jared is just screwing up everything!  =)

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