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jake on snl! in drag! singing!

And that was just the monologue.  Jake put on a wig, stripped off his suit to reveal a sparkly, floor-length gown and sang And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going.   He's a pretty good singer!! And those arms of his!!  YUM.   Even if the rest of the show sucks, that was all worth it, right there.

OK, back to watching the show.  Just had to get that squee out  =)


A Long Way Down, Nick Hornby     2/15, 830/15,000

A story about 4 very different people with 4 very different reasons for making their way to the local suicide jump on New Year's Eve and what happens when they don't jump and decide to take "the long way down".  I found it to be a very quick and easy read.  I also caught myself smiling which was unexpected considering the subject matter.  Hornby also wrote About A Boy which I enjoyed as well.
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